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  1. At today's price is Siacoin a good long term investment or not. I've read some information on here but no one really pushes out is it a good deal or not. I see nothing but long term on this but I just don't know not have I heard much about it. Any help on this ?? Thanks Falcon
  2. So, in the short term, our Ripple price forecast continues to suffer from headwinds not of its own making. That said, if Ripple is able to make inroads in China, its return on investment could be stratospheric.
  3. Discussed this information with a friend in the industry. That would be great news
  4. Well Zerpdigger, I can't say for sure so it's SPECULATION!! Could it be right??
  5. Wechat messenger owned by Tencent might be using ripple xrp... All speculation.... But considering their expansion plans they obviously have got a customer win in China.. You may have never heard of WeChat, but it's the most important app in China right now. WeChat users can do just about anything, including play games, send money to people, make video calls, order etc. It would be a big mainstream asset for XRP's!!
  6. I have not seen this on the Chat, it states it was first announced last Thursday on XRP Chat. Doing a Search on XRP Chat it didn't show up anywhere. Emi Yoshikawa, Ripple's director of joint venture partnership, told CoinDesk: https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-confirms-china-expansion-plans-shoots-alibaba-rumor/
  7. A U.S. economist and businessman known for his work in spearheading the early development of futures contracts is seeking a cryptocurrency patent. Richard Sandor, a former Chicago Board of Trade chief economist and vice president, advanced the utilization of financial futures back in the 1970s, earning him the moniker "the father of financial futures" and, later, "the father of carbon trading," according to Time. https://www.coindesk.com/father-financial-futures-seeks-cryptocurrency-hardware-patent/
  8. Latest comments from the Expert Cryptomaniac!! Honestly if banks do use xrp then this is going to be bigger than Google, Apple Facebook, Netflix and Amazon combined... My prediction is ripple will be worth 18 trillion at some point... So for that to happen it's gotta be worth more than 400+...time will tell....
  9. In his position at the company he works for he's limited on what he can say/do I'm sure. I just say an opinion from a 13 year veteran in the industry is nothing to buck my friend.
  10. I say buy at least a 100,000 if you don't have them. If you do buy more more more.
  11. If you're like me you're needing some good news today. I was just chatting with a cryptomaniac and business transformation consulting expert with more than 13 years of research experience in strategically leveraging on exponential technologies and digital platforms to attain a sustainable competitive advantage in Blockchain (cryptoeconomics), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), etc. His statement to me was November is going to be a huge month for Ripple and XRP .. Thanks to him my evening just got a lot better.
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