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  2. I have no clue about that, only point was that it's an old image.
  3. Calm your t*t*, it's an old photo. I almost died. Found an article from DECEMBER 5, 2012 (Same suit etc etc) https://www.cnet.com/news/yousendit-ceo-beware-the-silicon-valley-bubble/
  4. Fleshmeister

    Scam alert

    Yeah, i can't see it too. Kind of makes sense why he would hide it
  5. Fleshmeister

    Scam alert

    Oh i see, in the report message.
  6. Fleshmeister

    Scam alert

    It won't work, he'll never allow the comment to be posted. He has to approve every comment on there. Reporting does work tho.
  7. Fleshmeister

    Scam alert

    I reported him as a scam youtube, you guys should do the same. Look at the comments section with all the generic "ripple coins" responses. lol
  8. Fleshmeister

    Get MemberBerry back!

    Well, this community is ending with @MemberBerry Rip xrpchat
  9. Fleshmeister

    President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018

    I like Bill, he's cool.
  10. Fleshmeister

    It's XRP for Me! ( YouTube )

    Skip the music and make videos where it's quiet, too distracting with the hissing sound and the music. Can't watch. Sorry for giving you ****, but the internetz is ruthless..
  11. Fleshmeister

    Art/meme Thread

    Would probably have done it the other way, but it was jerrycoinxrp that made the original and wanted someone to add brad, so i did. Here's the start of my meme thread on twitter so we don't need to post them here, just scroll down. I've also posted some more random memes made by me on my twitter.
  12. Fleshmeister

    Swell is Here

    That's not how it works, a cat will always be a cat, even if it thinks it's a lion.
  13. Fleshmeister

    So XLM won?

    It's still just a speculative market, not logical or worth paying attention to..