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  1. Mastercard is making a lot of claims and not backing a single one up with data. This sounds like a fluff piece so Mastercard stays relevant as they start to get edged out by new payment providers.
  2. https://ripple.com/insights/q3-2017-xrp-markets-report/ Miguel Vias Head of XRP Markets just released his Q3 markets report. The entire piece is a must read, but zeroing in on your question Miguel says towards the end of his report “In the fourth quarter, we’ll announce additional xRapid partnerships” xRapid is Ripples liquidity solution that utilizes XRP Also Dilip Rao said this on twitter So to answer your question, yes we will see news in Q4. Will it be specifically before December we don’t know
  3. Miguel was just stating facts. It needs to be made clear that bitcoin has pivoted and it’s inefficiencys compared to other digital assets. Don’t hate Miguel because he was the messenger sitting comfortably in a chair. I thought it was hilarious how fast all the bitcoin enthusiasts were talking after he mentioned bitcoins problems.
  4. SEB said they loved the messaging service provided by Ripple but because XRP doesn’t have enough liquidity she says no need for XRP at the moment. This doesn’t mean that SEB won’t use the XRP rails once liquidity is present.
  5. Don’t forget Miguel was a FX gold trader for 15 years. I think he has a much better understanding of who he is talking to (Credit Suisse) than anyone else on that panel. I don’t think anyone cares how he is sitting as long as he is talking about a path where everyone can make money.
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-firms-ripple-r3-file-dueling-lawsuits-cryptocurrency-contract-dispute/ R3 filed in Delaware and Ripple filed their lawsuit in California. Did you not read through the thread? This was posted earlier
  7. I'm sorry their partnership didn't work out, but I think this is great news and great buzz before the conference. Everyone will be asking about this at SWELL and it will give Ripple a chance to explain what happened while also listing the benefits of their protocol. Not to mention Ripples Lawsuit is filed in California Supreme Court. This lawsuit further legitimizes (not that they needed it IMO) Ripple and the XRP currency. It's great to see Ripple conducting themselves in a professional manner as usual while R3 throws another childish tantrum ??. Once again. The keys to success 1.Buy XRP 2. HODL 3. Repeat steps 1-2
  8. I understand that the last sell dictates market cap. Could you please show me how it is already "psychologically" priced in? I'm curious to why you think it's already priced in.
  9. It's not TOTAL BS. I noticed that xrpcharts uses all 100 billion xrp to determine market cap at around 21 billion right now. When 55 billion is taken out of supply and put into escrow that value will have to go into the remaining supply of 44 billion. Creating a 222% increase Each month a billion xrp will be up for grabs and any xrp that is sold from escrow will act as dilution IMO. Luckily any xrp not sold will be put back into escrow Im curious is anyone else has looked into how the lockup will change price. Some people say the lock up is already factored in but I don't think this is the case Let me just end with some buzz phrases so everyone doesn't lose their minds "don't invest what you can't afford to lose" "buy and hodl" "Moon"
  10. The math is 2.22(current price)=price after lockup unless someone can show me the lockup has already happened then everything I've said in this post irrelevant
  11. HELP ME UNDERSTAND. I bet you can't show the lock up has been factored into price. The news may be old but the lock up is still relevant. Lol you say to get your facts straight but don't back up anything you say.
  12. I bet when Ripple had their 3,2,1 announcement speculators were hoping for lock up news
  13. Then why does xrpcharts show a total supply of 99 billion still? After 55 billion is put into escrow wouldn't total supply also decrease? And if it's already priced in then why isn't circulating supply on coinmarketcap raised to 45 billion since Ripple will still get a little over 6 billion xrp after lock up.
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