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  1. No i get you. Its really hard to predict. Im sure ripple is very south korean so honestly its hard to tell what would happen in a real life scenario. Would they dump before dying. Would people try to get money out etc. Hard to know in a real life setting how markets would react to all out obliteration
  2. At this point its like asking what if the counter measures to the counter measures to the counter measures to the counter measures fail. If there is indeed war between NK and SK and it isnt swiftly intercepted then we are all doomed at this point
  3. Applications of the flash channels do sound pretty cool. I think "Channels" was the right word to use as it has the vibe of currency transactions taking place like the flow of a two way river.
  4. Yeah I think that's what I was kind of confused about. I wasn't sure whether the article meant they were stakeholders or owned the XRP or if that is synonymous
  5. I'm not sure exactly what to make of this because my translate software is translating it fairly crap but does that say that SBI owns 11.05% of total XRP?
  6. You mean like the idea that Brad was throwing around in the interview of automated cars tipping each other to overtake in traffic? The idea doesn't sound TOO far fetched
  7. Yeah i found it to be the most interesting as I seem to remember David Schwartz talking about AirBnB and Uber as two "totally hypothetical" use cases a while back. Might be just that people have brought this idea forward and are showing it off to AirBnB at this conference?
  8. If you sort the public interest column from highest to lowest then ripple falls to 96th on the list. As i have said though I think the way they measure public interest is silly.
  9. China tends to say they will ban often enough that it becomes a meme. Wonder whether they ever will.
  10. I know right? Ah well Microsoft can't have it all I guess. Oh I know believe me. If anything has convinced me that the general public are meat popsicles (besides 7 years of customer service when I was younger) is that more adults own Fidget spinners (which kind of look like XRP coin) rather than actual XRP. I just found it weird that so many low MC / Liquidity coins had way more publicity compared but as I said it's probably down to how CoinGecko measures "Public exposure" with Bing searchers and Alexa rating as their indicators.
  11. Hi guys, I know that this is just a measure of their Alexa ranking and bing search results (who uses bing?!) but I still found it shocking how so many other coins coin be beating it in public interest considering I have never heard of half of them. The only reason I could guess is that people who search for Ripple are smart enough not to use Bing? https://www.coingecko.com/en (The column on the right, Public interest)
  12. You know I've witnessed that we don't even really need whole shoes either? I saw a guy wearing something called "sandals" which seemed to run fine on bare bones scaffolding. Shoes are overcharging us with unnecessary framework!
  13. Ah ok because I was gonna say that he says something in Nov/Dec will happen which remains to be seen (We all know the lockup is highly likely / certain (i hate saying certain)) which I would not say is hard to predict. At this point he hasn't been right about anything. Could have been lucky with the post timing maybe? Sorry I'm a real stickler.
  14. I can remember him giving the hint but what did he say last time that he was right about?
  15. Do you think that this might be the reason they are not delivering on their deal?
  16. Well honestly most wallets are quite secure if you have the secret code and address. The only place I would not leave my assets is on the exchange. I would say honestly it is up to yourself how much you feel is large enough but if you are going to buy 80 euros worth of ripple and then spend 80 euros on the hardware wallet I would personally feel like the price I was insuring doesn't reflect the assets insured. I got the wallet after the 30,000 ripple mark as I felt it warranted an extra level of security but it is honestly entirely up to the individual. Edit: I'm saying honestly a lot for some reason
  17. Nano ledger is a hardware wallet https://www.ledgerwallet.com/products/ledger-nano-s I would only get one if you are buying enough ripple to justify spending 80 euros on it to be honest. The paper wallet has worked fine for me up until I had a large enough stack to justify buying the ledger.
  18. Hi guys, Given the news about China, just this hour, banning all ICOs does this factor into ripples future in the Chinese market? I was wondering what are the implications of this and whether the recent visit to the ripple office by the China's central bank was to discuss other matterS that what we previously thought. (I don't know how in touch high up bank executives would be with China's ICO policy or whether they would have been given a heads up / insider knowledge but who knows) https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/04/chinas-central-bank-has-banned-icos/
  19. So that's another nugget of information about the event. A special event on the 17th of October... I wonder what it could be
  20. Yeah exactly, like a brochure which lists the pros and cons of each solution and throws in their recommendations as well.
  21. Correct me if i'm wrong but don't they specifically say they won't just pick one, but multiple solutions (in their final task force report part II) https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/faster-payments-task-force-final-report-part-two.pdf EDIT: I forgot to say read page 49 specifically
  22. What exactly is the juicy part of the article as my phone isn't translating the chinese very well? I get ripple meeting with these guys is a great thing, but in what capacity? The fact they got a meeting in the first place?
  23. http://appleinsider.com/articles/17/06/05/apple-unveils-ios-11-with-p2p-apple-pay-transfers-a-new-sound-for-siri-airplay-2-more Is this the article you are talking about?
  24. David Schwartz said they would give no indication to even an inclination of when it was happening because of "security concerns". But yes it can happen anytime in Q3/Q4 before the end of the year, if I remember correctly.
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