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  1. Ok guys. Just simple question. Does ledger nano s still has problem with xrp? I bought a nano a week ago and still don't use it because of it
  2. dav3

    Are my XRPS Lost?

    They said that the problem is only with xrp. Other coins are fine. Is that true? I bought my nano a week ago but I don't use it to store xrp until now. My xrp is still sitting on exchange. Hope the problem get solved soon
  3. dav3

    Are my XRPS Lost?

    So ledger still has problems with xrp
  4. Well, here it is. P.S. I'll get my ledger nano tomorrow.
  5. Any of you guys use ledger nano s? Does it still has problem with xrp?
  6. Walking in the ripple wonderland
  7. Are there any links about how do ledger nano s work?
  8. Hey, sorry for out of topic. Do you live in Turkey? I'm gonna visit there on January. How's the weather?
  9. I heard Toast wallet has good reviews. They has 80k users right now.
  10. I know your feeling my friend I know *virtualhug*
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