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  1. AlexCobb

    Clean up the forum

    Lol @ this thread
  2. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/02/04/h-r-56-financial-technology-act-officially-passes-congress/
  3. AlexCobb

    SBI Group Confirms MoneyTap Will Leverage XRP

    thanks for the feedback!
  4. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/31/sbi-group-confirms-moneytap-will-leverage-xrp/
  5. AlexCobb

    1.2 Billion XRP Sent By Ripple This Morning

    i think that is possible, but wouldn't have they just sent the XRP shortly after the settlement agreement?
  6. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/28/1-2-billion-xrp-sent-by-ripple-this-morning/
  7. AlexCobb


    Huh, well their logo is exactly the same as HSBC. also read from that same Wikipedia page that HSBC "acquired" SABB in 1959
  8. AlexCobb


    SABB is owned by HSBC
  9. well, there website is down for me, which really helps
  10. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/08/japanese-government-official-says-xrp-will-develop-explosively-in-the-future/
  11. I think he is more for the PR side of Ripple and explaining the tech
  12. timestamp in which he states that?
  13. AlexCobb

    The Ripple Drop - 8

    you are just taking the **** arent ye?
  14. AlexCobb

    The Ripple Drop - 8

    I know I started this crap but can we please end it
  15. However, it initially chose to use a digital asset, XRP, although it is not exclusively XRP it supports XRP for settlement, are you able to see the clear picture that ripple and r3 are working together? Yoshitaka Kitao from SBI stated they were working on some things with each other