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  1. You should read some of the comments from investors since 2012. They have been through this cycle a few times. They say they went through cycles when everyone was saying "we missed the last rally". There will not be another one. Crypto is done and yet another leg up happens. I have to believe we are still early to the market. I am a little worried about the big boys (banks, FIs, and CME futures) possibly suppressing the market now, but with all the on ramps being built, I feel like the next rally will be historical. They have much more to gain from opening this asset class to the public than s
  2. I am on the Remtr website. Doesn't look very professional.
  3. "20k XRP could be life changing in a few years."  -Vincent Wilson
  4. This is great news! PNC is huge. Maybe these new banks that sign say they are using X Current in the announcements, but may be planning to use both X Current and X Rapid. It would keep speculation to a minimum and keep the price of XRP stable for their fellow bank cronies that are still getting situated.
  5. The ETF delay could keep BTC down while XRapid goes live. This could push XRP to #1. I don't know if the ETF will be delayed if BAKKT is going live in Nov. Things might get interesting!
  6. The Crypto market could use some excitement right about now! Maybe XRP will get things going.....
  7. I am not sure what to expect when X Rapid goes live. I think it will work itself higher slowly. I won't complain if it moon shots either. I feel like XRP pairings on exchanges are growing rapidly too. Things could get interesting. You never know.
  8. So....I am seeing a bunch of post on Twitter that XRP is going live and will be number one at the end of the year. Will alt coins follow XRP instead of BTC if this happens?
  9. She post some interesting points. Some links with some of her research link Chris Larson or old posts from J. Katz that I've missed or forgotten.
  10. I feel like XLM will have it's part since they have IBM to work with. They will have a small piece of the pie, but nothing comparable to Ripple. Right now a huge majority of the bank partnerships are interested in X-Current. We are hoping they eventually switch to X-Rapid or X-Via or all of the above. Banks will need regulation and trust to start using XRP. So...Why would banks be interested in XLM? I feel like its a harder sell than Selling the X Current software.
  11. OG's that have been around since 2012 on. Can I get your opinion? I see all these whale manipulation tweets. Can anyone that's been in crypto since 2012 on give their opinions? Is it the same sideways chart movement after each bull market from 2012 on or is it different since the CME started futures?
  12. I am saying look at XRP's current price movement on speculation. I can only imagine something "more" or "what it can do" when it is live.
  13. I guess you are right. I was thinking when Ether went from $10 Dec 2016 to $400. Ethereum didnt retrace back to $10 like XRP just did to .25. I am just thinking when XRAPID goes live we should notice something significant.
  14. I am assuming XRP will break free from Bitcoin's dominance once XRapid is live. Why can't XRP do what Ethereum did and have a 40x early last year from $10 to $400ish? Maybe not $400ish. Is it wrong to assume this? There are not many live products out yet.
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