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  1. They are splitting, ok. It is a weird hard fork for me but it may be an indicator of something else bigger. Which I hope is the case, my general feeling is that BTC itself is an alt coin, I don't see much difference. IMHO I see a difference between XRP and BTC but cryptos are a new economy, can't wait for this to blow over
  2. Wow indeed... Edit I was not much worried about any lawsuits or anything(I'm no expert either) but what crossed my mind instantly was the fact they chose to build their own as opposed to using what is already available... Feel like cursing at them but I'm still green here so, good for them, I bet their coin will be whatever they want
  3. I only posted because personally with the latest news I try to avoid working with that system for now For checking that is all we need I think
  4. For checking input your address here https://etherscan.io (I am new to it as well but I can check ETH and token count there, and it is only checking so it is safe I guess)
  5. I say if we can't laugh at ourselves there is/will be a problem down the line
  6. Hi everyone, I have been lurking around for a few weeks now and I enjoy what I have learned so far with everyone. Most questions I had are well covered here and this is a very well organised hangout, congratulations all involved. I won't be wasting more of your time, you guys have much better things to do I have been following cryptos on and off since bitcoin and now that my beard has grown a little I can join in on the fun Nice to meet you all, I don't think I'll be posting that much since I enjoy reading about this but I don't think I have anything useful to deliver on the subject, that said I'll be lurking and learning with you guys Cheers Also, the main reason I'm posting now is because any that invested in RIALTO can maybe check their ETH addresses for tokens. I have not received a formal email about the investment yet but I have some tokens now, and I was wondering what you guys think it will be worth?
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