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  1. But isn't the majority of Coinbase users your average investors and not bitcoin anarchists?
  2. All of us here know that sooner or later coinbase will add XRP since its a smart business decision to do so. In regards to Jungle inc claiming that they will add XRP in March, he does make a few good points especially when it comes to the large influs of support staff.
  3. What percentage of the world's population do you believe is engaged in crypto? Market is still young and we will get that rise when trading is more accessible and FI starts to gobble up XRP
  4. https://ethereumworldnews.com/successful-ripple-trial-largest-saudi-arabian-bank-utilizing-crypto-solution/ "The Saudi Arabian Al Rajhi Bank [Largest Islamic Bank] has just announced that it has run a successful trial using Ripple technology to transfer money from Saudi Arabia and Jordan between bank branches."
  5. Introducing Ripple on Zebpay

    Is this from 'Tango and Cash'?
  6. Won't open for me, what are some of the names?
  7. Get it here already....sooo boreddd.....
  8. I hope you're wrong and she goes on a rip....
  9. Looks like we are slowly crawling out of the filth.....
  10. Think you can swing by and grab me an In N Out burger while you're at it....4x4 please
  11. Cliff Notes https://twitter.com/valkenburgh/status/960572899886288897
  12. Anyone ever get a date on when SBI VC would go live?
  13. Just for reference I once had to wait nearly 2 and a half weeks for them to process my deposit, im pretty sure its landed but they are so backed up that they probably haven't gotten to it yet.
  14. Anyone see this one yet? https://www.credit-agricole.com/en/news-channels/the-channels/group-news/credit-agricole-experimenting-with-ripple-blockchain-money-transfer-technology