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  1. I don't know if all your questions are genuine but i feel you a little hostile. I don't know if other startups are allowed or not, since this is a not regulated market they can do a lot of things and stay on the gray zone of the law. I neither know if you are a newcomer or have a few time in this comunity but let me remember you the following: Ripple is aiming to a financial heavily regulated market, if they want to succeed they have to hear and attend to the financial regulators. This being said, if FinCEN said not to do a wallet, Ripple should hear and follow their instructions in order to reach their goal (be the standard method in international settlement). I'm sorry if i'm wrong with you, but the way that you state your comments it looks like you want to change the mind of the readers more than you want to get an answer. Again, forgive me if i'm wrong and I hope and i'm sure that you'll find the answers that you are looking for, if you spend a small amount of time reading. Regards!
  2. Is really difficult, and impossible, to predict how high/low the price will be. Some people advise to make different buy orders, distributing your money from the higher that you are willing to pay to the lower that you hope the market gonna reach. It's up to you, in my case, I just buy my xrp and forgot about it until i have more money that I don't really need. My first buy was around .25, i have bought in different prices the lowest was around .17-.18. At the end, for me, it doesn't really matter, whatever below .4 is perfect to buy, since i'm aiming to the long way, so i'm not too worried about it. Regards and remember: Just buy with the money that you can risk. Regards!
  3. My prediction is 0.985 USD and i hope is going to be higher...
  4. Oh men, please stop trying to dump your **** coins in this forum, there is a place in the forum to talk about it. Please, let's keep this ordered
  5. Thanks for this post, it reminded me a lot of things that I had forgotten due the recent frenzy and paranoia with prices. I also hope that this tech is going to change the world, i don't know how far I'll be on this train but I liked all the thing that I've experienced until now.
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