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  1. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    @7Sol , @Ripple-Stiltskin , @JoelKatz and others, this is getting a really interesting topic in the posts above about how far responsability of Ripple towards XRP owners should go 🤔😊!! I'm really sorting my mind in this matter still; as @TplusZero stated in his latest blog; participate in blogging helps 😉. My statement that cryptocurrencies are speculative bubbles untill they reach their usecase (of which Ripple and XRP are closer than any other) to a certain extend relates indeed to the legal context: as it is an unregulated market, there are no formal rules on the companies side (responsability towards coin holders concerning strategy, marketing, etc.) nor on the market side (pump n dump as you like). But indeed, I also tend to think this does not take away a certain amount of responsability of companies like Ripple towards in this case XRP holders; it does seem asymmetric that holders should carry all the risk of XRP not making it in the end, yet Ripple can benefit, for example use XRPs value for company investments, as well as banks, who at this moment can just sit and wait for the best option to rise to the surface and pick that one, and let the rest drown. On the other hand, you could say that it's part of anyoung market of disruptors: you can gain big time, yet you might also loose big time. I am really curious how this issue is discussed within Ripple Labs itself; I can imagine that this is a huge dilemma for them as well.. primary moraly as (I think) they love their community and feel a responsability to them in this, but also because they position themselves as working with existing structures and legal frameworks as much as possible and seem to take pro active standpoints for example in the ICO debate (that it should be regulated, etc.). Should Ripple therefor be extra carefull with pumping statements that will be abused by whales or, as what happened a bit, a marketing strategy that (probably unintended) had XRP fall quite a bit), actively fight pump n dump whales, etc. As I posted in another thread (or maybe even this one some pages up), I think that Ripple is actually working on these responsible grounds. But to what extend should that reach and it what forms? I'm not sure.. @miguel, @JoelKatz, @nikb, @TplusZero, @Hodor, help us out here 😉. Maybe it's actually a topic on it's own to start a thread on. @Mercury, feel free to move it if that's better.
  2. My concluding thoughts on Swell

    I don't know if it was the aim of Ripple, but your (and many other similar) reactions might implicitly contain the biggest lesson without you even realizing it: ALL cryptocurrencies are bubbles untill they reach their actual usecase. Untill that point they are to a large extend abused by whales, who kick of pumps on newsflashes and kick of panic sells at their whishes, supported by or anticipated on so called previous resistence level analyses going around on twitter. Ripple and XRP are by far the closest to their actual usecase than any other coin and when they do, it will be huge. But because of that fact and untill they do reach it, rumours get easily overhyped and because of the huge marketcap, have significant consequences (in the sense of many owners). Not getting what many may have expected could be a good thing. Maybe the pumping on rumours will be less the next time, as also the panic selling afterwards, turning XRP into a stable coin which is better for their usecase, and have it only rise in value because of their actual usecase, which is FI's buying into XRP (presumably with contracts that do not allow them to dump like whales or paniced private investors do), in the end resulting in significant rises, but no falling back afterwards. Intended or not, this all benefits Ripple and XRP on the long term. In the meanwhile, Ripple will continously be busy with getting more FI's on board, more than they can tell ar this moment.. because then it would be rumours.. I think it's only going to be facts from now on. Maybe some nice input for @Hodors or @TplusZeros blogs 😉
  3. Vision 2020 for the #XRP community

    What a great outline @TplusZero. short, sharp, and inviting to think along..
  4. Although I respect your choice, be carefull switching based on chasing coins that were just pumped, as that's exactly what whales want you to do (panic sell at the their bottom and buy at their top). Best is to read into backgrounds and make decisions on that. ALL coins are 'what you call nothing burgers' untill they actually reach their usecase. Let us know when you find one that's closer to that than Ripple and XRP 😉.
  5. Could be, but within Europe means euro-to-euro which is already a relative efficient corridor (I think) and Ripple has no primary focus on those. Ripple hasn't even started an office within the EU yet (yes London but they don't have the Euro and soon will be out of the EU). ILP even I also doubt; it would be great and smart banks if they did so in the end their initiative can exceed Europe in stead of having built something with limitations from the start. But let's see 🤔
  6. Brad Garlinghouse Speaking

