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  1. I've always maintained that Brad Garlinghouse is a total corporate parasite who was an exec at dot.com has beens AOL and Yahoo and is clueless to run something in this space. His statement's and Ripple defending itself by attacking Bitcoin and Ether is really going to make Ripple and XRP a pariah in the crypto space. Literally WTF are they thinking? https://ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Ripple-Wells-Submission-Summary.pdf
  2. Jan 2018 - 25,000 sats Jun 2018 - 8,000 sats Jan 2019 - 9,500 sats Jun 2019 - 5,000 sats Jan 2020 - 2,600 sats Jun 2020 - 2,000 sats Considering XRP is at 1,600 which is lower than April 1 2017 and continues to stagnate or fall regardless of what BTC does, your narrative is a coping mechanism that is not very different that the narrative other projects are shilling. Example, the Nano community have been shilling the same narrative which says that Nano will rise again when when BTC fees hit highs like it did in January 2018 since Nano is fastest and only feeless alternative to Bitcoin. But the only thing that has happened is Nano has fallen more every quarter. Hell, Litcoin the supposed silver to Bitcoin is at the same price as it was in 2013 when Bitcoin was $1,000 and XRP was $0.06. A ton of alts shilled that Altseason was coming when BTC went above $10K and fees would rise but most of those projects are now zombie projects or have lost massive value against BTC probably never to recover.
  3. I am not into TA bullshit. I've called people here doing TA here the biggest idiots in crypto cheerleading XRP investors off a cliff into 3 years of losing money. I've also repeatedly said in the past that there is long hard trend where XRP looks like it will continue to tank exactly like it did in the 2014-2016 bear market and crater in satoshi value. All you have to look at is the chart from 2014-2016 and see XRP dump dump dump and if you overlay 2018-2020 it's been doing the same thing and it continues. You can smoke all the hopium you want but XRP has performed like some dogshit 3rd world currency since summer of 2017.... https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170601/ ..and ODL hype to lure gullible investors, spark airdrop none of this matters. Money first has to flow to BTC where investors make huge gains and start hitting new ATHs and get greedy believing the hype narratives of all these other projects. As an XRP investor you just have to hope that Ripple and XRP's reputation haven't been hurt bad enough so that it can still attract some of this money that comes into crypto.
  4. Seriously wondering if anyone is holding 100% XRP bags or even 30-50% XRP allocation in their crypto portfolio anymore and why. The long hard trend was obvious but if you're in an echo chamber it's easy to ignore especially because crypto also has some occasional pumps for every coin. But there is no sign of XRP even pumping anymore.
  5. Hype machine Ripple, low IQ XRP shill bloggers like Gagligatron and a lot of the echo chamber in here are claiming there is a $20 trillion dollar liquidity problem with money that is sitting idle in banks nostro accounts. I stated if there is such a massive problem, there must be loads of research, analysis, papers published in journals that describe this monumental problem. KarmaCoverage pointed to his own googling and Basel III are research which is clearly crypto hopium and conflating the goals of Basel III for something else. And you sir are pointing me to papers where they describe the "Inefficiencies of Cross Border Payments" as below and nowhere does it state that there is 20 trillion dollars sitting idle in nostro accounts looking for a solution. If there was such a massive problem and Ripple was solving it, Ripple would have large number of academic sources and published their own in-depth research papers describing the problem and solution. Of course it's easy to shill this hype to gullible crypto investors but if Ripple were to actually publish this claim in an academic journal, it would be torn to pieces as fluff and bullshit so it's understandable why they have not published any in-depth research about this problem they are solving. The lack of any evidence and the fact that no bank has shown interest in using XRP means this was more hype than anything else from Ripple.
  6. Basel III came out because of the 2008 crisis and banks taking a shit load of risk with all type of derivatives and counting them as reserve capital. Basel III has guidelines that a much higher amount of tier-1 capital needs to be maintained among other things. I don't have a finance background but I know a bit of this because I worked with a big 3 bank in 2009 in a technical role developing applications to do fed stress tests which were Basel II compliant and had to be Basel III compliant in the coming years to show that that the banks capital reserves could absorb various stress test scenarios handed by the Fed on a quarterly basis. The idea of Basel III being implemented because of Nostro balances increased the banks leverage is plain silly.
  7. Your post is really not academic research, analysis or evidence of that there is a trillion dollar liquidity problem that is tying up money for banks and Ripple has a solution to this problem. It is typical crypto hopium provided by people doing a bit of googling calling it research and analysis.
