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  1. Bitcoin is hitting the perfect storm right now. It's impossible to compete with . It doesn't have to move fast. It doesn't have to be cheap. It doesn't need utility. The mainstream media is buying into this and financial institutions are buying into this. Ethereum, XRP, others will actually have to prove utility which is difficult. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/13/bitcoin-emerges-as-a-global-hedge-while-stocks-tumble-in-us-china-trade-war.html
  2. Why are so many people pushing the narrative that XRP is behaving like a "stable coin?" XRP is down 7% for the month and about 13% of the year. XRP was up 14% yesterday and is down 5% today. In what alternate universe is that stable? Or is your definition of stable that it is slowly bleeding dollars and massively hemorrhaging satoshi? If that is the case then I agree XRP looks like a "stable coin."
  3. If 2019 is like 2015 then 2021 will be like 2017 meaning XRP won't do anything from 2019 to early 2021. That is if history plays out but quite a few things are different now. But your move is looking better all the time.
  4. There is actually a lot more evidence that price was manipulated up during late 2017/2018 than being manipulated to stay low. Remember in from December 2017 to January 2018 XRP went from something $0.18 to over $3.00. It was being sold at massive premiums on Korean exchanges which did almost 60% of XRP volume at one point. There were reports from users in Bitthumb, which did the most XRP volume in the world, that they could not sell XRP below a certain price and it was forcing them to hold until buyers bought at that price. You think a rise from $0.20 to almost $4 in under a month is organic growth? There are no real world fundamentals to justify that. No networth growth, partnerships, adoption, etc. It's our crypto speculation and hype rocketship. XRP was the #1 coin on Bitthumb back then. It's #9 on it now. XRP was #1 at one point in ALL Korean exchanges. You think all the XRP volume is being manipulated too? Is there some invisible hand forcing Koreans who once did more than 50% of XRP volume to shun XRP? More likely that all the crypto prices past June 2017 were a huge bubble and that bubble has popped. Almost all coins are below June 2017 prices - hell Ethereum is almost half what it was back then. https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170625/
  5. I lurked a lot in Korean exchange chat room is 2017/18 running Google translate, I forgot what they call XRP but they almost exclusively talked about XRP or whatever they called Ripple. I kept reading in mid-2017 the prototypical Mrs. Kim was investing in Bitcoin but the youth were into XRP because it was penny crypto. When I visited their chatrooms, they weren't really investing but sounded like degenerate gamblers. And this was the result: https://www.businessinsider.com/cryptocurrency-traders-in-korea-react-to-bitcoin-bloodbath-2018-1#dont-bother-me-said-one-trader-who-lost-about-75000-i-will-kill-you-all-10
  6. E-Trade is planning on offering Bitcoin and Ethereum soon Ameritrade is offering Bitcoin soon Fidelity is going to be offering Bitcoin in October Ameritrade I think is adding Bitcoin then Ethereum and Fidelity is adding Bitcoin and then Litecoin until the Ethereum POS upgrade. Traditional institutions are wary of offering something like XRP so I don't see any big inflows into XRP before it hits Bitcoin which is only being rolled out slowly.
  7. I keep hearing the same thing but people don't seem to understand the context around which things happened. Korea started doing 50% of XRP trading volume and the youth were FOMOing into XRP. I have to post this because it is absolutely ridiculous that people keep posting like we're on the launchpad of of another bullrun when there is no indication of such an scenario taking place. For any bullrun to take place, you need lots of new money coming in. Where do you see new money flowing in from? Check Korean exchanges, Upbit, Bithumb,Coinone where XRP was pretty much #1 through Dec - January 2017/18, it's #4 or #7 now. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2017/12/21/asians-going-mad-for-ripple-coin/#1bccbca36422 https://cointelegraph.com/news/south-korea-more-than-doubled-ripples-price-in-single-week
  8. I love how some people in this board change things around, hear what they want to hear, conveniently forgets things, think XRP is always undervalued and that there are forces working to suppress XRP price. He clearly says: " by the end of this year (2018) I have every confidence that major banks will use XRapid" and "by the end of next year (2019), I certainly hope, we'll see the order of magnitude of dozens of banks" When Brad Garlinghouse made this statement, it was unequivocal confirmation that XRP was actually going to be used by banks in 2018 and it was interpreted here as such and there was elation in here ........ ......was well as other XRP communities and channels with banners like ...and now you're denying that Brad ever said such a thing or we must have misunderstood him.
