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  1. Just looked again now - look how much the XRP ledger payment volume increased from 246M to 1.3B.. It's been like 10 minutes since the first screenshot. Is the website bugged or is something happening?
  2. I've never seen Ripple Network on here before. Is it new or just way higher?
  3. I guess it will depend on what country your in I'm hoping the rules doesn't change in my country before XRP increases substantially (No tax on digital assests atm)
  4. I always thought of it like each "leg" represented currency markets trading local currency <> XRP and it all connecting in the center.
  5. Only problem right now is that a business would need to restock supply, pay salaries etc. It's pretty hard to do if the "currency" you accepted yesterday drops 10+% the next (assuming most things are still valued mainly against the local FIAT)
  6. And you now have food for your family or money if you sell some of that meat.
  7. Would be swell - I don't see this in my app though?
  8. Yes Hopefully they sold a very large chunk of that to FI's and assuming that then I agree with your statement:
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