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  1. Question for these petitioners: Is it dumping if I sell XRP as well? What if there is a whale out there that holds a few million and they decide to sell? Is that dumping? Is it a specific number at which it becomes dumping? Or is conditional upon the person doing the selling? If it is the latter, what would be the conditions which would make it, in your minds, acceptable for Ripple to sell, and how much? And what makes these conditions anything other than a simple practice in arbitrary control? Also, lol at the 60 day ultimatum.
  2. Agenda or not, I think there is value in debate. He seems to be offering substantive critiques anyway, even if I do disagree with them. No need to chase off people who simply hold a contrary view.
  3. From what I understand, because the previous futures contracts didn't physically settle in BTC, they were simply cash bets on an average price of BTC on various crypto-exchanges, with all the fake volume, lack of market depth, and shenanigans that went along with it. BAKKT will avoid this by physically settling internally and thus determining the correct price, irrespective of any exchanges. In other words they will become the unofficial price setter. This is the legitimate price finding mechanism crypto has been starving for and will help to moderate price fluctuations.
  4. How exactly would this benefit XRP holders? Wouldn't the easiest way for Ripple to "grow its revenue" be to sell XRP? Isn't it doing that right now? I can see how revenue growth would benefit stock holders, but last I checked, owning XRP doesn't get you any shares. I assume you mean "grow its revenue through selling products not XRP". But here is the thing, perhaps growing revenue in such a manner requires the sale of XRP. This is information to which we are not privy, and why there is a certain amount of gambling involved when buying an asset such as this. We are hoping that Ripple is getting it right, and trying to grow the value of XRP. But it is entirely possible they could be flubbing it badly. One thing that reassures me is that the incentives are aligned correctly. Ripple has a distinct incentive to increase the value of XRP. So, it is likely they would try to do so in the long run. So then we must assume, if Ripple is flubbing it, it would likely be due to incompetence rather than greedily dumping XRP, sacrificing massive future profits for smaller short term gains. Finally, since we are not privy to the internal processes of Ripple, it is impossible for us to know one way or another if Ripple is flubbing it or not. We simply cannot know that because we do not have access to all the info. So then my question is, given our certain absence of knowledge about the full situation, which is more likely: Ripple is flubbing it? Or we simply don't know all the variables as well as we think we do?
  5. Ah, the hallmark of a great intellect: assuring others of just how smart they are! Are you certain it's us you're really trying to convince?
  6. Why does it not surprise me that you can quote Goebbles?
  7. So because I call out the alt right as the pathetic, victim-peddling, whiney, socialist losers they are, you assume I'm a leftist? Dear boy, you are hopelessly confused. The world is not binary. The alt-right sucking does not mean the left does not also suck just as hard. Suckiness is not a mutually exclusive characteristic. The alt-right and far left are nearly identical in their philosophical underpinnings and their overt collectivism. Both left and right come from a Hegelian world view which rejects and hates (classical) liberalism and individualism above all else. So trust me when I say, I have plenty of scorn for both right and left.
  8. Lol. Nice try with the straw man. You've got yourself twisted into so many logical contortions to try obfuscating the issue that you might as well be a human pretzel. I clearly said there is nothing wrong with a goy referring to themselves as a goy (although the only ones who do so are alt-righters). But when one says "the time of the goyim has come" it makes a clear implication that it was somehow not the time of the goyim before., and therefore logically the time of the Jews. Like I said, this is the whiny, pathetic victim based ideology of alt-right losers who live in their mom's basement and think anyone richer or more successful than them must be a Jew. He or she should save it for the fellow losers on 4chan.
  9. Fair enough, antisemitism is rife on the left as well, and I have no idea if he is white or not. But both points are irrelevant. It doesn't change the fact that his statement was explicitly racist and an appeal to a distinctly antisemitic worldview. I made the inference that he is a white nationalist troll because the idiotic idea that the term "goyim" needs to be "reappropriated" is a well known trope of the alt-right and literally no one else. Why would anyone else give a **** about it unless, like the alt-right, they have crazy fever dreams that jewish cabals control everything and they are somehow victims? I don't see how it could be a joke either. If it is, it is in very poor taste.
  10. I know what goy means. I am one. I don't take offense to the use of the word. But the context in which the OP used it, was inherently racist. "The time of the goyim has come". Please tell me what you think he meant. It is quite obvious that he was implying an alt-right world view in which it is, and has been, somehow "the time of the jews" and that this is somehow related to him and other poor, mistreated "normies" getting "dumped on". This is typical of the alt-right's rewriting of history and warped victimization peddling. They prey upon poor, ignorant white people by telling them that their failures in life are not their own fault but instead are caused by someone else, usually jews. And for the record, please point me toward any other people trying to reappropriate the term "goy" who are not white nationalists.
  11. Ummm...so just to make sure I understand you correctly, you are fine with the phrase "the time of the goyim has come", but me calling it out as the racist, white supremacist trope that it is, is somehow racist itself? Lol. If there is any "waste of life" here it is the guy who feels Ripple owes him money, and uses a phrase implying that somehow a Jewish cabal is responsible for his failures in life.
  12. Says the guy who is whining "poor me" because others have more $$ than him. If you could cope you'd be taking responsibility for your own investment decisions, and not blaming it on made up cabals or nefarious, greedy businessmen. 'How dare they buy a yacht with money they earned!' Guess what, you invent something people want to buy, you can be rich too. Until then, quit whining. And keep your worn out racial victimhood nonsense for your subreddit.
  13. https://www.thebalance.com/trading-crude-oil-futures-809351 We can discuss corn or soy futures if you prefer. In both cases, owning a commodity (or in the case of futures contracts, the right to own a commodity at a certain price) doesn't give one the legal or ethical right to demand that other holders destroy their own holdings to drive up the price. Let's say a farmers sells half his soybeans on futures contracts at $8. But six months later, it ended up being a bumper year and the price of beans falls to $6.50. The farmer may choose to sell those beans at that price, or he may hold them in hopes the price goes up, or he may sell some and hold some. What the farmer does will largely be dictated by what the farmer thinks is best. Perhaps the farmer believes the price of beans will go to $10, but he needs to buy a new tractor right now, or perhaps he has other expenses, or perhaps he simply wants to take his wife on a cruise to jamaica. In any case, the farmer cannot be faulted for selling his product and spending the money he earned. The utility of a dollar is subjective. Most absurd of all is the notion that the farmer should burn half of his soybeans to raise the price. This would not benefit the farmer at all and would only benefit those who made poor speculative decisions and purchased futures contracts at $8. Buying XRP is little different than buying an asset or a futures contract for an asset. We are taking the risk that the farmer may sell more at lower prices than we anticipated. This is not the fault of the farmer but a fault of the speculator who misjudged the situation and now wants to blame the farmer for acting in his own interest.
  14. Very easy to be empathetic with other people's money isn't it? I simply don't see how living in an economic fantasy world helps anyone. Scarcity is real. Using tax payer dollars, much of which comes from those who do not have college degrees and work in construction, skilled trades, or any other number of blue collar professions, to pay for others (usually upper middle class) to avoid work for four/six/eight years and get degrees that cannot justify the cost, is not charity at all. It is extremely elitist. If you really care about helping others pay for college, then start a scholarship fund with your job that pays extremely well. If you want to fix the college loan problem then start pushing for reform that allows them to be discharged in bankruptcy.
  15. so are oil futures. Does buying them mean I should be able to tell Exxon to burn half their reserves?
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