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    Moriarty reacted to XRP-Observer in Brad Garlinghouse: Focused on price of XRP over three years, not day-to-day   
    Only 6 months to the first milestone of 3 years.
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    Moriarty reacted to aavkk in North America, Japan And Korea Investors Purchasing XRP Actively   
    "For some reasons, XRP has long gained popularity in these countries. Perhaps this is due to the fact that large banks are experimenting with Ripple technology, and people here tend to believe in banks and large institutions with which Ripple Labs collaborates.
    Therefore, we can assume that large volumes of fresh money flow into this token and, by coincidence (or maybe not), XRP is the hottest TOP-10 coin in terms of the current price increase."
    The author attributes the XRP price increase to new retail money flowing in and that is partially correct in my opinion.  However, I believe the author missed a valuable opportunity to attribute this newfound retail interest to the actual usage of ODL, Ripple's flagship product.  Its my opinion while ODL volumes are currently very small in absolute terms their continued rapid increase in % volume will have retail investors worldwide taking notice very soon.  This could happen very quickly and my hope is that its this small scale proven utility that will break XRP free from the chains of XLM and to a lesser degree BTC.  Ultimately, utility has to become the standard for value I believe the question is how far ahead of large scale utility will the speculative money flow?
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    Moriarty got a reaction from ringer2 in EOY 2019 XRP predictions   
    So the real question here is... Eoy 2020. Following the trend I'd say 0.025.
    No seriously I think 2020 will kick-start it. I'm looking forward to any announcement ripple or bg will make. 
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    Moriarty reacted to fatlever in EOY 2019 XRP predictions   
    Nobody predicted $0.19 or anywhere close to that low.  Anything below $1 was considered extremely bearish.  It shows how disconnected most here are with reality.  
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    Moriarty got a reaction from Z3NInvestor in Anyone Buying?   
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    Moriarty got a reaction from Roaring_Twenties in Anyone Buying?   
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    Moriarty reacted to smoothy in Haha where are the hodlers now   
    No I am not, yet.
    But I am freerolling on my xrp-investment. In the meantime, I doubled my income from my job and I have set up a plan to get to financial freedom. I will get there. XRP could make it happen faster, but if it goes to zero, so be it.
    It's an advice I am happy to share: don't care about the price of xrp. Get your life on the right track. See your investment in xrp or other cryptos as a possible turbo to get to your goal a lot faster. But don't panic if the price stays this low for years. Don't let your happiness depend on the price of a crypto-asset
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    Moriarty got a reaction from HumphreyBear in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Invested in xrp early 2017, still holding. I believe in the long term. I'm really not bothered with current price movements. For me 2020 will be the xrp year where we see massive gains. 
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    Moriarty reacted to Stedas in Key XRP metrics (2018 - 2019):   
    Year-to-Year comparison (December 21, 2018 vs December 21, 2019)
    Coin Ranking Price Volume Market cap Supply Dominance XRP wallet accounts https://www.stedas.hr/xrp-stats-2019.html

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    Moriarty got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Invested in xrp early 2017, still holding. I believe in the long term. I'm really not bothered with current price movements. For me 2020 will be the xrp year where we see massive gains. 
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    Moriarty got a reaction from Chewiecoin in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Invested in xrp early 2017, still holding. I believe in the long term. I'm really not bothered with current price movements. For me 2020 will be the xrp year where we see massive gains. 
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    Moriarty reacted to Chewiecoin in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Well hello to you too.. You don’t know me. So why do you profess to? I bought in before the Dec 2017 run and bought all the way up and also all the way down. 

    Check my history in here and my posts. It all matches. Not that I have to justify myself to you.
    And don’t tell me how to behave. I am optimistic and still am. Do more than 5 minutes research and you would be too. 
    Congratulations to anyone who thinks XRP is doomed and has been professing it for years. That’s not me. I’m here, I’m holding. One of us will be right and only time will tell. 
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    Moriarty reacted to Chewiecoin in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Hey everyone 
    Price must be bad as I’m getting tagged by all my FUD Patrol friends all over the place.
    I guess I deserve a few posts against me. I honestly thought we’d be between $10 and $20 by now.  But instead we are between 10 and 20c. Well that sucks, doesn’t it!
    Please do what’s in you’re best interests. Whether that’s sell, hold or buy more. 
    I’m still holding and I’m in my biggest hole so far. Have we hit the bottom? Who knows now one does. Can we reach $4, $10, or even $100? No one knows that either. 

