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  1. I don't usually read these threads because people who do these TA and charts in crypto are the biggest idiots but christ like I've said before the problem with crytpo is people cheerleading investors off a cliff... ...and the most dangerous are guys like this guy providing analysis leading people off a cliff with some bullshit charts showing an excellent price point and also rekt themselves. The last couple years should be humbling and we had one idiot after another pointing to charts and TA but they continue to espouse this meaningless scratch pads like they have a clue. Eventually these gimmicks may be right at some point and they'll point to it as a reference of their expertise.
  2. I didn't have a post in this thread but all through late 2018, I was warning people about bullshit hype and people who were leading investors off a cliff with the "buy the dip, XRP is about to take off" cult delusion. By December I was mocking moonbois who had become straight up comedy.
  3. People never thought Antshares (NEO).... ******* Antshares would go to $190 either. People never thought Raiblocks (Nano)....******* Raiblocks would go to $36 either. These coins were pennies or less in 2017. Pennies. People who never thought these coins would go to $36 or $190 from pennies or under a penny were not disconnected from reality - they were very well grounded in reality. I am not sure how rationalizing investments based on some black swan event where almost every single shitcoin went from near zero to 1000X times returns is a basis of reality.
  4. Nobody predicted $0.19 or anywhere close to that low. Anything below $1 was considered extremely bearish. It shows how disconnected most here are with reality.
  5. Nah, mostly an echo chamber in here. Anytime someone has any critical, rational thought or valid concerns, it's labelled as FUD and the poster is labelled as a TROLL. If you look at all the crypto projects objectively, those are the people you should have paid most attention to. The people who keep posting, keep buying, this is good news, it can't get any lower, you have to be crazy to sell at these prices, I just bought more....are either completely stupid or getting paid by Ripple.
  6. "It's not a loss until you sell!" I swear to god people in crypto have the stupidest belief system and logic when it comes to investing and that is why it is really bad to listen to any advice on this here or any crypto boards. Warren Buffet doesn't say, it's not a profit until I sell. This belief that it's not a loss until you sell is usually a sign you're chasing sunk cost and are delusional that you really haven't lost anything yet. A stocks value is a stocks value. If I bought Amazon stock in 2006 for $45 and now it's worth $1,700, the value is $1,700. You don't say it's not a gain until I sell. If I bought MoneyGram stock in 2006 for $245 and now it's worth $2.50 the value is $2.45. My $242.50 is gone! I don't say "it's not a loss until I sell."
  7. I didn't say Ripple were putting words into Hodor's mouth but the fact is that he was paid for content creation that hyped XRP. He surely wouldn't be paid for content creation that said Ripple is failing and xRapid is not going to work, etc. Hodor was paid to hype. Brad Garlinghouse had senior management positions at Yahoo and AOL. He's the typical corporate leech type. He's not a visionary. You are truly delusional if you think he's going to be a transformative visionary like Steve Jobs. This is one of the problems with Ripple. You don't get a corporate leech like Brad Garlinghouse whose background is with failed dot.com companies to run something that is trying to change the world.
  8. Come on man. Coil, Ripple, the right hand moving the money to the left hand. The whole point is to increase XRP adoption and hype. It's still money from Ripple. And I am not new to the crypto bullshit to believe, hey the money comes from "subscriptions to their services" that we're paying. Come on man, we know this is bullshit and nobody is paying for Coil Subscription services and we all have seen "Coil is paying the creator" notification. Pull the wool over someone else's eyes.
  9. Report me to the Admin because I said Hodor gets paid by Ripple with proof that he gets paid by Ripple? This is well known. It is entirely subjective whether you think his content is "factual" or entirely Ripple XRP hype generation -- I tend to think the latter and the market supports my belief. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-is-giving-away-1-billion-xrp-in-massive-bid-to-fund-online-content
  10. Hodor hypes up shit, here, reddit, etc and leads people to his blog. Gets paid for it. That is public. I am sure a lot of stuff is not public. The people who keep screaming now is the best time to buy every time XRP falls again and again, it's an opportunity of a lifetime, now is the worst time to sell when it keeps dropping like a rock and call out any critical thought as FUD and TROLL have to be getting paid. Surely nobody is that stupid? https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-is-giving-away-1-billion-xrp-in-massive-bid-to-fund-online-content
  11. As I said before, scaring people into not selling telling them they are about to miss out is a strategy of scammers. Some of you are getting paid to marginalize people who have any critical comments or rational investing outlook as FUDSTERS. We know for a fact that content creators like Hodor who perpetuate hype get paid by Ripple so it's not some conspiracy theory.
  12. It's faith based investing. I feel like most of crypto is faith based investing because unlike traditional stocks there are ZERO fundamentals. You luck out or someone lucks out and gains big, this reaffirms their faith and zealots point to that as proof that people who held on were rewarded.
  13. Vechain is a scam. I post this in July 2018 when this was still worth something but scamming people with hype and partnerships. This past week, they didn't even know enough to protect a wallet that had like 1 Billion VET that for a buyback program (which in itself is scammy) with a multi-sig address and were incompetent enough to not use an airgapped computer. These scammers are claiming that trojanware was installed in the computer that was used to generate the keys and the key was comprismised even after it was deleted.
  14. Anyone that compares XRP or any crypto which are completely speculative assets with no fundamentals to the traditional stock market where companies generate revenue and have fundamentals is holding heavy bags and is under the delusion that just like the stock market this is going to go back up. Yeah, it's speculative. That means, you have to be stupid to think it's undervalued or overvalued. It has no fundamentals. If you think it's undervalued, it can go lower...and lower... and lower......and lower and keep going. In terms of price, XRP is lower than it was 1 year ago, 2 years ago...heck almost 3 years ago. A lot of coins aren't. In terms of adoption and utility, it's very hard to argue that it's any better off than it was 1, 2, 3 years ago unless you're celebrating Mercury FX, Cuallix, etc claiming to use xRapid as adoption. Or you're claiming that Ripple overpaying for MoneyGram stock which is down from an ATH of $280 to $2.50 or in the past 3 months from $6 to $2.50 as adoption and progress. MoneyGrams ATH of ~$280 and current price of $2.50 also goes to show you not everything recovers so it's utterly stupid to say it's "a very stupid time to sell."
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