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  1. It's must be R with some lines across it
  2. But, wait, China banned all cryptocurrency right. How come you can still trading with cny?
  3. couldn't agree more. don't push your luck more often mate. maybe you won't be lucky next time
  4. If you are single like me. Find a wife, make a kid.
  5. if we can survive at range $.1 to $.28 for goddang long last year (plus so many negativity about xrp never reach $1). I think I can survive this.
  6. well, some believe it's just part of market manipulation. so, if it's true, then all we can do is wait.
  7. I wish I can choose Ripple XRP official wallet, but...
  8. all of my XRP is in the nano s. nothing I can do about it. too lazy to move it all back to the exchanger. well, I can try to sell them and buy it lower. get more zerps than before. but, I lost 4800 last December, trading on panic market. call me a coward but lesson learned. so, yeah, I'm hodling till #xrpthestandard.
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