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  1. Investors from 2015 and earlier. Amazing!

    I called ripple stupid when it was at .006$
  2. Sorry I haven't been on xrpchat as much, my eyes have been glued to charts!! Definitely going to talk about what I think about xrp 1$ stuff in my next vid
  3. apparent leak regarding coinbase

    wow somebody definitely couldn't have used inspect element on that one!
  4. oh thank god! i almost had a little fud there myself
  5. what do you mean the trial is cancelled? link?
  6. thank you for serving our country!
  7. Im planning to continue to stay drug free in the future because when you have a lot of money drugs can cause you to make some dumb decisions, will still be at vegas though! thank you for the support
  8. i was low key ****** when i woke up