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  1. Bitcoin crash issues

    Hi, Do you see any differences compare to bitcoin crash that happend in 2013? https://www.coindesk.com/price-crashes-china-outlaws-bitcoin-financial-institutions/
  2. I am korean. DAYLI Financial Group?? They are not the group, they are block chain based company and have a partnership with woori bank. http://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2017&no=551655 last Aug i think Japen articels says "BANKS" so i assume more expended consortium. https://asia.nikkei.com/Tech-Science/Tech/SBI-unit-to-t
  3. I think this DAYLI intelligence is invloved in one of korea bank called "WOORI BANK".
  4. They had checked Sever for 7 hours and delayed 1 hour and they will start 20 min later again. Local time 9:00 AM
  5. I think we need to get real, please guess how many tests does GM, hyundai and toyota do before launching a new project car? We need big big real world use cases first before they go with ripple, Real wolrd use case is the matter.
  6. chinese ripple competition?

    I am from Korea. He was called "http://bitcoinseoul.org/" in korea. Please don't believe him since so many people lost money due to his false information. it was a panice sell in last july, he said falling down of ETH price to 40$ and urged people to sell at a loss. He spiked panic sell and many people lost their money.
  7. Kakao bank guys!

    let's please speculate where Ripple's big man are now if t 3 or 4 guys are in london or in china or Singpore, Good news willl be related to that country.
  8. Kakao bank guys!

    Forget about Kakao bank.., i am from Korea. Please just wait until we have the impact news from ripple. if it is true one of Rippl's big man shound have been in korea during the past couple of months. Please forget it.
  9. I don't think repple has branch office in Korea. Though they have the office in Korea there are no options but to wait till to catch the initial success of SBI's real use case.
  10. Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

    we are now seeing new players pareparing another internet bank. I think they already know the ripple and hope to be jointed with ripple after they catch the success of SBI.
  11. Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

    I am korean and i posted two weeks ago, but Kakaobank is not related to ripple. I myself called them and checked the overseas payment time, they said it would take 2~4 days. It's not repple related business. Just be patient please. I believe if SBI shows successful commercial use case it will impact to the market since it only take 4~6 seconds for overse payment.
  12. is OTC market relateded to this article? To be honest with you. i don't know well about OTC market.
  13. I did check but it was true i will check how they did it. But you know well swift is dominating 95% of remittence market for overseas wireing , 5% of bank is using another protocol.
  14. I called them and heard that it would take one day in week and 3 days in the weekend. you are right they are using their consortium banking system but they removed the SWIFT so that can drastiaclly lower the fee. I saw their website ( Korean only) posted " we are waitng partnership". i hope ripple would do. In korea 40 millions are usisng that messenger.