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  1. Unfortunately banks have zero interest and zero use case for the financial equivalent of chucky cheese tokens. Despite Ripple pushing this narrative since 2013/2014 there is no bank using or holding XRP. Ripple's narrative of XRP providing liquidity and free money from nostro accounts was wishful thinking at best and fraud at worst. They really have pivoted over the past couple of years into use cases for small remittances, video games, web micropayments and now DeFI. Who knows XRP might eventually find a use case but the hype of freeing up nostro/vostro accounts and being a universal set
  2. I did not cherry pick data. I just used a revenue chart that was available and it started from 2004. Another chart below showing Amazon's revenue's starting from 1995 even before they went IPO. Revenue up 1,500% the 2nd year. Up 825% the 3rd year. Up 312% the 3rd year. Up 168% the 3rd year. 2 Years after IPO Amazon has 1.6 Billion in revenue in 1999. 2.7 Billion in revenue in 2000. Only the absolutely clueless see that type of growth as "no fundamentals whatsoever." Amazon's model in the 1990s to today has always remained the same. Don't worry about profits, t
  3. Anyone parroting about fundamentals in crypto is clueless. Crypto is entirely a speculative gamble and there are no fundamentals. Where are the the revenue, price-to-earnings, free cash flow and earnings-to-growth that fundamental analysis in stocks is based on? There is no fundamental analysis in crypto. You can't base it on hype, POC partnerships of Ripple and the hopium of confirmations in echo chamber investors here and call it fundamentals. Furthermore, it is utterly clueless and moronic to compare Ripple/XRP investment to Amazon hoping it will shoot up like Amazon did from the
  4. You said "entire ecosystem is down significantly from ATH and lower today than 3+ years ago." I showed the results from June 2017 which is 3 years ago. You didn't like it because XRP has performed like shit. So you said from "January 2018." I showed results from January 2018. You don't like it because XRP has performed even worse. Now you want to pick from December 2017 to December 2018 only and you're saying it's moronic and utterly usesless to cherry pick a time frame to fit a narrative? If you are going to be so delusional and that much in denial why don't you pick fr
  5. YOUR statement said "entire ecosystem is down significantly from ATH and lower today than 3+ years ago" this is why I picked 6/24/2017 because it was 3 years ago. January 2018 is not 3+ years ago. I swear bagholding XRP has made people do mental gymnastics to rationalize why XRP is not such a bad investment because everything has lost value. Ok then, we'll pick January 2018 because you don't like the 1st date you picked and it makes XRP look bad. If you had invested $10K in January 2018: A $10,000 investment in XRP would be worth $760 and you'd lose -92.4% of y
  6. If by entire ecosystem you mean altcoins then you're right. From exactly 3 years ago today: BTC is up 268% ETH is down -23% XRP is down -40% LTC is pretty much unchanged XMR is up +44% https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170625/ BTC in that time period has gone from $42 Billion to $170 Billion marketcap. XMR also at least returned some value and gotten adoption in a lot of DNMs. ETH has faded some with the ICO hype. Most of the 25 projects are very different today and its shows that most were hype, money grabs and scams. XRP thus far over this tim
  7. Calling people morons for being critical of price of an asset that is down -94% from ATH and is lower today than it was 3+ years ago while defending a tanking asset with faith based investing and moving goalposts to rationalize their losses is the type of investors Mr.Garlinghouse and Ripple love. Sadly, these are not the type of investors that make money and are also known as suckers.
  8. This is crypto bagholding mental gymnastics at its finest. Most people got into crypto after the 2017 May-June crypto pump. The vast majority of people got into crypto after late 2017. It's crazy to see accounts created here in late 2017 or early 2018 and people posting they have been DCA since $1.00+ and losing money on everything they put in over 3 years and rationalizing their losses with the argument that "..but but XRP went from $0.005 to $0.18, which is 3500% return!" Dude, you did not buy at $0.005. When crypto assets are virtually unknown and nobody is buying them, they have
  9. The facts don't support that. XRP reached ~0.06 in December 2013. Since December 2013 which is 6.5 years: XRP 3X Apple 3.5X Facebook 4.5X Microsoft 5.5X Tesla 7X Bitcoin 9X Risk/Reward ratio is the amount of risk you take to earn expected returns. XRP in 6.5 years returned 3X. 1:3 means you are risking losing $1 to get an expected return of $3. That is absolutely dismal. The expected return of high growth tech stocks is greater than XRP. And there is no risk of these stocks losing -90% of their value like XRP does. During the 2014-2016 bear market
  10. Nobody can tell you with certainty what is going to happen to 100% speculative assets like crypto that have ZERO fundamentals. What you can notice are new narrative hypes and long term trends developing that are in line with past movements. I pointed out to this trend about a year ago in the thread "Under 4000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017" saying XRP has dropped below 4000 SATS and will keep dropping because it looked like the same scenario from the 2014-2016 BTC bear/recovery playing out. Meanwhile there are people like you who are complete
  11. The path to delusion and bagholding right here.... 2019 is going to be YUGE That ~$1 XRP on March 2018 is less than $0.20 ironically Sign that you start bagholding is when you mock people for being critical of an asset bleeding massive value 12 months huh?! 16 months later 20 months later.....hur durr XRP price is being supressed And finally waking up
  12. Last June, he was waiting for $51 XRP in 10 months
  13. XRP is up only a little over ~3X times from it's high in December 2013 of $0.06 to its current price 7 years later. That is a very very poor return for the amount of risk you take for a completely volatile speculative asset. Investing is all about risk/return. If you take that amount of risk, you should be rewarded accordingly. The reward for XRP just hasn't been there. There are only a few periods where it pumps and it does that after dumping hard. After December 2013 it mostly was stagnant or dumped for over 3 years until around April 2017 when a BTC bullrun picked up the whole crypto
  14. I compared BTC price to XRP over a 3 year time period where XRP lost -50% of it's value while BTC went ~4X. Both are completely speculative assets that generate zero revenue and have zero fundamentals. Then I brought up high growth tech companies which have gone up 2X APPL , 2.5X AMZN, and 3X TSLA in the same 3 year time period to highlight the massive opportunity cost of holding being invested in XRP vs other speculative assets like BTC or high growth tech stocks. 2X to 4X is not slow and steady growth -- the S&P historically returns 10% per year on average. There only a few shor
  15. You mean 156 weeks? XRP gone to 1/2 its dollar value and 1/10 its BTC value in 3 years. May 2017 $0.40 21,640 sats May 2020 $0.19 2,212 sats Do you work for Ripple? Sure XRP is a better investment than MoneyGram which has lost 1/4 its value in the same time frame and looks like it's about to go bankrupt but rational people usually look to make returns on their investments in that time horizon. In that time frame, S&P 500 ETF SPY has gone from 240 to 290 even with the recent drop, APPL is 2X, AMZN is like 2.5X, TSLA is like 3X and BTC is still 4X
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