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  1. I say Ripple is lagging behind on adoption of xRapid because there is a vast gap between what Garlinghouse said was going to happen in 2018 when xRapid was going live and today. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/05/cnbc-interview-with-brad-garlinghouse-ripple-ceo.html Can you please show me major banks using xRapid in any significant way other test pilots and a rare small transfer which is marketed as victory? No? So yes, they're lagging behind where they said they'd be. Why is a post based on reality and critical thinking FUD? Instead of focusing on the main use case where Ripple is clearly not where they said they'd be, they are going to pursue being involved in video games which a lot of shitcoins already are doing.
  2. There are a ton of shitcoin tokens that are doing this now. Enjin, Bezant, WAX for tokenization of assets. NEO also has pivoted from a Chinese Smart Economy fuel, if anyone ever bought that, to trying to get into games. Ethereum has had it share of stupid games. EOS and TRON also have a lot of activity in mostly stupid games and now in gambling. Is XRP going to follow trying to create demand? This really isn't the use case. We are lagging behind in adoption of the use case yet instead of focuses on Ripple wants to get into something that every shitcoin is doing?
  3. That fact the BTC went on a massive bullrun is why XRP broke out of its $.005 slumber and kept pumping to $3.00. Without the Bitcoin mania, XRP might still be at $.005. BTC created the whole illicit DarkNet market space where hundreds of millions have been seized over the years in busts. So it is being used. Not to mention countries like China which banned Bitcoin and crypto in general because it was being used bypass capital controls and move money out of the country. Also if you have been around a bit, Bitcoin was used to keep US escort Backpage.com running after Visa and MC refused to process its payment and court documents showed they collected hundreds of millions in BTC over a years time. You might feel like it's useless but Bitcoin has been heavily used especially when it comes to bypassing control and censorship. Now, XRP has been riding Bitcoin's coattails and hopefully there is a use case and that xRapid is actually used one day and not just for pilots or a few transactions here or there. So until there is some substantiated use and volume of XRP over the years, it's absurd to call Bitcoin useless.
  4. He said major banks would be using xRapid back in June of 2018. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/06/04/ripple-ceo-expect-dozens-of-banks-to-use-our-cryptocurrency-next-year.html?__|international Brad Garlinghouse:
  5. You're picking arbitrary a timeline to make XRP look awesome. Lots coins outperformed BTC and the numbers look even better when you start picking arbitary timelines to make your favorite coin look good. Over 1 year, XRP has lost big against BTC. February 8, 2018 XRP = $1.00 February 8, 2019 XRP = $0.29 XRP - 71% decrease February 8, 2018 BTC = $8,500 February 8, 2019 XRP = $3,400 BTC - 60% decrease From September 2013 to July 2014, XRP went from $0.014 to $.003 and fell hard against BTC for almost 1 year. Every crypto's valuation including XRP is based on pure speculation and hype and zero use case so far. It's too early to draw conclusions about who the winners it might even be that the entire space is just hype and manipulation.
  6. Bitcoin is going to zero. XRP got utility. XRP got parnerships. XRP going to the moooon. 100% in on XRP and if Garlichouse flips that damn switch and they start transferring over xRapid and they start transferring billions of dollars ...BILLIONS of dollars of cross border payments. That's all kinds of price action. It's going up, they don't need no bull run because they actually got some utility. It's actually usuful. I am waiting for dat to happen while all those other korns is sitting there bleeding out
  7. I hope you haven't lost too much on this scam buddy. There is a big difference between a purely speculative asset and a Chinese company promising millions/trillions of transactions because they claim to have an enterprise solution which they claim is already being used in their private chain and will be moving to their public chain. Then they also claimed they will be onboarding big enterprises on their public Chain in October making it the most used enterprise blockchain in the world. Generally people only invest what they can afford to lose but this scam enticed people with those lies of investing in an enterprise adoption and structured their tokens in a way that enticed people to hold levels of masternodes worth $40-90K telling them they'd get dividend bonuses of an absolutely worthless token. All lies. All hype. All vaporware. Straight up scam.
  8. I think that anyone who thinks banks will hold a lot of XRP or any cryptocurrency doesn't know how financial systems work and how regulations work. Banks have to go through stress tests EVERY quarter where their reserves are looked at, as well as an assessment of the assets they hold are analysed by risk rating metrics and results show how well they can handle various economic downturn scenarios. Banks absolutely cannot hold large amounts high risk assets -- that will make them fail the stress tests. Some of these assets are completely toxic. XRP would be a high risk, toxic assets that is purely speculative. Regulators will not allow banks to hold a lot of this. Banks took a lot of **** for holding toxic CDOs and subprime loans and had to be bailed out -- you think regulators are going to say yeah looks like you're loading up on XRP, good job? Banks aren't retarded enough to even think about doing something that stupid.
