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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/sbi-ripple-asias-moneytap-app-has-launched-in-japan/ "A new website for the product has also been launched indicating that the app is able to make bank-to-bank money transfers in "real time" using Ripple's xCurrent payments product."
  2. Happen to know if they will have a live feed? And if so would you happen to have the link?
  3. What are your thoughts?
  4. Is it because I asked an honest question?
  5. Anyone have an idea on the status of SBI VC going live for trading? They started accepting general apps back in August I believe and then applications for people older then 80 right after. They just had a systems upgrade on SEP 1ST so would have thought we'd get some info by now.
  6. Think most have sold....all you have left now are the ones that will hold until the ship sinks
  7. Maybe the whales timed it perfectly with the BTC ETF and some exchanges being down (unable to deposit USD)
  8. Yea, am I was curious as to how much he is charging.
  9. How much is bill charging to speak these days?
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