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  1. nothing is wrong with Ripple's fundamental. for me, it's just like I have to wait a bit longer to become a millionaire. #xrpthestandard
  2. a real man sails the red sea... gl to you all who want to sell his hodling to buy lower
  3. I just hope you won't make a video about it and post it on YT like a so-called pro analyst
  4. weird. they sold all of their crypto and made a video about it. like asking people to do the same. who cares anyway
  5. I would like to aim higher than $5 for THIS year, but tbh we facing btc fall right now
  6. Yeah. Couldn't agree more If u guys want to blame something. Blame btc and all of its scandal. Don't blame xrp and ripple
  7. so, long story short. is ledger nano still safe? c'mon guys. I have to googled "how to check your graphic card in your computer" just to check my graphic card in my new laptop. this ledger things is beyond me
  8. https://twitter.com/Credit_Agricole/status/958380827578019840 I barely hear him
  9. bunch of good news and yet xrp price is falling. I blame btc for this. I believe in Ripple.
  10. ok guys. sorry if this OOT. is our korean trading back to business?
  11. Are you kidding man? You compare xrp with doge?? *Well, I love the dog. just saying
  12. one thing that I don't like. btc price always pulls xrp price down
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