    I would not be surprised actually, as I would have aspected a statement on the lockup during this conference, which did not happen yet.
  7. I didn't dig into the privacy options enough yet, but wasn't there something called pathshuffle to be implemented on the RCL taking care of that?
  8. I partially agree @Streamliner (edit: towards soly ILP, just saw your additional post) but I would put it differently. Swell is all about responsability. ALL cryptocurrencies are speculative bubbles untill the actual usecase has been reached. If Ripple really wanted to they could easily pump XRPs price to $2 in a matter of weeks. But the chances that it will fall after that will grow just as fast in such a case, not helping people other than whales who already got superrich at the cost of others nor helping Ripples credibility. In stead of this, Ripple is going for its usecase, of which interoperability is indeed a huge part, and to deal responsibly with peoples money and the banks money. Another part is getting banks to furher understand the whole landscape so they can make a responsible descision to of which product to choose. Their responsibility also shows big time in their efforts towards Mojaloop helping unbanked people in underdevelopped countries to take part in the worlds economy. This shows they are thinking further than some financial institutions at this moment, and most certainly than other cryptocurencies and their speculative traders. In the meanwhile, Ripple AND XRP are by far the closest to reaching their usecase than any other cryptocurrency out there. The 100+ banks, the Mexican FI, their partnerships, their strategy and offices in countries with the most inefficient payment corridors. The last miles of the race to broad adoption will be very steep and require putting your energy on the right spots, which may not be pumping, maybe just keeping it within reponsible boundaries. And remember , in that race all other currencies do not even have that real steep part of the hill in sight.
  9. Amex + Ripple?

    The speculation and searches are overhyped a bit I guess and this one passed earlier this week. But @miguel did announce an interesting development specifically related to payments planned for q3 which did not arrive yet, so who knows 😉
  10. Well, not saying that it will be like that, but it would be a neat different approach: not pumping the price by saying how great you are yourself, but seeking partnerships through ILP, private sessions, transparent debates with your competitors, etc. and have others send that message in case they really feel the same way (like yesterday with the Gates founfation).
  11. Yes, and I think the audience got well informed about the most important options out there for them at this moment, and superbrave to just put Ethereum, Hyperledger en Chain right next to themselves out there. And indeed I think Ripple does not want to pump at such a session, but wants to have that done by it's actual adoption. So, when it does pump, it never goes down again but keep up there as a stable bridge currency supporting their product suite. The only strange, or maybe actually funny thing is that of all cryptocurrencies out there, XRP is by far the closest to its actual usecase. Dumping it and stepping into another one even more bubblish shows in my opinion that there are too many short term speculative participants out there. Maybe it's good to have those washed away before the real rise.
  12. Well he is speaking at Swell as one of the big names.. There must be something cooking / swelling.. but no idea what.. 🤔🤒
  13. Swanky Swift event sweats as heat applied by cooler Swell

    Nice article with both well formulated background as an impression at the actual events. And some observations on the IBM-Stellar deal:
  14. Ok, now that maybe some dust has fallen down back on the floor, let's dive into some technics 😉. Todays news about IBM partnering with Stellar got me specifically intrigued what the advantages would be of XRP as the native asset on the RCL vs Stellar on Hyperledger's blockchain. I often noticed Ripple mentioning the word 'native' in the past but it might be specifically important now. I can guess or assume a few but I would be interested hearing those from the pro's like @nikb , @JoelKatz and @miguel . Or would that give too much details away to IBM 😉?
  15. In absolutely love that.. Ripple wasn't alowed to speak at Sibos because of that fear.. Ripple embraces competition.. they actualy facilitate it through ILP.