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  1. There is already XRP/IDR on Indonesian crypto-market. And it is much bigger than XRP/BTC. I'm Indonesian.
  2. most of asian exchanges still trade xrp with btc (and [very] small volume). even the large exchange like Huobi don't list xrp yet. imo, in Asia, xrp is just another ****** coin like the others. they only care about making profit
  3. don't forget, Polo support is dead aka 'won't response'. believe me, that's the reason I left it several months ago
  4. I recommend Bittrex. I don't live in US, but, when I lost my google authenticator, their support did a great response.
  5. I believe in xrp's use case and I believe in Japanese's strong work ethic. that's all. I try to make it simple for myself
  6. I would like to buy your crystal ball, sir
  7. I can't vote! #rage that annoying message box keeps appear!
  8. me too. I just click and this message appear. is my vote count?
  9. still bleeding. does anyone know the reason of it?
  10. I knw how you feel mate... Can I shake your hand? ?
  11. how about BitGo guys? they said that they will develop ripple wallet
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