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  1. We saw this many times before. This behavior is quite normal for XRP. Crypto is still bare speculation and FOMO drives price up. If you are in XRP long term, then you know that this asset has potential to be actually used. I can not say same for 99% of other tokens. I am buying every month new XRP no matter the price. I hope one day I be rewarded, if not it will not be the end of world. Spend only money, you can afford to lose.
  2. Xrp will increase only if there is real usage.. There will not be new bull run, xrp is long term investment. We will have to wait few years to be rewarded...
  3. There are so many different TA. It means that someone must be right no matter what happens.
  4. I wanted to sell last year at around $3, but I did not. I wanted to sell also at few lower values before, but I did not. I trust in XRP. I thought price will be around $5 EOY 2018, but I was wrong. Will price ever recover? Nobody knows. It can go near $0.0 or to $100. I just want to stop looking at XRP price 100-times a day and just wait to see if XRP goes to real usage. This is killing me!
  5. I believe that we all wanted XRP price to be at least around $1 EOY 2018. I just hope that this trend from 2018 does not continue in 2019 and we will se some stable growth. I would be happy to see XRP price double every year..
  6. Yes, this is our main reason. I just wanted to point out that 100 billion supply is not a problem...
  7. Guys, I know what drop means. Maybe I did not point out what I mean by this post. To own XRP wallet you have to transfer 20 XRP to activate it so you can use it. So if one day half earth population open account that will cost 76 billion XRP and will be locked. Nobody knows what will happen with this 20 XRP reserve on wallet in the future.
  8. Hi all, I have just realised that there is not enough XRP supply. World population is 7.6 billion people. If one day only half of world population have their own XRP address (currently 20 XRP is needed to create), we need 76 billion XRP only to open xrp addresses. This means that average account will be able to have only around 6 XRP to operate with. And I am not counting all business XRP accounts and supply is decreasing, because it is burned. I believe that everyone on this forum owns much more that 6 XRP. Now is beginning and not the end. Stay strong and wait few years.. Rome was not build in a day.
  9. Still holding #2 spot. I like this felling. Can't imagine what will be when we take #1!!!
  10. I believe in XRP and Ripple as a technology, but there is really very big quantity of XRP held by very few people. One example is Jed, who will sure sell as many XRP as he is allowed. And we need a lot fiat to cover just his sells.... and I believe this will prevent XRP price to go to sky.
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