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  1. I'm wondering what happened to that Max guy. He wrote like he was acid and did computer **** in Berkley for the past 50 years.
  2. This is exactly what large wall street internal training videos look like. You'd be surprised how basic the quality is. Function over form and these guys aren't artists.
  3. Thanks. I did that before the first three times it was delayed.
  4. Why would most Recent 100 million come out of ripples OTC wallet?
  5. It is a threat but unlikely you'll hear that around here. No one knows what the future is going to look like. Very possible JPM gets a consortium on board to use their coin which is stable and may come across as more trusted. Understand a lot of banks already go through JPM for their cross border transfers. But maybe it's as people say that there will be too many walled gardens and will need XRP to transfer between them. But then again maybe not and maybe XRP will fail. Never forget that is a very real and currently more likely possibility. But also XRP could adapt its use case which it always was going to do eventually IMO and still have a bright future.
  6. Holy S@&*! Dont you see? Corey Johnson is Bearableguy123. I knew those piercing blue eyes weren't a coincidence. SEC announcement is change in market conditions so now that he's gone we will moon to $800 USD. It's in the astronomical chart. So obvious.
  7. I don't understand how that is possible but OK.
  8. Nobody knows man. There's a lot of banks around the world, what they decide to do is anyone's guess. I do know it would take significant capital to acquire Ripple, more than any bank would be willing to pay currently. And as far as I can tell ripple has no intent of selling.
  9. No. Get your pump and dump scam garbage out of here Kichiro.
  10. ^ Not sure it matters. They don't offer banking services in the UK. Their website doesn't allow you to register with UK being a country of residence. The response was a generalized inclusive email response if Euro Exim were offering banking services to the person who wrote FCA when they aren't authorized to do that under the FCA. But as we know he doesnt have an account with them, he said he was interested in opening an account, but as we also know that is not possible - assuming Ylod is in the UK. The Saint Lucia registration is valid, you can check.
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