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  1. I'm wondering what happened to that Max guy. He wrote like he was acid and did computer **** in Berkley for the past 50 years.
  2. This is exactly what large wall street internal training videos look like. You'd be surprised how basic the quality is. Function over form and these guys aren't artists.
  3. Thanks. I did that before the first three times it was delayed.
  4. It is a threat but unlikely you'll hear that around here. No one knows what the future is going to look like. Very possible JPM gets a consortium on board to use their coin which is stable and may come across as more trusted. Understand a lot of banks already go through JPM for their cross border transfers. But maybe it's as people say that there will be too many walled gardens and will need XRP to transfer between them. But then again maybe not and maybe XRP will fail. Never forget that is a very real and currently more likely possibility. But also XRP could adapt its
  5. Holy S@&*! Dont you see? Corey Johnson is Bearableguy123. I knew those piercing blue eyes weren't a coincidence. SEC announcement is change in market conditions so now that he's gone we will moon to $800 USD. It's in the astronomical chart. So obvious.
  6. I don't understand how that is possible but OK.
  7. Nobody knows man. There's a lot of banks around the world, what they decide to do is anyone's guess. I do know it would take significant capital to acquire Ripple, more than any bank would be willing to pay currently. And as far as I can tell ripple has no intent of selling.
  8. No. Get your pump and dump scam garbage out of here Kichiro.
  9. ^ Not sure it matters. They don't offer banking services in the UK. Their website doesn't allow you to register with UK being a country of residence. The response was a generalized inclusive email response if Euro Exim were offering banking services to the person who wrote FCA when they aren't authorized to do that under the FCA. But as we know he doesnt have an account with them, he said he was interested in opening an account, but as we also know that is not possible - assuming Ylod is in the UK. The Saint Lucia registration is valid, you can check.
  10. still no sales today... odd. This may actually mean something.
  11. Criminal prosecutions are as real life as it gets my dude.
  12. Yes adults are responsible for their own decisions. Such as the decision to commit fraud. Yes, it is the internet and law enforcement can locate individuals and find exactly who are you and who am I when conducting a criminal investigation into fraud. My investments are fine and don't matter. I never believed the fraudulent actors were anything more than fraudulent actors. What I believed and whether or not these individuals committed fraud are unrelated. "Did you also send that Nigerian Prince $5,000?" and thanks for proving my point. The ones who carry out those scams are a
  13. I wouldn't say money laundering or tax evasion but they are likely offering favorable tax treatment which pretty much every legitimate company in the world takes advantage of. But sure they aren't the blue chip bank (most of which are also involved in all sorts of sanctions and laundering violations) but they're the type of bank that move first on something like XRP. That's how things like this happen, marginal/ gray area operators go first, then the establishment. It would be stupid for ripple not to work with them. And as far as I can see nothing they dont break any law and they
  14. Yea this is stupid. Everyone knows this. Not everyone creates fake Twitter accounts falsely claiming insider information and giving people hope of unattainable price predictions at a certain date that some people actually believe. If you want to spread information a out XRP then spread information about XRP like any number of the Legitimate XRP informative bloggers who do that withiut defrauding individuals with lies. This guy is a joke. All of them are bad actors and should be penalized for what they do. I'd argue there is a criminal case for fraud.
  15. You can run a red light or you can fail to stop at a red light. Running a red light is a crime. The difference is important because to commit a crime you must commit an act in violation of law. Failing to act is not an act itself and law cannot force someone to act, it can only prohibit certain acts. But if you run a red light, the real world will treat you as if you ran a red light. Exchanges have buy and sell orders. If you sell one you buy the other.
  16. My thoughts are that you are him or you are part of the same stupid riddler discord chat chat group that made all the b.s. YouTube and Twitter accounts and you want to steer more people towards your bs twitter account. My thought is you should stop and no one should care or even be aware any of those accounts exist because they are full of meaningless b.s. from stupid clowns.
  17. Thank you, thank you. I'll just go ahead and take credit for this announcement today. I'm sure my post influence their decision to give us this great info.
  18. I want to be clear about this post. The market valuation of every crypto is 10 steps ahead of real world rational numbers. Even now. Things got out of control in 2017. At the height of ATH things were probably overvalued by 100x if not more. It could reasonably argued, of course, that anything since early 2017 prices (which was the real start of the runup) is pure speculation. Unjustified. And even more worrying, that all of it since the beginning was too much. This really all could all be worth nothing. It is all unproven. As everyone should understand this is the real fear of thi
  19. I was saying I've been in Ripple longer than I've been on this forum.
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