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  1. Wait, is the woman a staff of Ripple? For me, she didn't wink, but her hand gesture was something (when Brad said "fantastic bookseller")
  2. I sold half of my xrp stack at 0.275 and bought it again at 0.435. Lesson learned.
  3. You know whats funny? I always (always) hodl when the price went to 0.28/0.3 and then crashed. But when I decided to sell it, magically, it didn't crash at all
  4. Sold almost half of my stack under $0.28 (to buy it again at lower price) and then the price go higher... I really want to kill my past me The problem is: I only believe in xrp and don't want to buy another coin, but the price is quite high rn. Should I wait or just take the risk? Some advices are welcome
  5. Well, what if I sold high but then the price get higher. Should I buy again at the higher price or wait it to crash?
  6. Please Crypto God, let the price crash under $0.28 one more time... Just one more, please. I want to buy more
  7. There's a saying: buy the rumour, sell the news Well, we got some nice rumour about 2 household names, so... But I hope you're right. I'm hodler too.
  8. Ok guys, honest question. What's going on? Is this spike just speculative actions or this time xrp truly showing its worth?
  9. You can check his IG. Not so sure it's true or not (about Friday) but... well, let's just see
  10. Someone said that this Friday they'll announce it.
  11. I'm just wondering. Can u store 1mil xrp in ledger nano s? And @onemillionxrp def will follow u. I'm a hodler too
  12. So, lets say, most of you guys do believe the xrp price right now is being manipulated. This is somehow make me sad
  13. I hope we'll get a new support price. 0.3 perhaps
  14. Research your own investments and stop looking for handouts from others and their opinion of cryptocurrency, put in your own work and sleep easy at night knowing you've invested what in something you believe in.
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