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  1. Hey Team, been a while since I posted and I just found this so I thought I would post it to see who was interested. The Block is very anti-Ripple and XRP so they will be loving this.... "Visa, Mastercard and PayPal are set to be backers of Facebook's cryptocurrency along with a number of other companies, including Uber. Each will invest approximately $10 million into a foundation that will govern the coin, the Journal said citing anonymous sources. That money will be used to create the backing for the coin, which will be pegged to a basket of fiat currencies." https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/facebook-reportedly-brings-on-visa-mastercard-and-paypal-as-backers-of-its-cryptocurrency/
  2. Hey XRPChat, I noticed this was announced today on the @MicrosoftAU Twitter page and figured it would eventually be posted on XRPChat but I am yet to see it. Please follow link to read the article - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/microsoft-and-swift-make-azure-cloud-native-payments-a-reality/?ocid=AID729842_oo_spl100000343099791 So much is happening at the moment, with all the partnerships and announcements etc. that I can't recall if this has previously been announced and now verified at SIBOS. I would be interested to know the forum's thoughts on this POC partnership. Thanks XRPRam
  3. Totally agree. Anyone who has been on Twitter the last few months would have witnessed her frequently talking complete and utter ****! There are a few of them getting aroung on Twitter at the moment.....
  4. Hey Team, It seems like I have been elevated to the coveted position and just been shadowbanned on Twitter. I wouldnt consider myself a big user with a mass following and I don't generally get into arguements or anything with other Twitter members. I usually only do a lot of re-tweeting and commenting only when a user is being a total FUDwit. etc. Any info on how long it takes Twitter to rectify the situation??? Thanks
  5. I do sincerely feel for the buyers who bought at the ATH as most would have been new to crypto at the time, IMO..... Patience will hopefully be their friend in the long term!
  6. Thanks @FUD, much appreciated information in the posts.....
  7. I totally hear you..... Good and fun post, BTW....
  8. 14. Do you wake up every morning and instantly check your twitter feed to see if anything excitng related to Ripple/XRP has happened overnight??? 15. Do you wait patiently for @mars75 to do some crazy detective work and deliver another MIND BlOWING post connecting the companies associated with Ripple????
  9. Ive only tell the friends I know who I think will understand the concept about Ripple's gameplan and XRP. I never tell them they have to/should invest and I always give the caveat that the market could crash and we will all be left with nothing. I informed my accountant who had preiviously told me that "All crytpocurrencies are scams!!!!! You aren't actually buying a tangible asset.......blah blah blah....." I told him to look into Ripple and to see what they are trying to achieve.... Next conversation about 1 week later....."So ahhhh, this Ripple thingo we were talking about recently........where do you go to buy some XRP???? "
  10. My sentiments exactly!!!!! There were way less announcements and everything was still VERY speculative during this time...... Just sit and wait to see what happens......
  11. Excellent news!!!! TRANSACTION COST: Sending this transaction consumed 0.005 XRP. Damn, that is expensive.......
  12. Im not on facebook so I will vote via praying and mental telepathy as that usually works in real life*...... *Please note sarcasm
  13. Now showing - ETH - 16% LTC - 9% XRP - 76% 4246 Votes, 19hours 11minutes left
  14. The Twitter poll is currently showing the following percentages - ETH - 16% LTC - 9% XRP - 76% 4245 Votes, 19hours 13minutes left Pretty unanimous result so far.....
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