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  1. Hey guys, Much anticipation as we are approaching the third of December or is it just me? Michael Arlington also tweeted to get ready for this date. What to expect from tomorrow?
  2. If he has today 4 billion XRP and let's day he keeps selling 2 million XRP per day until he reaches 0. He could sell 2million each day for 2000 days! 5.5 years left..
  3. Seriously how much XRP is Jed still owning today? And how much is he selling per month on average?
  4. Comments like these are the true strength of this forum, and as long as people like you are on it we will enrich ourselves with information /other people's perspectives. Thank you.
  5. Personally my defition of anytime soon in this post is meant to be the next 12 months. HOWEVER, I am awaiting the BTC price run based on the halving that happened earlier this year. Looking at historical data, we can see that BTC price went up by + 8,069% in 2012 (First Halving) and +284% in 2016 (Second Halving) by focusing on the price date after 365 days after the halving. Hopefully the run will also have effect on XRP price..
  6. I purely approach this from a profit view, pardon my capitalistic hunger. If you look at the product itself, then it really solves something. Whether that problem solving ability will result in a price increase.. to this day I believe its not reflected and I'm questioning if it ever will.
  7. Potential in solving/changing the financial system as we know it - YES, definitely. Making quick gains- NO, definitely not. This is not Ethereum/BTC that had crazy gains in 2017/2018 respectively.
  8. Can we conclude that a rise of the XRP price, outside the 0.15 to 0.30 range, is simply not happening any time soon ? That the coin is destined to be between this range and the project price so far is truly disappointing for any investor. Something is telling me that the combination of the product being so advantageous for banks/other financial institutions and the token being available for the wide public on dozens if not hundreds of exchanges seems like it will not give us the gains we hoped for.. but instead XRP Is used as a means by Ripple to get to huge funding/capital for its projects while XRP is used as a side project. The visions shared by ripple and BG on XRP back in ‘17 ‘18 were BIG yet price wise as an investor I feel that as an investment product XRP over the last 3 years it did not accomplish what I expected of it. For a coin that has this kind of potential, I said it earlier and also JoelKatz mentioned it, the coin XRP to be used optimally It’svalue should lay much higher (if I’m not mistaken he mentioned 50-120 dollar range). im not saying I’m pulling the plug or that you should, but I do hope to get your honest opinion what your feelings are regarding price.
  9. In short. The more holders of xrp there are the less xrp is available.. and price will increase lol hold the opportunity crypto called xrp ... hold opportunity crypto xrp, hold opp cryp xrp.... holdoptorp.... hodor
  10. So the real question here is... Eoy 2020. Following the trend I'd say 0.025. No seriously I think 2020 will kick-start it. I'm looking forward to any announcement ripple or bg will make.
  11. Invested in xrp early 2017, still holding. I believe in the long term. I'm really not bothered with current price movements. For me 2020 will be the xrp year where we see massive gains.
  12. Gosh, 2yrs since me post and we are stil awaiting the Japan News!
  13. I bought xrp same time as you, May 2017. Got my initial investment out of it thanks to the December 2017 pump. I am patient and gave this project 3years of my time. By May 2020 I will review again my investment and reconsider my strategy whether to hold or not.
  14. What I’d like to see reflected as a price in 2019 and what I truly think of what it will be are two completely different things. I am not convinced that mass adoption of XRP will lead to the gains most of us are waiting for in 2019. I do believe It’s in Ripple’s interest that XRP increases in value, and at this point I’d like to understand what and how they are tackling/could tackle this . I do recall that back in 2017 JoelKatz mentioned his ideal price range of XRP, somewhere between 20-50 dollar if I remember well. Any comments or suggestions are welcome !
  15. Do you have a link of your post for me ? Interested to see why you think it will boom.
  16. Thanks for sharing ! I do remember Brad Garlinghouse saying that one major bank will use XRapid with XRP end of year 2018. What’s the status of that ? would be great to finally hear XRP commitment from a bank !
  17. Can someone please explain what is exactly happening and why this is important ? Sorry haven’t been following this subject much
  18. All this negativity, yuck. You can’t blame ripple for not giving you the earnings you thought you’d earn with XRP. Many that are active here on this forum have to understand that this is the game. I am XRP all the way since early 2017. I’ve seen €0.08 , I’ve seen the peak last year based on no utility at all, I’ve been there when it crashed.. but I never sold a single XRP. We are at what I’d like the call the interbellum of XRP, currently facing a peaceful market situation but we all know that a war is coming. Be there when it happens, don’t be discouraged from what you see happening at the moment.
  19. Yes I do remember BG saying that. I’m expecting Ripple to come forward with THE news before end of month!
  20. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/05/ripple-ceo-dozens-of-banks-will-use-xrp-product-in-2019.html
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