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  1. For us, speculation is quite hard because we don't know Ripple's complete roadmap (they are know to plan ahead big time yet they release only what needs to be known at this moment). But be sure, considering the values at stake, that Ripple has had some top econometrists do the math for various future scenarios, which Ripple will use for decision making. Making sure XRP will gain and keep enough value and liquidity is key to its AND Ripple's success. That's the beauty of being a XRP hodler; there is no other coin out there that will be taken care of more professionaly as XRP. And no other coin has better technical foundations as XRP. All ingredients are there, and the cake is already rising. xRapid will be the final multiplier, but that will be the easy part once a significant amount of parties have already adopted xCurrent. That's why it is almost too funny that FUDers try to downplay xCurrent, as people will look back on that later as the tipping point integrating blockchain to (existing) real life financial infrastructures.
  2. Nice analysis.. and the general public will figure that out as time goes by. Indirectly it's all good advertisement for the coin and chain that figured it all out a long time ago #xrp
  3. This is such an interesting thred. Do you know what the current state of play is of Ripple towards these options @cmbartley?not a gut feeling what is happening behind the scenes?
  4. Exactly. And what we tend to forget: Ripple does (/or did?) have competition on the XCurrent category by R3, Hyperledger, ..? I don't hear any new partnerships of those, and setting the standard of blockchain settlement in general with XCurrent could be, no, IS the biggest win for Ripple at his moment (!!). Once standard rails are there, only trains with matching wheels will be of interest. Bitcoin had a huge advantage of being first: Ripple has a similar huge advantage at this moment towards fi's. The general public does not see the whole picture yet and are still confuser by fud, but that will not take that long anymore. The real life tests of XCurrent, XRapid and progress of Ripple are not being unnoticed (even JP Morgan has admitted Ripple is bringing a revolution).
  5. Ripple Riggidy Riggidy Wrecked

    Can't wait to remind him to look at some charts in a couple of months 😀
  6. It is starting to look unstoppable.. only 6 weeks along in 2018 and already so many new and promissing partnerships.. love it.
  7. https://cryptorecorder.com/2018/02/15/jp-morgan-new-technology-will-push-ripple-xrp-to-3-again/
  8. Ripple confirms future WU xRapid pilot

    Yep.. yet most of the time building up like a vulcano under the surface. Again these cases are so significant by themselves, let alone the network effect they imply as well. Eruption will come again, quite soon if you ask me, with many people having trouble to get back in.
  9. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    I really like the trend of the community setting up more validators and running my own validator is definately on my list, both as a nice tech exercise as to help out making the xrpl even more decentralised. What I'm still trying to find out if it is really necessary or of benefit for the network (as Ripple has a program for it for 2018 to get solid and trusted external parties to take part anyway). If it is benefitial for the network, we should definately do so, and especially spread them as much as possible (different countries, hosters, etc.) to make it even more robust towards attacks. And I'm still looking what it could bring me (not financial(!), just some cool geek stuff what I could do with it like a nice interface showing the amount of transactions that I helped to validate, ..?).
  10. Ripple saw that comming from a distance, and I guess it was one of the reasons that they invited a bunch of them for some quality time, teaching all there is to know. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-hosts-worlds-central-banks-to-explore-next-generation-of-payments/
  11. Is the decoupling from BTC occuring?

    In (further developped) financial markets you can actually trade in the relative difference between assets. I guess in time that will come in crypto as well, but for now, it would be very nice if someone would visualise such on a daily basis (and can be refered to as an illustration of that decoupling). Or maybe there are sites which already visualise that?
  12. Incentivising running validators

    Would it an idea to form a trusted ring of validators of active xrpchat users?
  13. https://www.coindesk.com/ecbs-mersch-airs-concerns-over-crypto-gold-rush/ Isn't the real problem out there that there is no gold backing fiat like the Euro anymore?
  14. No you are looking biased I think. The coins you are looking at dropped more as well during past week, so also bounce stronger.