    I’ve always said focus on the fundamentals. Have they changed? I don’t think so. I think they are stronger than ever. But I’ve been saying that for over 2 years. 
    Good Luck to all genuine XRP investors out there. I hope you all have a Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays.
    PS - I still think we are over due a speculative bull run. Let’s see if 2020 can mirror 2017. If not I’m sure I’ll get tagged some more lol. 
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    Moriarty reacted to mrhat75 in Good luck to you all   
    The same type of people lost a ton in 2009 by selling their stocks when the market was in the depths. The people who held and made dollar cost averaged buys ended up with massive portfolio gains over the next decade.
    A speculative asset should be treated with more caution than traditional investments. I think that now is a very stupid time to sell. ODL is just starting to ramp up. I think it is highly probable that XRP will be at a higher price (maybe massively) within the next 1-5+ years. The sooner the better, but beggars can't be choosers.
    If you *need* the money right now then that also signifies poor financial planning overall. Buying what you can't afford to lose, not saving enough to buy traditional investments overall, etc.
    If XRP and Ripple were in the same place that they were 1-2 years ago, as is the case for many coins, I wouldn't blame you. I also wouldn't blame you if the remaining part of your stash was 10 million XRP because hey that is life changing money.
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    Moriarty reacted to Julian_Williams in Will Japan make XRP big?   
    Actually a lot has happened in the last two years and Japan now has the most sophisticated and developed Crypto regulation of any country in the world and is ready to go.  I suggest you watch Crytpo Eri on You Tube because she is in Japan and very well informed.  She made a video a few weeks back about the regulation authorities in Japan.
    Crypto, and XRP in particular, is becoming available to every Japanese citizen, through easy and efficient distribution on their retail cards (forgotten the names of the companies doing it)
    Japan is at he forefront of crypto.
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    Moriarty got a reaction from TheXRPNinja in Will Japan make XRP big?   
    Gosh, 2yrs since me post and we are stil awaiting the Japan News!
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    Moriarty reacted to Lamberth in Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report   
    FX settlement is by far the biggest use case Ripple has for XRP as of now. We will see in the next 3-4 quarters (in the Moneygram quarterly results) if this promise holds true. The next quarterly report of Moneygram is on the 2nd of August. I’d be very surprised if they announced this partnership without a sound gameplan. 
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    Moriarty reacted to CryptoBoiler in I'm out.   
    Can’t blame you. At the end of the day, this is an investment. I feel that so many people here are emotional and forget that money is money. If you purchased 50k in xrp, that’s $15,000. To most, that’s big money. Some folks could have 20,000 in at .32 cents and ride all the way down to .05 cents and still be happy. Good for them. 
    I personally cashed out my initial investment a long time ago (in the $1.50 range), and decided to just leave the rest in. 
    Point is, you did the right thing. And the guy that bought 50k xrp the same day as you and won’t even think of selling did the right thing. At the end of the day it’s about returns. Not about showing your loyalty to a company. Investment 101.
    good luck in your future investments.
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    Moriarty reacted to XRPboi in A dead project also dumping XRP......"clever coin"   
    It's beginning to feel a lot like December 11th around here..
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    Moriarty reacted to XRPanda in When rich ?   
    About 8 months ago mr. Kitao said XRP would be $10,00 in the blink of an eye. I'm afraid he's gone blind...
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    Moriarty reacted to Zerp_Legend in Euro Exim Bank: 1st bank to use xRapid   
    You gotta start somewhere right ? Small companies can easier integrate xrapid than big ones 
    Also there is the famous saying : Take small bites until you accumulate an empire 
    Just saying
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    Moriarty reacted to Hodor in Congressman Warren Davidson replies to CryptoEri   
    CryptoEri is one of the most popular English / Japanese cross-over YouTubers that focus on crypto topics.  She is very positive about XRP, and closely tracks Japanese developments and SBI. 
    She recently sent Congressman Warren Davidson, one of the authors of the recent two bills re: crypto regulatory clarity, a question on whether he would re-submit the bill(s) this session.  I was surprised that she received a response very quickly - and on a Sunday no less:
    Also, if you're looking to watch the video where CryptoEri discusses the bill, here it is:
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    Moriarty reacted to XRPanda in New EOY 2019 predictions   
    A very happy New Year to you all my little crypto friends. Bakkt already postponed their launch date for ETF's. I believe we will be in bear territory for a couple of months to follow.
    Is 2019 the year that gives us the well deserved Crypto wealth? Please vote below and let us know what you think XRP's price will be EOY 2019.
    This poll will close on 03-02-2019
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