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    저는 지난 번 밋업도 다녀왔어요 리플팀 만나서 질문도 좀 하고, 질문지도 건네주고..., 한국시장에 리플 오피스가 들어오고..., 여러가지 한국어로 번역 필요한 거 많은데 너무 소홀했어요. 왜곡된 정보도 너무 많이 유통되고
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    여기서 한국어 전용 Zerp를 만들어 주면 좋은 데, 좀 어렵겠지요 XRP에 대한 믿음이 있으시지요?
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    XRP가 도약을 위한 마지막 다지기 라고 봅니다. 가격 보면 좀 답답하지만
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    한국시장 소홀히 하다가 가격 망가진 겁니다.
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    25/3 행복회로 돌리시기 바랍니다. 파트너십+sbi vc+ 에스크로~
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    안녕하세요 저도 Xrp 모든 정보는 여기서 얻어갑니다
  8. IMO, They need to give intensive to Japanese investor. Japan is most important market for ripple's road map for scaling up 2018. So SBI VC should go first. you know well SBIVC closed pre registeration by the end of Nov and it will start sooner that must be a huge sign for Escrow. Ripple has a meet up in Japan and another team had a ILP meeting a week after last Nov. Why? It is so important market. Huge volume should flow into SBI VC first than button will being pushed. But I hope it starts before CME opening. Good scenairo ; Partener ship anouncement within a few days + and SBI VC opening within next week + Lock up button before CME and going up rally like Iota though there are some dump after CME launching. I have been waiting for lock up and real world use case since ripple launched In korea. I don't want to check the price till the escrow start becsue that will make me emotional and clouding my judgement.
  9. Ripple in Seoul, Korea Meetup

    Hi You and your team were so fantastic. i am a guy who asking about CME group's investing in XRP last night. we hope to see you next time again in Seoul.
  10. Do you guys know whio will visist South Korea? and how can i join the Meet up or any contact point for meet up for participating? It's really good news as a XRP invester and believe XRP is a really valuable asset. and i'd like to ask for someting that needs to be fixed on what i have seen until now in Korea and XRP investers. 1. Asking for Blog operation in Korea like Japan who can effectively respond when bad rumors and fake news are spreading. it is very very necessary and important becasue we have many communities and very competative that try to manupulate the price by spreding bad rumors. 2. Asking for improving ripple Insight operation, you know well last time in SWELL event i got a big news about Bill gates foundation, so huge and i expect price would go up more than i expect and i send the news to othe community and they check the news but Korean Ripple website not showed yet. I didn't know why but as price were going up we need some momentum but we lost the more price up cahnace becasue of the lack of information. Someon would say it's not a problem but i'd like to say it's a problem because of 70% volume was covered by Korean. Many Korean investers wants to hear more specific answers including me. We believe XRP is the only one real world use case which will be realized within a few months and hope you guys have a good luck with XRP.
  11. Hi i just called Japan SBI and they said they only listed BTC at this time but sooner or later they will list XRP, But he couldn't say exactly when they would.
  12. Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

    Thanks a lot, One problem i face is that there are not much of correct informations about XRP in Korea that's i disappointed whenever tried correct informations hovering around peopel. Ripple insight information itself can't be met the thristy of XRP investers that's why they left the XRP. Hopefully we need well translated korean inforamtion. For example how can we well know about differnt between ripple and XRP? I got it from here, conept of payment and settlement. Ripple and XRP.
  13. Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

    I am Korean too it is time to go to the Moon, I am holding XRP since it was 0.3 and i started sell and buy back to get lower the everage price and now i am wiaitng. I am expecting more than 1 dollar within this year. It will burst out like a volcano as we get to the tippping point. We need to remember the SWELL which are compried of so many ripples such as many resinoal hubs , SBI going live, SBI VC , Joint venture with Korea Daily. I believe XRP must be a winner in the crypto currencies war though it takes time. After SWELL we can see the big HURRICANE comming above the horizon. I have shared XRP chart threads with many korean at some communities but half of them has sold and left and some friends are still holding it. It was hard time for me to hold the XRP when it went down 0.13, but XRP chat has helped me through their good threads that has been full of hopeful things.