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  1. Amigo

    Bearableguy123's Heart-Picture

    Free XRP give aways! I just send 1000xrp to one of the addresses and got 10,000 XRP in return! Thank you BearableGuy!! PS. Just kidding of course. Interesting to puzzle!
  2. Navin Gupta just keeps on going.. great job again.
  3. Amigo

    Swell is Here

    Agenda has been updated (!). https://swell.ripple.com/agenda/ Found this one VERY interesting "MEET THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS: LIGHTNING ROUND What RippleNet members are available to connect? This session highlights live corridors and facilitates a way to meet the regional leads who are live and ready to process payments."
  4. Amigo

    New validator added to the recommended UNL list

    I never get enough of these bright talks of @JoelKatz
  5. Is it trackable when the bearwhale accumulated is holdings?
  6. Amigo

    Liquidity V xRapid

    I was thinking something similar. I’m usually not a conspiracy thinker, but it was amazing that the price of XRP remained stable around $0,22 for a long period in 2017 (while others were rising), ending suddenly in a crazy boost at the end of 2017. Looking back it’s almost like it was orchestrated by a group that desperately wanted to keep the price down, and when they ran out of resources / XRP to sell, they did the exact opposite, buying and pumping it like crazy, leveraging the pressure that their earlier actions build up anyway, resulting in them having big bags again which they could use to repeat the same thing again (and with the bear market, with strong results). @JoelKatz , @Hodor, am I up too late or could this be? It would be interesting to have some data scientist, University or regulator do a broad analysis on the order books around this theory.
  7. Amigo

    New validator added to the recommended UNL list

    They stick to the plan and are keeping the decentralsation pace up. Super.
  8. Amigo

    Possible update

    Not in a bear market. Yet when the trend reverses by one of those 3 points (or combined) and a positive SEC statement, those accounts are very much welcome to bring XRP back where it belongs. Within the landscape where crypto was (or is) probably overvalued, XRP is currently relatively the most undervalued.
  9. Indeed! What a well balanced and genuine article and both very well aimed and timed. Navin Gupta is doing things so well. Keep an eye on him
  10. Amigo

    Fair XRP - XLM comparison

    No it’s not about Stellar but directly compared to XRP. Great idea @tulo. Maybe add some of the deeper tech details, as my impression is that XRP hugely evolved since Stellar forked it. For example invariant checking, although I thought I read somewhere that Stellar copied that recently as well. And although possibly biased, maybe @JoelKatz and @nikb can provide some topics for the comparisson as well.
  11. Nice find. Although it seems good that the IMF tries to address the importance and responsability of Belgium ‘as a critical payment node’, this sounds hugely centralized and with that incredibly vulnerable for a system of the (current) importance for the international monetary system. Criminals have already managed to attack (several) Swift systems for financial gains, imagine the mayhem when a nation state with disruptive intentions starts to aim for it. This screams for distributed ledger technology.. Although I’m not convinced Swift can be reformed fast enough (sometimes it’s better to disrupt and start over), I can imagine that Swift and the IMF should at least talk to Ripple to gain some vital advise in this for the sake of the global economy. @nikb and @JoelKatz do they ever contact you guys in this?
  12. Amigo

    ICE/Baakt and XRP

    Interesting perspective but I tend to agree with @zerpdigger. Blockchain tech has great potential but without actual usage it’s speculation only which cannot last forever, certainly not across the broad landsape. It is actually the reason why I’m (only) into XRP as , along with its superior tech, Ripple has clear primary usecase for it and are working overhours to get it done. But even XRP still has a long way to go. If it works out it can get grand, but especially late december only short term visitors litterly placed some bets. Wallstreet will not come to save those: if they come in (IF!) they will make sure that will be at a very low value so their risks are limited. Bitcoin futures was one tool (so there came an option to bet against bitcoin instead of hodling only), but the lack of real usage and liquidity is the main reason across the crypto landscape, dragging each other down while putting energy in pumping and bashing other tech instead of in implementations for actual usage. My call on all here is: if you really want the value to rise: start up the enterpreneur inside of you and create something that uses Interledger , Codius and XRP. Those initiatives will help the decision if XRP is a security or not in a positive way. That uncertainty is fuell still for extra downside pressure atm.
  13. Sorry my mistake, you're right! Anyways, one of the top notches.
  14. https://cointelegraph.com/news/india-government-to-consider-allowing-crypto-tokens-but-not-cryptocurrencies "One will need to pay physical money to buy a token which could be stored as a code in any basic mobile feature phone. It can even be used for remittances. So, it is easy to implement from technology as well as regulatory point of view. But in case of cryptocurrency, one needs to allow it as a legal tender first." You can be sure that Dilip Rao understands their views and is in contact with them to inform and educate. India will be one of the winners if they manage to get independent from the correspondent banking system for remittences.
  15. Amigo

    SWIFTNet, really?

    That could even be an extra reason why is can deal with those amounts (and only works when there is no counterparty risk)