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  1. Happy New Year! For those that havnt given up on crypto yet is there a small timeline we can set up for 2020? Also, do we know when the launch is scheduled to happen?
  2. I don`t think that will happen in the near future. There is a huge demand for the ledger nano S.
  3. If you are investing a serious amount of money in XRP or other Crypto currencys like ETH you should think about getting one of this https://www.ledgerwallet.com/. I have one my self (Ledger nano S) and i am very satisfied with the product. - John
  4. Are they visiting other companies to i the US? Or are they there just there to meet Ripple?
  5. Right now i think its hard to find Ripple`s Q1-4 reports ++. Everything is just mixed together on "Resources" - "Insights". My dream is that they separate them a little bit more: Investor relations: * Press releases * Financial reports - Annual Reports (PDF download) - Quarterly Reports (PDF download) * Presentations * Financial Calendar Just a thought
  6. I think the end of Q4 is in late Feb.2018.
  7. Well, that and also the possibility to accumulate. But yes impatience is a big one
  8. I think that the majority of the investor believe the announcement will be some kind of a conference (which probably will be a very good thing) but not enough for the them to take the chance and wait and see what they will present? I experienced the same in a biotech stock i was invested in. The investors didn't have enough knowledge of what the company was doing and at the same time they had to high expectations for the results that would be announced to the public.
  9. It`s good promotion for the company anyway. And it only hurts the short term investors.
  10. Please CyrptoCurrency god, let me get XRP at 0.20
  11. ペイメントの未来に対する1つのビジョンが舞台の中心に躍り出ます = One vision for the future of payment jumps to the center of the stage Still sounds like a conference.
  12. Good points here Hodor. In June i moved 50 % of my capital into CryptoCurrency. I only trade on the Norwegian Stock Market and there isn't that many good + safe stock options left to put your money inn to. If there are any other investors on the Norwegian stock market here i must say that i have high hopes for Incus Investor (INC)
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