  9. I keep on hearing the Market Makers argument. Market Makers are not magical unicorns that will suddenly provide massive liquidity for XRP in currencies where there is no demand and volume for XRP. Market Makers will exist for XRP in different currencies if they can make a profit. Meaning there have to be high volumes to profit from Market Makers want to buy and sell as quickly as possible. They don't want risk. They absolutely DO NOT to want to HOLD The longer they hold, the higher the spread (higher cost of xRapid) The lower the volume, the higher the spread (higher cost of xRapid) The less market makers there are, the higher the spread (higher cost of xRapid) The greater the volatility, the higher the spread (higher cost of xRapid) For most currencies, market makers will not be able to sell in their local currency. Exchanges will not be acting as market makers for most currencies. For XRP, you have a handful of exchanges that actually deal with FIAT at best. You don't have exchanges with volume for any other currencies besides 3 or 4 and the volume is tiny even in those. Market makers that for other currencies will also want a higher spread because they have to take that exchange rate risk. Plus even in exchanges that have much higher demand than XRP, you can be quoted an indicative price meaning the volume sucks so bad the market maker doesn't even know if the exchange is possible. There are a lot of reasons why xRapid is going to be a challenge and market makers are not magically going to solve these issues.
  10. That is moonboy talk. Bingo! Yeah, where is the volume and liquidity to make XRP a bridging asset for money transfers?! Volume is dead. I want send money to Mexico. Volume is ~$100K daily there. I want to send money to some random 3rd world country. There is no trading for XRP there. There needs to be markets and volumes in the local currencies for the corridors where it is most needed. There is little volume or a market doesn't even exist. xRapid is not magically bring in millions in volume where markets don't even exist. Banks themselves are not going to hold any amount of a highly volatile and speculative asset that tanks 93% in a few months. These are financial institutions with a board of directors, investors and things like SEC governance and oversight that check to make sure they have capital reserves to cover loses in mandatory stress test modelling for the dogshit toxic assets that carry -- these generally would be CDOs, CDPs, the subprime market but cryptos would be another level of toxic assets all-together.
  11. We don't even know how well xRapid will work. xRapid is sourcing liquidity across exchanges in different currencies. In order to do that you need XRP volumes ideally in the local currencies for cross border payments. If you look at XRP volume it has declined and keeps declining over the current bear market. Is there even enough volume and liquidity for xRapid to function in a real world scenario? Which corridors can xRapid support? Maybe Korean/Japan because there is enough volume to support a small amount of exchanges. Japanese Yen's forex market volume is $950 Billion daily volume. XRP's entire volume which is mainly crypto-to-crypto is only $150 Million and some of that that is fake volume across shady exchanges. Besides JYP/KRW what other corridors? Mexican exchanges look like they only do 125K daily volume. That is a nothing. Ripple never gives us any information as far as how much volume was done in xRapid pilots except when the Western Union executive had something negative to say about xRapid and Ripple retorted that Western Union only did pilots with small transfers.
  12. Being judged on its utility is going to hurt XRP more than help. The reason XRP has such a high valuation is speculation that banks and financial services companies are going to use it. It's actually not being used yet.
  13. If you look at the charts, you'll notice that practically EVERY SHITCOIN started mooning from mid-December to mid-January. Why would it be notable that XRP x13'd and BTC fell? Example, I made over $100K putting in 1/2 a Bitcoin on RaiBlocks/Nano which I got in early/mid December and posted it on this board when NANO and XRP were about the same price. Instead of listening the comments I got were, hah RaiBlocks/Nano doesn't have partnerships, etc. I sold Nano for $28-34, numbers which are moon numbers for XRP. That kind of speculative return never made me think, hey NANO is being adopted and let me point to Nano going x34 and BTC falling as meaning something. I just thought hell I got lucky, let me cash out. What happened was that the BTC bubble had popped and was correcting and everyone that made all that money in Bitcoin were speculating on alts that drove them to new highs. Once new money stopped coming in, everything crashed and has kept crashing. XRP and alts have never moon by themselves. They are all part of the BTC speculative bubble. The ebbs and flows might not be synchronized exactly but it is part of the BTC bubble. Drawing other conclusions is just delusional just like in late-Dec and early-Jan everyone started declaring that their alt had decoupled with BTC and had real use cases.
  14. God, every shitcoin posts this expecting their coin to behave like Bitcoin. XRP isn't a shitcoin but it's not Bitcoin either. It's only gained significant value when Bitcoin goes on its parabolic runs. XRP needs to stand on its own feet and show some utility and adoption. I'd rather have information about how things are going with xRapid moving to production, interest from financial institutions, etc then this kind "faith" that pervades the crypto space.
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