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  1. Nice to see the transferred amounts growing! Regarding the savings part - marketing-wise it would make sense to compare the costs of XRP vs the next fastest traditional transfer method (e.g. express payments). Hence the somewhat astronomical avoided costs, no?
  2. Please feel free to get familiar with the details regarding Estonias e-residency on the following address: https://e-resident.gov.ee The goal of this program is to help non EU residents conduct official business in the Schengen area. I am by no means an expert on this matter, but afaik it should allow for simpler opening of EU bank accounts, LLC registration, etc.
  3. You can actually become an EU e-resident in Estonia. Gives plenty of room to operate in Schengen space.
  4. Estonia is using €. Do not see it changing any time soon
  5. 1.15-1.20 $ is 1.00€ barrier. Looking forward to get to the other side
  6. Actually to clarify this a bit; non-distributed income/profit is not taxable. You do not need to re-invest it. All LLC-s entities are capital gains tax free in Estonia. And even if you do cash in via dividends the income tax is about 20%. As @rom stated, this is by today´s local tax laws and may be a subject to change
  7. The number on the left is current transactions per second (TPS) and the one on the right is current possible maximum.
  8. @Bendecos could You link the ERR link somewhere? For the sake of clarity this will remain in English although JÕHKER kuisatus on kodukeeles kõneleda There was a mention of SEB working with Ripple, but Nordea would be just awesome. Especially given their recent coupling with DnB under the (presumably "for sale") new entity called Luminor as far as the Baltics are concerned. Also the interface for Nordea´s online services is ancient to put it mildly.
  9. @Fnord, Given the speed at which the SWIFT news come out on this topic and comparing it to the one of Ripples has indeed raised some reddish flags. Also if I am not mistaken some of the banks seem to be overlapping between Ripples and SWIFTs developments/trials (may as well be my memory playing tricks). All in all, fingers crossed and eyes open, but as far as Ripples PR goes, or the lack thereof, now is the time to boost it up guys!
  10. Maybe this belongs to Press section, but how would this news influence Ripples position signing up new FI-s? http://www.altcointoday.com/twenty-two-banks-join-swifts-blockchain-payments-trial/
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