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  1. Mwah.. if they intend to list XRP I can imagine that they wait untill the final clarity now from the SEC. And I think Coinbase is going for a license to trade securities as well. But if they want and going to list XRP in either case.. I don't have a clue how to read those guys.
  2. The whole point of security regulation is to PROTECT investors, not screwing them. This is why the scenario you fear will not turn out like that. Also, a scenario to have Ripple reedeem is also not possible as almost nobody bought XRP from Ripple (and if, against what value should that be then). What the SEC does want is to give a clear message to recent (and upcomming) ICOs that they are there and can forsee a hard time, and maybe they use Ripple's case a little bit to get people thinking for some days or weeks. But the specifics in Ripples case will turn out that XRP maybe (maybe!) was a security once, but over time it is not anymore, as it has been bilateraly exchanged and used for too long now. Ripple also has been too long in contact with the US government to get back on things. The worst that could happen is that Ripple cannot sell any further (!) XRP of their supply on current channels (and even that I seriously doubt ) but should that be the case, that will not hurt the price (actually the opposite as no new XRP can enter the market). A fast and clear press statement would be important in such a moment though (as Coindesk and others Fudsters will be waiting to spread half the story).
  3. That, and not to mention that mining Bitcoin is creation out of thin air as well, even today. All actually stays less than thin air as one cannot hold it. Just like Google creates search hits out of thin air. Yet all will be worth something, related to its functionality. The one who dares to waste the most elektricity is not by which it is measured (that should actually receive an environmental tax if you ask me). XRPs value was near zero at the start, but gained value once people adopted its functionalities, and as it got used during the years. ICOs turn that around (first money and then try to make it work). That is why many ICOs are forced to refund by the SEC (as that functions as a security). Ripple cannot be forced to refund you because you did not buy it from them. And XRP cannot be forbidden to be traded amongst each other on a regular exchanges as well, as should it have been a security a long time ago, it is not anymore, and prohibit its trade would only hurt the general hodlers (by a price crash) which is precisely not what the SEC is after. The worst thing that could happen is that Ripple gets another fine or has to sell the rest of their XRP stash through Security channels. Which would not be bad for XRP Hodlers as that means there might no extra supply comming onto the market for a while which will make XRP's price rise (if the demand is there). But as Ripple has been in contact with the SEC and FINCEN for a loooong time, even that will not happen.
  4. You’re right I haven’t read it all yet. And indeed it might already be great that, being a conservative organisation, they have put the door open slightly. (the transactions per second would have deserved a place though to get a solid overview).
  5. Yeah I don’t get it. It’s good that they do the charts but why leave out XRP as the only coin that actually wants to help out on all the letters of B.I.S. (and does compare to for example VISA). Most banks will know Ripple and XRP by now, but that seems a major shortcomming (makes them look kind of foolish). Maybe someone can ask them on twitter (and maybe take the IMF along in the discussion).
  6. PS they mixed Ripple and XRP up 😂 PS2 what is de SAGA Foundation? PS3 why did they not take XRP into the comparisson graphs?
  7. The candle will be green and straight when the SEC provides official clarity about XRP.
  8. Amigo

    It's goodbye, kind of

    Quite a beatiful piece @Graine. While I look at things differently, it's the differences that make life beautiful. It made me like your critical thinking. It makes me like Ripple in being different than the rest. I even love the hate of Bitcoin maximalists towards XRP sometimes. Enjoy life, try to stay away from computers for a while and enjoy the ones you love. And do not feel bad when XRP does happen to pass a former high again; you probably made plenty, and real hapiness comes from within. To all others: I can't wait for the green candle kicking in when the SEC brings clarity, SBI VC comes online, or even when those get postponed again, just seeing Cobalt taking XRPs speed beyond anything we have seen before. 😉
  9. Amigo

    When will XRapid actually go live?

    I guess not. But I do think Ripple and SBI have synchronised their agenda's. So major news or developments will start after (the exchange) SBI VC is fully launched (next July). Those Japanse clients are fortunate to get in at the bottom and get a flying start at the same time by xRapid getting into (some) production, the SEC final verdict stating XRPs are not securities, additional listing on another exchange starting with the letter C, Coil and Xpring presenting some neat Codius and XRP applicatons, @nikbs secret project, etc.
  10. Well indeed that 'downside' (xCurrent not using XRP) really is a benefit for getting countries like India on board. Once they're in and Ripple has earned their trust (and time will ease the fear towards cryptocurrencies), trying other products is a lot easier, especially when the whole interbank network will get a Ripple implementstion behind it (like Japan has already planned to do). And that seems in line with what @JoelKatz mentioned at the community meet-up in Amsterdam, stating that in q2 and q3 xCurrent will get 2 version upgrades enabling it to act as a true network in stead of more bilaterely.
  11. I don't know if @nikb still hangs around here but he is / was very keen on the decentralisation proces and security (as also @JoelKatz of course). Maybe they can give us some insights. I don't know what discovery of consensus fails you mean btw (but I can have missed it). If you mean the (limited) costs caculation it would take to perform a 51% attack, as far as I know that does not relate to the consensus mechanism but to POW.
  12. Amigo

    The university donation

    The university donations can be one of them, but for sure some other developments are not coincidences (validator program, Xpring, Coil, @nikb's startup, etc). Brad Garlinghouse was one of the first openly stating the ICO problem ("if it walks like a duck..", "the death of the ICO in 2018", etc.). The SEC recently stated 'come and see us', which is what Ripple did a LONG time ago. Ripple plans ahead, which you have to do of you want to run a marathon.
  13. Dilip Rao has reeled in an impressive list of new customers this year, and does very well on stage as well. This comming from his mouth, it is not just playing with some fantasies. Something is cooking. "There is a great regulatory comfort with Ripple Net — particularly in the light of the Bank for International Settlements’ policy requiring central banks to have a backup for payment systems having non-similar technology,” said Rao (..) “Even from a geopolitical point of view, countries are having concerns over the existing cross-border payment systems, which can be switched off with a turn of the switch,” said Rao. In addition to pitching Ripple for cross-border payments, the company is offering its own platform as an alternative to Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system for countries that do not have a developed interbank network