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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/r3s-new-corda-app-supports-payments-in-xrp-cryptocurrency
  2. Someone posted that back in January. Everyone called ********, but I think he was not far off.
  3. Exactly..... looks like nobody can explain. Seems like the “blink of an eye” guy is steering from ripple, or xrp. He seems to be making more progress with the competition.
  4. Correct.... last year when everyone was riding the ICO gravy train, Brad was waving a red flag, and he was right.
  5. How else do you think xlm has been pumping. He owns billions of those also. Of course he wants to dump xrp and pump his own.
  6. You’re probably right about him not thinking that way.... he tends to say many things that he doesn’t “think”.
  7. So here we have the CEO of a huge bank, and is also a huge xrp supporter, telling us they need R3 for xrp to be successful. Doesn’t sound great to me....
  8. One thing is clear from how much we dropped compared to eth, xrapid hasn’t had any affect on price as yet, it’s all still speculative. We’re a long way off yet.
  9. Most coins have their...”flavor of the month” time.
  10. America isn’t everything. There are a few other countries out there.
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