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  1. And this is part of the problem. A fundamental piece of information...is misinformation...on a medium such as Forbes....at this stage of the game.
  2. I came across this a couple of weeks ago - it gave me a chuckle. I wouldn't mind walking around with that big beautiful mug on my shirt. https://teespring.com/my-cto-is-better-than-yours?tsmac=store&tsmic=mega-zerp-gift-shop#pid=46&cid=2750&sid=front
  3. Hey all, Being an XRP nerd, I wanted to see if urban dictionary had any definition for the word "zerp". They had several, none of which related to the colloquial meaning we use around here for XRP... That was until I submitted a basic definition for us zerpers. See here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zerp&utm_source=search-action I know, I know...I'm a champion of our beloved digital currency...no need to thank me now. I'm just a simple man doing my part to spread the gospel of XRP. Go to the link above, and up vote the definition on urban dictionary to make the true meaning of "zerp" the top definition on the page. Have fun.
  4. Fortune held a roundtable in Colorado last Wednesday. The panel consisted of crypto entrepreneurs, VCs, and bankers and they shared their predictions of where bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto are headed. I'm seeing mention of Ripple technology all over this thing, without direct mention of name. Article: http://fortune.com/2017/07/25/bitcoin-ethereum-cryptocurrency-predictions/ Take a close look at Paragraph #s 6 and 7 and tell me what you all think. From 6: Hm...I know of one. Cross border payments, you say? From 7: I encourage you all to read the article in full and draw your own conclusions. This one is my own.
  5. https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2017-xrp-markets-report/ ...the standard digital asset for international value transfer ...the most trusted enterprise-grade digital asset These guys know what their clients are looking for...question is, will they deliver? I'm banking on "yes".
  6. I just wanted to say hi and make my first mark on this board. I've been researching cyrptos and XRP for only a few weeks but have found what I've learned so far quite rewarding. This board has been extremely insightful. Looking forward to see how Ripple continues to develop its platform and implement the Internet of Value.
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