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  1. Thanks! There is no doubt Ripple will also be at Sibos though (which the article seems to be searching still)
  2. Help me out here. I get the idea of having some stable base currency at an exchange can be handy, for example representing the dollars or euros one just wired to its account. But why a ‘coin’? As they have to be controlled centrally anyway (to keep it stable), why not just leave it at a record in a database? And, if one would desire to categorize a coin as a security, wouldn’t a stablecoin come the closest to it?
  3. A theory: I can imagine for a significant partnership of some kind (and maybe even within the security discussions), some of these whale issues would have to be out of the way, either through escrows (for Ripple’s own holdings), through (restricted) gifts to charity and through sales for another category (for example for some Ripple exec bagholders). Could the bearwhale be one within the last category? And of so, with big Ripple execs lined up next week (3 presentations at Money20/20 (Schwarz, Birla and Larsen) and Dilip Rao at Sibos), could this timing of the bearwhale being close to zero right now maybe not be such a coincidence?
  4. And if we will sink, we will just zzhink ?
  5. Amigo

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    And all connecting to 1 RippleNet, leveraging each others positions and liquidities. The network as a whole will be bigger than any single party out there #therippleffect
  6. Go ahead. I suggest and ILP connector while they're at it
  7. That sounds mega. Who are the parties on the other side of those corridors #onecontractaweek
  8. Btw 2 other slots as well.. a lot to talk about I guess ? https://us.money2020.com/agenda-2018
  9. Amigo

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    I think the moment is approaching that Ripple is suddenly everywhere.. Maybe all cats will come out of the bag next money2020 conference
  10. And intersting session title as well? Source https://money2020us2018.sched.com/mobile/#person:asheesh_birla.711yqvi;speaker
  11. If Earthport's client base and position is worth it, I would not be surprised if Ripple will just but them at some point.
  12. Here's their men press release https://www.earthport.com/news-insights/news/bnp-paribas-selects-earthport-for-cross-border-payments/