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  1. It's fair criticism of Brandt's analysis. At the same time, it's amazing how a large number of people in this forum reference Galgitron whose writing are childish, delusional and half retarded as evidence that XRP price is being manipulated by whales who are trying to accumulate more. http://galgitron.net/Post/Weekend-at-Bitcoins
  2. Well another Billion XRP looks like is going to be dumped so this won't help. While that looks good for people like Hodor who have a XRP blog and will get rewarded, most of us have had to buy our XRP. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-is-giving-away-1-billion-xrp-in-massive-bid-to-fund-online-content
  3. Throughout 2018, we've seen these kind of posts on shitcoin subs in reddit trying to scare people into not selling, warning people, "hey, now is the bottom," "you are going to sell at the bottom now, after going through all that, you're stupid," "you sell now and it's going to rise and you're going to feel like an idiot. " We've also seen a ton of this here for almost 18 months backed by fancy charts. When nothing works, the strategy seems to be to try to scare people into NOT selling telling them they are about to miss out.
  4. Where is there any evidence MoneyGram is using xRapid? Basically paying a company, buying their stock, etc to try to get some traction going in something that is showing no signs of adoption. The biggest problem with xRapid is XRP volume, liquidity and availability in the corridors of the world where it is most needed. Those things just don't exist to implement xRapid. And before you say it, market makers don't solve this problem. They do what they do for a profit, they cannot do fiat/XRP in corridors that don't exist, and market makers have huge spreads for things with high volatility, low demand and liquidity.
  5. There is a difference between AI which might be overhyped a little but is used in a lot of real world applications and xRapid which is completely overhyped and used in absolutely nothing. Unless you believe companies like Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, Cuallix, Euro Exim Bank, MercuryFx, Sendfriend, Transpaygo and Viamericas claims that they actually use xRapid to any significant degree -- even then these companies are insignificant.
  6. Just because you have a product and it launches does not mean it's mostly hype and/or that the company hasn't set it's hopes on a product that may fail to deliver. Let me give you an example in stock market investing with a traditional blue chip tech company IBM. IBM lost revenue for 22 straight quarters until 2018 while almost every other tech company made massive gains. All throughout this span, IBM had nothing going for them but they hyped up that they were the leaders in the emerging AI field with Watson. IBM's Watson platform and its marketing as industry leaders in AI was all hype. If IBM can hype up a technology or have false hope in a new product and platform, you don't think Ripple can also hype or make the same mistake? Is investing in XRP investing or a religion? I can't be realistic and critical and say xRapid has been just hype so far without being blasphemous? https://www.barrons.com/articles/ibms-watson-despite-hype-outgunned-in-a-i-says-jefferies-1499896835 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/business/ibm-revenue.html
  7. If you think launching xRapid at SWELL was anything but hype, if you think xRapid has been anything but hype thus far, then you need to get out of this echo-chamber a bit.
  8. Do you even read what you write? You wrote "to say that XRP performed on par with other alt coins during 2017 is simply not true" saying other coins didn't do as well as XRP in 2017. I pointed out that simply is not true. And say SWELL conference hyping up xRapid resulting in an XRP pump just doesn't look good for Ripple because they didn't deliver ****, hyped up big banks onboarding xRapid in 2018 and probably made great money dumping escrow XRP.
  9. Why is it not true? Just off the top of my head, here are a couple of coins that outperformed XRP by a lot. NEO went from $0.13 to $190 Nano went from $0.01 to $38 That pump wasn't out of nowhere. It was SWELL 2018 and Ripple was hyping the launch of xRapid and the that major banks would be using xRapid at the end of the year. This really pumped the price. As it turned out there were no major banks and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, Cuallix and MercuryFx were using xRapid were the only ones using xRapid at the end of 2018 and nobody gave a **** and price tanked again.
  10. This is absolutely retarded reasoning. During that same period, ETH which had languished in ~$300 range since June also went up to $1,400. NEO went from $35 to $190. REQuest went from $0.10 to $1.00. SUBstratum went from $0.30 to $3.00. Almost every shitcoin moon during that 4-week period. It was a black swan event where BTC dumped hard and money poured into everything else with people seeking profits. XRP did not do anything special. Hell, I posted here and was made fun of for buying Raiblocks/Nano at about the same price as XRP and while XRP only went to ~$3.50 range, Nano went to $34 and I ended up selling for at least x30. If someone told you they were holding REQ, SUB or some other shitcoin because it could x10 anytime, you'd call them stupid. Hell, you know people are holding Nano because they believe it's revolutionary tech and could easily 25x anytime. Bagholders of every coin including XRP thinks their coin could x10 overnight. It's delusional.
  11. Based on the delusion of idiots telling each other fairytales in a cult echo chamber.
  12. Charts - Technical Analysis shows bullish patterns straight up to $589 Fundamentals - Nothing but good news. Tons of partnerships. XRapid adoption ramping up. Price Suppression - Whales are suppressing price trying to accumulate more XRP. That's the only thing that explains price
  13. As I've stated, I think we're seeing the belo scenario play out. It's not just for XRP but for most Alts. I think the question is how bad can it get? During last BTC recovery period when the ALTs that survived were bleeding to death, XRP dropped below 500 sats. I could eventually see sub 1000 sats.
  14. I don't need an intelligent counter argument. I just present what Galgitron writes. It's not in any way intelligent or worth reading. It's delusional childishly written cult fantasy perspective from a moonboy who probably lives at home with him mom. It's completely cringe worthy. Any XRP investor who takes this seriously is a complete moron. It's pretty embarrassing that there actually XRP investors who take the time to read garbage such as this.
  15. If you think that this ******** drivel writer Galgitron is knowledgeable in anything besides wiping his own ass I feel sorry from you. The fact that we have moonboys who keep on referencing a con job like Galgitron as a source of information and knowledge shows an absolute lack of intelligence and critical thinking among a lot of people in here. http://galgitron.net/Post/Weekend-at-Bitcoins
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