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  1. Fantastic, much appreciated my friend
  2. Just curious, would you happen to have a date for the interview?
  3. According to this guy ^ they've had access to XRP for a while now......
  4. What were you able to pull up for their volume?
  5. LOL....I just posted the same thing...hahaha...Good stuff bro
  6. Expert Cryptomaniac

    It's just nice to see something besides "the sky is falling' that's all i'm saying...nice to see positivity.
  7. Expert Cryptomaniac

    Thanks for the share Falcon! Always happy to hear some good news!
  8. Bros.....I figured it out......LOL
  9. Ripple Expanding into China!

    http://bankinnovation.net/2017/07/ant-financial-moneygram-deal-has-hit-a-permanent-roadblock/ "As reported by Reuters, this is where the deal hit a snag—Ant Financial and MoneyGram did not secure clearance from this body within the mandatory 75-day timeframe, and have since been forced to refile the deal for review." Guess it may take a bit longer....
  10. Falling Knife

    Whoo Hooo!!!!!! forgot my paddle!!!! **** it!!!!!
  11. Falling Knife

    It's burning into the ground boys....grab your buckets and start loading up!!!!
  12. Falling Knife

    Maybe it's a whale hoping that he can get some of us to follow.......