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  1. Yeah, i got that one too. Probably a lot of people that'll fall for that, looked pretty legit.
  2. I see that hope isn't dead yet. Do you really think the price will ever hit $8300? Really?
  3. Are they actually going to do anything? It's just been a PDF fest for the last 3 years. How exciting..
  4. I wasn't really paying attention to the stream, but I'm guessing we didn't get anything new from it?
  5. https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2019-xrp-markets-report/
  6. That's the Ripple effect right there..
  7. it's time for him to cool his jets. GLHF
  8. https://www.ripple.com/insights/transfergo-partners-with-ripple-to-offer-global-real-time-payments-everywhere-to-everyone/
  9. I do. This XRP lifestyle isn't getting me anywhere.
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