  8. You are asking me to do some research? You show me some research. If it's a 20 trillion liquidity problem for banks and all that massive amount of money locked up doing nothing, there should be hundreds of academic articles, publications, analysis from banks about this confounding problem that is costing banks billions of dollars per year. Show me a dozen or so sources that detail this massive problem. You can't -- all you have is paper from McKinsey that mentions liquidity in Nostro accounts and Ripple hyped that up and ran with it saying they were solving a trillion dollar problem. So Ripple solved this trillion dollar liquidity problem for banks and yet there is not one single bank that is interested in using XRP. You can claim I am wrong all you want but the evidence points to the fact that it is Ripple has hyped XRP as a solution for a trillion dollar problem that doesn't exist
  9. Here are some garbage excerpts from the great Galgitron who seems to be loved and respected here for some reason: The idea that billions upon billions of dollars are sitting idle in bank accounts waiting to transfers is idiotic. Nostro accounts are simply a home bank having an account in a foreign bank account to do business and facilitate trade. Before the Euro for example, you may have needed to nostro accounts in every country in the eurozone. It is utterly low IQ to think that you needed to maintain hundreds of millions or billions in EVERY nostro bank account across those countries. No, the home country bank just has a nostro account to do business. There is no way banks let hundreds of billions of dollars sit idle. Actually the opposite, Banks will lend out and invest as much money as they possibly can putting consumer savings at risk that's why they are mandates by the FED or international minimum capital adequacy ratios set by agreements like BASEL III requiring banks to meet a minimum reserve requirement threshold. So no, banks don't need Ripple and XRP's help to free hundreds of billions in nostro accounts. This narrative was propagated by Ripple and you have to be entirely low IQ to fall for this. And besides being gullible and low IQ to gobble up Ripple's hype, Galgitron's writing is also low IQ childish drivel Not only is Galgitron low IQ but he lives in some delusional world believing that whales have been suppressing the price of XRP for years because they believe XRP is so precious
  10. It's a good laugh but the real comedy of the whole thing is we're hearing how cringey and retarded this guy sounds but there is a good percentage of the users here that repeatedly post the same type of low IQ statements like this. Not to mention I've lost count of the number of users here who like to quote and reference a complete moron like Galgitron http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Slow-But-Inevitable-Death-of-Bitcoin
  11. Unfortunately banks have zero interest and zero use case for the financial equivalent of chucky cheese tokens. Despite Ripple pushing this narrative since 2013/2014 there is no bank using or holding XRP. Ripple's narrative of XRP providing liquidity and free money from nostro accounts was wishful thinking at best and fraud at worst. They really have pivoted over the past couple of years into use cases for small remittances, video games, web micropayments and now DeFI. Who knows XRP might eventually find a use case but the hype of freeing up nostro/vostro accounts and being a universal settlement currency for banks to provide liquidity was what brought so many investors in the first place.
  12. I did not cherry pick data. I just used a revenue chart that was available and it started from 2004. Another chart below showing Amazon's revenue's starting from 1995 even before they went IPO. Revenue up 1,500% the 2nd year. Up 825% the 3rd year. Up 312% the 3rd year. Up 168% the 3rd year. 2 Years after IPO Amazon has 1.6 Billion in revenue in 1999. 2.7 Billion in revenue in 2000. Only the absolutely clueless see that type of growth as "no fundamentals whatsoever." Amazon's model in the 1990s to today has always remained the same. Don't worry about profits, take all the money you make and invest it back in the company for growth. It's a business model that there have been a lot of books about and been emulated by many companies. People didn't get this back then and even until the early 2010s people were still clueless about this. As you can see using this model, they have been growing and growing and growing. Non stop. Yes, it sounds very familiar. Except Ripple does not sound at all like Amazon but XRP and cryptos in the space sound exactly like Pets.com collecting massive amounts of money from investors using hype and delivering nothing but losses.
  13. Anyone parroting about fundamentals in crypto is clueless. Crypto is entirely a speculative gamble and there are no fundamentals. Where are the the revenue, price-to-earnings, free cash flow and earnings-to-growth that fundamental analysis in stocks is based on? There is no fundamental analysis in crypto. You can't base it on hype, POC partnerships of Ripple and the hopium of confirmations in echo chamber investors here and call it fundamentals. Furthermore, it is utterly clueless and moronic to compare Ripple/XRP investment to Amazon hoping it will shoot up like Amazon did from the 2000s. Look at Amazon revenue from the 2000s. It was going up year over year every single year. Their year over year quarterly growth, trailing 12 months over the 2000s look even better. During the 2008/09 recession when everyone stopped building and buying, Amazon was ramping investments to dominate the cloud space for the next 10 years. https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2009/03/20/amazon-86-million-in-servers-in-2008 Again, right now when most companies are hording cash, Amazon has acquired self-driving company Zoox for over a billion to get ahead of the competition in self-driving fleets and has launched an Aerospace and Satellite Solutions arm to deploy swarms of small satellites encircling the globe to integrate with their cloud offerings. https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-launches-space-push-to-drive-cloud-computing-growth-11593489660 Amazon is led by Jeff Bezos one of the most brilliant business strategist of all-time. Meanwhile Ripple is led by Brad Garlinghouse, a corporate parasite from failed DOT COM companies AOL and Yahoo. Amazon innovates, thinks 10 steps ahead, has increased revenue and growth year over year. Ripple hypes meme ideas like xRapid, Coil, ODL, PayID, moves goal posts after failing to deliver and its only revenue is generated by dumping XRP tokens on investors who treat their investment in XRP like a religion.
  14. You said "entire ecosystem is down significantly from ATH and lower today than 3+ years ago." I showed the results from June 2017 which is 3 years ago. You didn't like it because XRP has performed like shit. So you said from "January 2018." I showed results from January 2018. You don't like it because XRP has performed even worse. Now you want to pick from December 2017 to December 2018 only and you're saying it's moronic and utterly usesless to cherry pick a time frame to fit a narrative? If you are going to be so delusional and that much in denial why don't you pick from December 2017 to January 2018 and just say XRP is the greatest performing asset of all time and everything is fine?
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