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  1. thanks for the link! http://www.earthport.com/news-insights/earthport-announces-partnership-cross-river-strengthening-inbound-payment-capabilities-across-us/
  2. Ripple - IMF - North Korea

    Amen to that.
  3. Just for your information; To all; always make sure that you keep your coins on a safe "place".
  4. Imagine THAT MOMENT when they realize they have been wrong
  5. R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    No worries, holding
  6. I couldn't believe it either. Refreshed the Ticker three times. Then it went back. Nothin got filled though..
  7. Hmm.. Then it does not really help that we all buy and hold
  8. Ledger Nano S - Water proof

    Is it possible to have multiple ripple adresses on your Nano S?
  9. BTMU backing interbank transfers in digital currency

    Maybe the "Mass" will stop seeing XRP so negitivly as the "bankers-coin"
  10. @bajungadustin glad you found it. To varify to TIER 1, 2, or 3 doesn't take long.
  11. To keep us warm for SWELL (like we weren't already?)
  12. Did it. And will do so every day of september
  13. Imagine when Ripple/XRP reaches the uninformed