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  1. After reading the news post from januari and the one from 13th of june https://btcdirect.eu/nl-nl/blog/abn-amro-franx-ripple/ (also Dutch), I had send Franx an e-mail as stated in the quote above. Today I’ve received an e-mail from Franx and they were very helpful giving me some information about their connection with Ripple. Here is a summary: Franx is in an Xcurrent pilot (closed environment) for international payments. The cooperation between Ripple and Franx is going smoothly and offers interesting possibilities. They are still in early stages of testing so don’t expect anything in the near future. Depending on the tests results they will evaluate how to implement it in their current infrastructure. As soon they have more news they will publish it on their website. https://www.franx.com/en-nl Franx is an initiative by ABN AMRO Bank N.V. that offers a reliable combination of banking and digital expertise. They are a new player in the financial world and anable businesses to trade and pay in foreign currencies.
  2. Yesterday I’ve send Franx an e-mail with questions about Ripple. I’ll post the info here when they reply.
  3. When getting a new nano S, you could just try out all the functions BEFORE sending crypto to the wallets. Like typing the wrong pin code three times (wich erases it), then log in with your 24 words to feel comfortable with how it works. Also follow https://twitter.com/LedgerHQ to get the latest news. Have fun HODLing ?
  4. Updated it. No problems with their detailed instructions. https://support.ledgerwallet.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002731113 Better be safe than sorry. ?
  5. Very well written! Shared it with my connection
  6. An e-mail would have been nice for those with open orders or wanted their XRP's put on a NANO S before the update. Nothing we can change about that now, hope the update solves most of our problems.
  7. Try hitting the refresh button in the app. That worked for me the first time.
  8. I'm sorry, I can't help you with that. But I want to warn everyone that keeping all your personal codes "accessible", is the last thing you want. @Noodles, hope someone knows a way to help you.
  9. A (small) quote would be nice, instead of posting just a link. Nothing personal, but it triggers the reader more to open the whole article.
  10. Happens often when there is a lot of traffic.
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