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  1. Again, no. "Customers have the option to source liquidity required for cross-border payments with XRP" "...the option..."
  2. No. The product suite still exists, but under the Ripplenet umbrella. Customers can tailor their experience depending on their needs and their openness to digital currencies as liquidity solutions.
  3. People are missing the point on this issue. The SEC has specifically stated that, given sufficient decentralization, a crypto asset can transform from a security to a non-security (which seems to be the locus of the debate regarding XRP’s inception). Preston is a really, really smart guy, and his critiques are at least worth considering. But decentralization is underway - XRP the security is quickly becoming XRP the commodity.
  4. That's my bank!!!! Seems that it will be a slow transition to xRapid, but at least they're doing the proper due diligence and becoming accustomed to Ripple's software. I'm so happy! I feel like I'm sending my kid off to kindergarten.
  5. Just saying - investing in index funds isn’t as “safe” as most people proclaim. What happens when the market dumps and your entire net worth is cut in half? Sure, recovery is all but guaranteed, but that’s not such an easy pill to swallow.
  6. "No one truly knows what the future holds" "Tracking the overall growth of the market" You do realize how these two statements contradict, yes? Swing trading or die.
  7. People can theorize about supply’s impact on price as much as they want. But the truth is, even with its high supply, XRP’s percentage increase last year outpaced 95% of other coins. I personally trust precedent over somebody else’s opinion.
  8. Sometimes I wonder how many people on XRP Chat have ever invested before... We do not owe Ripple our labor.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I should probably clarify my shorting comments, as they make me appear that I don’t know how shorting works. The same thing happened to another thread when I said there are more sellers than buyers, but I neglected to mention that I was talking about the order book, not final transactions. You’re right, @JA8, when shorters covers that usually causes a sharp increase in price. The question with XRP is - when is that mysterious “some point” at which this will happen? When’s the short squeeze?When you have a competitive sellers market like we do, paired with pe
  10. While there's a chance that Ripple are gearing up for a large announcement in Q3/Q4, I don't think it is a good sign that they are so quiet, particularly when viewed in context of how bodacious their communications were in December 2017/January 2018. I don't believe Ripple is panicking either, but let's not forget that they refer to themselves as a software company first - a software company that is leveraging a digital asset as a component of their overall business model. They have no need to panic, no matter what happens to XRP. I don't want to go on a diatribe against Ripple's communic
  11. No it isnt? Order books don’t work that way. Over time, if there are more sell orders than buy orders, then sellers will have to lower their ask in order to get their orders filled. And vice versa, if there are more buy orders, buyers will have to raise their bids to ensure that their orders are filled instead of the competition. It’s supply and demand.
  12. Your instincts are correct - there is more selling than buying. OP is mostly conjecture and speculation, so, take it for what it is.
  13. I've been following your articles, and I think you have an extremely interesting insight into why XRP seems to be in the right place, at the right time to play a key role in the restructuring of the global financial framework. Your analysis, knowledge, and theses follow logical lines of thought and seemingly extensive research, but I don't feel that such lofty language matches with the reality; the reality being that industrial uptake of XRP has been slow, hampered by corporate doubts RE the viability of DA being used at scale, and really just dubiousness regarding the integrity of this s
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