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  1. You mean 156 weeks? XRP gone to 1/2 its dollar value and 1/10 its BTC value in 3 years. May 2017 $0.40 21,640 sats May 2020 $0.19 2,212 sats Do you work for Ripple? Sure XRP is a better investment than MoneyGram which has lost 1/4 its value in the same time frame and looks like it's about to go bankrupt but rational people usually look to make returns on their investments in that time horizon. In that time frame, S&P 500 ETF SPY has gone from 240 to 290 even with the recent drop, APPL is 2X, AMZN is like 2.5X, TSLA is like 3X and BTC is still 4X.
  2. I don't make predictions but if I had the statement that XRP will continue to lose SATS and bleed against BTC would have been more accurate any of the moon boy mumbo jumo technical analysis TradeView charts showing XRP was about to break out. XRP is now at 2365 SATS and is lower than it was in April 2017 and continues to drop.
  3. There is no evidence that any company is actually paying money to buy VET or VTHO tokens to put transactions on their blockchain. Walmart China had transactions during the past year using tokens provided by Vechain. These are more like test runs or POCs where companies may try blockchain use cases. They are generally hyped as partnerships. These blockchain companies owe nothing to their investors and provide no financial records showing how much revenue they had...well because it's generally ZERO. All hype.
  4. If it's not clear that these are scams by now what are they? Vechain doesn't have a single enterprise partner paying for the use of their network after almost 3 years and has made money dumping tokens on investors. The same people who launched NEO did a money grab and launched ONT and there is no usage of their private or public network. The only thing we are waiting on is a Bitcoin bullrun hoping the tide carries these coins up. But then these projects have done zero work, founders got rich dumping speculative tokens and they're hoping they're going to get richer off another speculative FOMO.
  5. If ODL and XRP corridors are helping the company so much why does MonegGram keep falling so hard? Today its -20% vs its competitors Western Union -5%. It's not just a one day thing, over 3 months MoneyGram is down -50% and Western Union is down -25%.
  6. Interesting to look at this since we're on the 3rd year into a prolonged bear market which was well underway at the time of this post and BTC is pretty much near where it was and everything else has been decimated.
  7. I've been backing up my files to S3 buckets since 2010. I didn't realize I had partnered with Amazon. Should have tokenized myself and done an ICO in 2017.
  8. ChewieCoin still believes major banks will use XRP in 2018 because it came from a jackass' mouth.
  9. Revenue was $323.7 million, a decline of 6% from the fourth quarter 2018 Net loss was $11.9 million Another quarter of revenue decline. Another quarter of losses. Stock is down -14% today to $2.20 from an ATH of $284 showing no signs of recovering. I still believe this whole MoneyGram investment was to hype and pump.
  10. Why not hope for sub $0.01 so you can stock up 20 times more?
  11. More like dumps from Jed Mccaleb but one man's dump is another man's treasure I guess
  12. I don't usually read these threads because people who do these TA and charts in crypto are the biggest idiots but christ like I've said before the problem with crytpo is people cheerleading investors off a cliff... ...and the most dangerous are guys like this guy providing analysis leading people off a cliff with some bullshit charts showing an excellent price point and also rekt themselves. The last couple years should be humbling and we had one idiot after another pointing to charts and TA but they continue to espouse this meaningless scratch pads like they have a clue. Eventually these gimmicks may be right at some point and they'll point to it as a reference of their expertise.
  13. I didn't have a post in this thread but all through late 2018, I was warning people about bullshit hype and people who were leading investors off a cliff with the "buy the dip, XRP is about to take off" cult delusion. By December I was mocking moonbois who had become straight up comedy.
  14. People never thought Antshares (NEO).... ******* Antshares would go to $190 either. People never thought Raiblocks (Nano)....******* Raiblocks would go to $36 either. These coins were pennies or less in 2017. Pennies. People who never thought these coins would go to $36 or $190 from pennies or under a penny were not disconnected from reality - they were very well grounded in reality. I am not sure how rationalizing investments based on some black swan event where almost every single shitcoin went from near zero to 1000X times returns is a basis of reality.
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