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  1. I dont really understand what the whole CGI RIpple thing means, could someone explain?
  2. https://www.ing.nl/particulier/betalen/betalingen-doen/instant-payments/index.html it says instant payment and not settlement, but i faintly remember something to do with Ripple, Rabo bank, and ING testing but im not 100% since it was months ago. I would appreciate any info that connects some dots betweem Ripple and ING
  3. AlexCobb

    The Race for Clients is On : Transfer Connex

    swift can't settle in hours, but they can credit the funds in hours
  4. hope you guys enjoyed this video, my tin foil hat came on for a bit but this trend of outages is starting to fascinating me. All criticism is welcome
  5. oh, didn't know i was on reddit
  6. Are they banks? Businesses? Consumers? because now about 12-14 contracts are active at once on codiushosts.com
  7. AlexCobb

    Is my node gone?

    nHBtTiSTBi465DDqYw7WZSr8wG9vgwJoNL1odK23mD9XEvzeLwM1 that is my public key for the node, i used to be able to ctrl+f it on the validators section of xrpcharts, now it ain't there anymore, is there something im supposed to do on my end or is this a problem on ripples side?
  8. AlexCobb

    XRP Percentage Increase / Decrease

    too many people get discouraged by price, it has nothing to do with a future value or progress
  9. im getting this message when pasting the sudo wget Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/rippledvalidator" is already in use by container "85fda3d27f7a9b6b9dca3f5f7e9b0ba99a825fbb3da9efdd5d660b7ad96ad26d". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.
  10. AlexCobb

    error when setting up validator

    just submitted my google form to ripple to verify my node!
  11. AlexCobb

    My Theory On Ripple and AliPay

  12. AlexCobb

    My Theory On Ripple and AliPay

    but china does allow a ripple office in their country
  13. AlexCobb

    My Theory On Ripple and AliPay

    lol it will come back
  14. Please let me know your thoughts below, probably not sleeping for a few hours anyway
  15. I use chase, they are blocking my crypto related deposits and withdrawals