  9. The claim that Brad Garlinghouse never said banks will be using xRapid by 2018 is alternative facts. He clearly said this, this narrative was clearly pushed in 2018 and upon xRapid launch. To deny it now is just ludicrous. "Do you have an outlook as to how many institutions will be using this token (XRP) to facilitate real world transactions by the end of the year or even the end of next year?" "Well I've publicly stated that by the end of this year I have every confidence that major banks will use XRapid as a liquidity tool this calendar year" - Brad Garlinghouse, June 2018
  10. The 2 biggest mistakes are: 1. Not diversifying If you're in crypto, you shouldn't be just holding XRP. Like anything else, you should diversify. Only dummies but their eggs in 1 basket. 2. Irrational belief in your investments Having this unshakable faith and belief in an investment can be very costly and is stupid. Tesla investors which have a cult like echo chamber in reddit are experiencing a bit of that lately. But even very successful investors who've made billions have lost money holding onto something because they have this irrational belief in it. Tim Draper kept on defending Theranos for instance till the very end. Hedge fund Bill Ackman not only still believed in pharma scam Valeant despite overwhelming evidence of what they were doing, he kept pouring more money into it and finally sold after a $4 Billion Loss. I am not saying Ripple/XRP is Theranos but there is no evidence that XRP is a spectacular gem in crypto except your belief. It's a spectacular speculative asset like the rest of crypto. It bled in a spectacular way for 3 years until we entered a bull market again. Anyone who held a large amount would have lost a lot money not only holding on to it but the missed gains in a bull stock market.
  11. Galgitron´╗┐ predicted the inevitable death of Bitcoin in June 2018 when BTC dominance was 40% http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Slow-But-Inevitable-Death-of-Bitcoin Now BTC dominance is 55%. He did protect himself by saying.... ...which begins to sound like pure drivel. If you had bet that BTC had no future in 2013, you would be holding a dead coin with pretty much every coin that was out there in 2013 except XRP and LTC. Even of the notable coins that survived, XRP is down a few percent against BTC since its high in 2013 and LTC is down BIG against BTC since its high in 2013. From the highs in 2013, XRP and LTC dropped HARD and stayed low for 3 whole years+ against BTC. I would speculate that most people weren't able to hold on to XRP and LTC over 3 years when they stayed low, kept dropping and didn't recover. I think a lot of people's dislike of BTC, opinion that it won't surivive, has no future, etc is pure emotional cheerleading. If you're in crypto, in my opinion, it makes no sense not to hold some Bitcoin to diversify because you kno it'll survive and it'll appreciate in value. Even others who are fully vested in other cryptos like Vitalik, Jeb Mclaeb, Jesse Lund, Daniel Larimer, etc all predict Bitcoin is going to be valued much much higher than it is today.
  12. After hitting $0.05 you also saw sub $0.01 XRP for 3 years. It wasn't until after 6 months after BTC halvening when the market was turning super bullish that XRP woke up from it's sub $0.01 slumber. The next big pump was after Korean markets picked up XRP, it became the most popular coin there and BTC was dumping into every alt that XRP went to $3.00. These massive price actions are not very common and are the effect of BTC ebbs and flows.
  13. I have an issue with this because people here are always saying XRP's fundamentals are sound/great, etc without anything to back it up. XRPs fundamentals are great to them whether XRP is at $3.00, $2.00, $1.00 or $0.50. It's buy buy buy. They don't have any data to back up those fundamentals. They don't even know what it means and it seems you don't either. When it comes to investing, that is not what fundamentals are. It's not a loose term. It's something used for the valuation of an asset. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/fundamental/03/022603.asp People are just coming up with arbitrary definition of a financial term and have been referencing it for 15 months saying XRP is undervalued. I am calling that out.
  14. He said "the fundamentals look great." For the valuation of an asset this means looking at the revenues, profits, growth, competitors and debts, etc. Fundamental analysis is just a more technical term. People here are always talking about how XRP fundamentals look great without anything to back it up, rationalizing that they are an intelligent crypto investor and XRP is undervalued. And as I stated, they are talking out their ass.
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