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  1. Well, this month is the only thing i've heard. SOON™
  2. I rarely visit the forums anymore, I sometimes feel like i've contributed way to much in the degradation of this place.
  3. I'm here for facts, i don't need anymore dots, speculation or predictions. Everything will be announced anyway and since i'm not in a hurry...
  4. Why did you send 5000 10 min after, you didn't receive anything for the 500? Anyway, unless he send's the funds from the wallet it's hard to know. It could be activated by the first person to fall for the scam. Just got to wait and see where he (yes, i just assumed gender) sends it, if you get lucky he's dumb enough to send it to an exchange with KYC, and you can contact them. I wouldn't get my hopes up tho.
  5. Yeah, i know the feeling. Wish there was a better solution..
  6. Memes are coming to life here.. Did this one a couple of months ago.
  7. Here's the podcast! https://patternrecognitionpod.com/episode/e21-monica-long-svp-marketing-at-ripple-cryptocurrency/
  8. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/binance-ripple-tron-together-reduce-112449736.html
  9. The Page works fine for me. https://www.asiacryptotoday.com/sbi-vc-to-comply-with-fatf-crypto-guidelines/
  10. Yeah, i was only joking with you. I've seen that you want DM's to be in this image before (on twitter and here). Couldn't have missed it if i tried Great work man. Keep it up.
  11. Oh, meme guys are the black sheep of the famili?. Not part of the community hey?
  12. Not another one of those, haven't we had enough?
  13. Oh, probably just wait for them to process it. Also from their blog "In addition, we are taking steps to safeguard all XRP Ledger wallets" (If it's any comfort i've been in the same "situation" with other sites and waited it out.) Edit nr 385: It happened for me on GH in 2017
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