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  1. Guys, is it true that XRP will be the main crypto pairing?
  2. I like "lizardpeople" the most. reptilian conspiracy theory
  3. so, long story short. if your ledger's firmware is 1.4.1. you're okay, right? because "the hackable nano" was 1.3
  4. You forgot to mention Indonesia. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/03/14/indonesian-bitcoin-investors-set-to-outnumber-stock-participants.html
  5. oh I get it. omg tbh "they" are super creative
  6. long story short, they don't want US peeps to use their exchange?
  7. 30 this year. virgin. not married. have a girlfriend that 9 years younger than me.
  8. have a nano s myself. it's good, mate.
  9. but if you are a millionaire (in IDR) I still respect you mate
  10. For example, someone owns 30000 xrp in nano s. Does he become top 2% or 2.5% (30000 - 20 = 29980)?
  11. Yeah me too. Please update it monthly sir @Streamliner
  12. What did you mean with top 5% stash? How do you know about your stash position?
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