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  1. someone should make a list about all Ripple's partnership in one thread and update it
  2. Guys, new to ledger nano. How to unplug ledger nano from your PC? Is it safely to just eject it? Thanks
  3. Tbh, for me, ledger nano is quite simple. Especially for a normal guy like me. People always choose the simplest way to solve their problem. It's not sheep mentality. It's nature.
  4. Ok. Newbie question. Is this type of offline wallet safe enough rather than hardware wallet (nano s)?
  5. Ledger nano s has issue with xrp. They said that the problem comes from the XRP server on the XRP network they're using.
  6. dav3

    Are my XRPS Lost?

    Darn, then I have (doubt) problem to store my xrp (still sitting on exchange). Tbh I don't really believe in online wallet. My one and only hope is nano s.
  7. dav3

    Are my XRPS Lost?

    You still has problem with your nano?
  8. Tbh David knew about this right? He knew exactly about Coinbase and Ripple partnership in real
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