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  1. jeremy hogan is an actual lawyer. he knows quite a lot really.
  2. xrp moves on this court case. other than that the moves that xrp makes are not really anything to get super excited about in reality. the price for the market itself is and has been priced in. it went from .24 cents up to about 1.90 and back down. there will be no real movement past 2$ until this case is done and ripple settles or some sort of good news from the court case is reality. if youre looking for the 10$+ xrp it won't happen until this case is over. i hate to sound like a broken record but I'm over seeing all the TA on something that clearly is now in its own market dictated by the court case and not TA. again we will not see the explosive price move until this storm is behind us. no amount of head and shoulders patterns and bull pennant flags is going to change that.
  3. hahaha yep this is my frustration/hope with xrp. its either nothing or everything. its by far the hardest and most frustrating of all crypto to hold and always has been. even during the 2017 run it was still frustrating 95% of the time. at this point it just all comes down to the SEC news and thats pretty much it. i think it will climb the next few days as 2/22 court date gets closer for those fomo'ing in. but if they drag it out and say "we didn't settle and have no intention of finding a way to settle without trial" then people will abandon it and find other investments until those next court dates get closer then they will buy in again. its either settled or we wait 9 months - 2 more years to get clarity. thats just the reality of the situation at the moment. they could settle at any time after this 2/22 date but they seem to have been pretty vocal about drawing this thing out.
  4. yes to all of this. I'm always going back and forth on it. as of now xrp is one of the cryptos that is the closest in being ready for prime time. the main thing is are people who hold xrp allowed to talk about it at the level of say a micro strategy or tesla etc because of the court case and the idea that its still in litigation basically. at the moment all they have clarity on in the space is pretty much bitcoin. there's no clarity including ethereum as well. i do think if its gets clarity 10$ is more than possible just given the run up in 2017 to almost 4$ with half the amount of participants in retail than there is now. so if it made it to almost 4$ i think it could hit 10$ with ease obviously if we get any sort of clarity. i think what will happen is they will say "ripple used this as a sort of security in the beginning even though it wasn't a security it was used like one by ripple, so they owe us a huge fine" then they will conclude that it is in fact decentralized enough and is not a security. but it not being a security and ripple using it like a security are two different things. end of day i hope ripple just tries to get this over with and stops dragging it out. if they drag it out i think it drops to sub .20 or lower because it will be a very long wait to get answers at that point.
  5. definitely continuing to hear the build back better slogan is pretty alarming, especially the you try to explain to friends/famliy and they just say "well yeah quit thinking its all this tin foil hat stuff, this is just a coincidence that all these leaders are saying the same thing and the same time, with the same plans." then we have "Dark winter" and all this other stuff that just keeps popping up. end of day it seems like the never let a good crisis go to waste aspect is being used and they have to stay in crisis mode to advance years ahead of where they were. feels like we just jumped 10 years ahead in this "plan".
  6. yeah definitely its a literal toss up. i have thought about so many scenarios as well. the idea that the u.s. technically has ripple at its fingertips right now and could potentially leap ahead of the world if they were to find some way to utilize xrp as a potential reserve and use this as a sort of debt jubilee? kill two birds with one stone. they take over the escrow and the "snapshot" that was taken for flare was a snapshot of how much they could "confiscate" like they did in the gold era? and maybe they say "well yeah but it was replaced by flare or some sort of xrp buyout. i mean there are too many different potentially crazy ideas. its still the wild west, its crypto and I've seen crazy stuff happen in this space. there's a part of me that is hoping clayton is in on it and threw ripple and bone saying "you want your clarity you gotta get sued and pay your dues, i'll do it on the way out because i down want to be involved in this mess" or gensler will really have it out with ripple. end of day at the moment the u.s. is falling further behind the rest of the world and i hope its not because of hubris but because they know they have the ability to leap to the front of the line to unveil something. in the end i'm counting on the level of greed to make it to where we are at the forefront, but then again its hard to know. what i do know is at the moment i'm not happy with my xrp holdings for sure. the bull run is passing us by yet again. its the most frustrating coin to hold by far. i hope in the end its worth it and theres been something bigger going on behind the scenes, i see the interviews i see everything happening, you can see the connections they have with the people who are really pushing the next level of finances for the globe, but do those relationships mean anything or is it simply a company being able to jet set around and essentially use our funds from selling xrp to fund ripple projects and the xrp stuff is just a front in a way? i go back and forth constantly on this, i have days where i'm super pumped on the future of this project and i have days where i want to see it just burn down and get it over with so the band aid is ripped off and we are not in some stupid limbo for the next 3 years. i do not have this type of relationship with any other crypto i hold.
  7. hey @ianrobertdouglas are you pricing in xrp or in drops? also a certain amount of xrp will get burned transactions as well. the thing i'm more interested in is the drop price because that's essentially what transactions will be done in. also there were so many posts from everyone i dont know if you or anyone talked about nostra vostra accounts and the liquidity needed for those? when they say "all the money" at ripple this is more of what they are trying to get at, from derivatives to swift to nostra vostra accounts, the trillions that would need to sit in ODL would need to be trillions based on what they are trying to do. hope this helps and someone probably covered it already but if not hope it helps somewhat.
  8. 100% @Hodlezerper thats more my point is i don't think these companies or powers that be care about what is the best ledger or protocol or whats been the most developed... the tides are definitely turning but theres still a long way to go..
  9. regardless of being late to the game what they have is something not a single blockchain crypto etc in this entire space has... they have the multi generational relationships with the banks who make these trillions of dollars in transactions daily.. swift can afford to sit and screw with it until they get it up to speed.. or best case scenario is they throw in the towel (which won't happen way too much at stake) and they partner with someone like ripple but as of now the are firing massive shots over the bow... i've held xrp for a long *** time and have been a believer in ripple over every other coin since it started but they really need to start pivoting and push out what's going on with the vision and moves being made before its potentially too late.. i know as a company ripple doesnt want to convince anyone of anything but in the crypto space they are already loathed so that market is out so the banking market which is the primary target of ripple is now under a larger attack regardless if its by "late movers" or not these competitors are coming to the game with a level of trust not a single crypto/blockchain has at all and we would be fooling ourselves if we thought that it wasn't the case..
  10. i know theres the never-ending optimism but we should also acknowledge the fact that swift is gaining at a pretty fast pace with their own blockchain system... they regardless have first right of refusal with all of these banks they have worked with for years and years.. if they have the ability to keep it up and compete its not going to be pretty as ripple has put almost all its eggs in that basket
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