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  1. It would possibly be a criminal act for Ripple to do this as it would violate their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. It is mathematically not in their interest to do so. They would be losing more in market cap than they would stand to gain in any increased value. It would essentially be a wealth transfer from Ripple to other XRP holders.
  2. To be fair, aren't metaphors, by their very nature, "technically unsophisticated"? Isn't that their whole point? Seems like you are being a bit needlessly condescending here. I just can't figure out why.
  3. Lobbying should be Ripple's number one focus. They already have the best tech and a corporate structure that has bore them impressive fruit as far as business relationships. They have it down to an art. Buuuuuutttttt...none of that matters so long as the 900 pound gorilla of government could crush the industry overnight. And they just could do that. Politics has become so infantile and vindictive, the greater good or long term growth doesn't even figure into the equation anymore. More and more demagogues are simply looking for convenient scapegoats, and "tech bros" as they like to call them disparagingly, make an easy target to take attention away from the staggering failure of the government in every area it touches. They, and their constituents don't understand the technology, and it therefore, as with all new things, someone will try using it to whip up fear and distract from the real issues facing the country. And then, when they finally do understand it, many politicians will be horrified to discover that it reduces their power. This is untenable in their minds, as any technology that limits their power is seen as anathema to the "greater good" ie whatever half baked vision they have for us. This is not to say there are not a few forward thinking congress critters. Those are the ones Ripple should reach out to and build relationships with. I'm glad to see that they are taking it seriously and I hope it will pay regulatory dividends in the long run.
  4. If the rich don't compete for resources or goods, then why are they a problem? Isn't it the goods and services that money can buy that's important? Not the money itself? If the rich simply sit on piles of XRP, but don't consume, that means more goods and services at lower prices for the poor.
  5. If this would indeed occur, couldn't this simply be addressed by replacing income taxes with consumption taxes? A sales tax? or VAT?
  6. I hear you. Interesting topic anyway. You are right that it is a good to hash these things out wherever one stands on the issue of the efficacy or ethics of tax based redistribution.
  7. Is this supposed to be a criticism? Seems more like a feature than a bug.
  8. How does it alleviate the problem of counterparty risk without an asset? One of these blockchain messaging applications may win out, but they are categorically different than Ripple. It is the token that makes ripple's system special and makes it work. The messaging is all well and good, but at the end of the day, no value can actually move. You need an asset that can be sold on an open market, across borders, and external of the operators of the system. Ripple crowdsources liquidy like Uber crowdsources labor. The forex traders, and us, are independent contractors giving liquidity to the market so banks don't need to have dead cash. It is a better system. Whether it will ever be adopted is anyone's guess though.
  9. Question for these petitioners: Is it dumping if I sell XRP as well? What if there is a whale out there that holds a few million and they decide to sell? Is that dumping? Is it a specific number at which it becomes dumping? Or is conditional upon the person doing the selling? If it is the latter, what would be the conditions which would make it, in your minds, acceptable for Ripple to sell, and how much? And what makes these conditions anything other than a simple practice in arbitrary control? Also, lol at the 60 day ultimatum.
  10. Agenda or not, I think there is value in debate. He seems to be offering substantive critiques anyway, even if I do disagree with them. No need to chase off people who simply hold a contrary view.
  11. From what I understand, because the previous futures contracts didn't physically settle in BTC, they were simply cash bets on an average price of BTC on various crypto-exchanges, with all the fake volume, lack of market depth, and shenanigans that went along with it. BAKKT will avoid this by physically settling internally and thus determining the correct price, irrespective of any exchanges. In other words they will become the unofficial price setter. This is the legitimate price finding mechanism crypto has been starving for and will help to moderate price fluctuations.
  12. How exactly would this benefit XRP holders? Wouldn't the easiest way for Ripple to "grow its revenue" be to sell XRP? Isn't it doing that right now? I can see how revenue growth would benefit stock holders, but last I checked, owning XRP doesn't get you any shares. I assume you mean "grow its revenue through selling products not XRP". But here is the thing, perhaps growing revenue in such a manner requires the sale of XRP. This is information to which we are not privy, and why there is a certain amount of gambling involved when buying an asset such as this. We are hoping that Ripple is getting it right, and trying to grow the value of XRP. But it is entirely possible they could be flubbing it badly. One thing that reassures me is that the incentives are aligned correctly. Ripple has a distinct incentive to increase the value of XRP. So, it is likely they would try to do so in the long run. So then we must assume, if Ripple is flubbing it, it would likely be due to incompetence rather than greedily dumping XRP, sacrificing massive future profits for smaller short term gains. Finally, since we are not privy to the internal processes of Ripple, it is impossible for us to know one way or another if Ripple is flubbing it or not. We simply cannot know that because we do not have access to all the info. So then my question is, given our certain absence of knowledge about the full situation, which is more likely: Ripple is flubbing it? Or we simply don't know all the variables as well as we think we do?
  13. Ah, the hallmark of a great intellect: assuring others of just how smart they are! Are you certain it's us you're really trying to convince?
  14. Why does it not surprise me that you can quote Goebbles?
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