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    XRPL Genesis

    Back then the time between blocks was longer, the actual genesis block was likely created on 2012-12-21. 32570 is not the genesis block, it is the earliest publicly available one.
  2. Sukrim

    XRP Account Distribution Study

    5 characters is still not too hard to bruteforce though, so as soon as something is being used in documentation or a very commonly used/well known address, it isn't very hard to generate one that starts with the same string.
  3. It is situated in the United States of America whose president is Donald Trump, last time I checked.
  4. No, but I met Matthew in person at least. I am not sure if he even worked at Ripple Labs back when I asked initially. Maybe its time to ask again, though I really despise this whole "selling yourself" business that comes with jobs and negotiating offers etc.
  5. I don't see any crazy requirements in there, can you quote something which you think is about as rare as having been part of a lunar Apollo mission or being a top official at Microsoft?
  6. I held Bitcoin and XRP at quite a few ATHs, so that definitely makes me qualified in that regard. For the rest of the stuff I'm also qualified in some cases, I'm just not sure if I want to work in Trumpland.
  7. Yet when I applied at Ripple a while back, they didn't even follow up my initial email. I haven't been contacted by anyone from Ripple since then proactively either. Looks like I'm not "top talent" enough for them.
  8. Sukrim

    XRP Account Distribution Study

    What's your proposal exactly?
  9. Afaik that's part of the list you're using, not something you're setting. Unfortunately the format is undocumented afaik.
  10. Another use case I can think of is a "SERVERS" section that's similar to the "VALIDATORS" section, but more focused on where one can find RPC or Websocket endpoints, potentially trusted servers and their node public keys to connect to and similar.
  11. If I want to operate a list of accounts that I accuse of being scammers, I guess they will probably not host xrp-ledger.toml files themselves. ;-) I could also charge something for appearing on my list with a human readable name while giving guarantees that this mapping stays stable for x amount of time, similar to the DNS system.
  12. Thanks a lot for basing this on Stellar's extension to the ripple.txt file format! :-) Something that might be helpful (maybe not in this file?) would be a list of accounts that you do not claim to control, but that you want to recommend others to call by a certain name or to add some information you have about them (e.g. "known accounts: rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B - Bitstamp issuing account"), similar to the name API.
  13. Far more users, developers and companies building on top of it. I'm not that big of a fan of Bitcoin either though. If you want to use another layer on top, then you need to compare XRP with BTC on lightning or similar payment/state channel solutions. I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Is there something like https://codiushosts.com/contracts for Interledger?
  14. That's not what I said. I'm saying that using XRP as money is a bad use case for XRP. Also if data transfers had 4 seconds lag and would only work if globally confirmed, then you'd also see the difficulty with that "as easy as" statement... There's not much "cryptographic" about digital assets, but that's nitpicking. I disagree that only digital assets have this potential (depending on your definition of asset). I think XRPL shows quite clearly that digital assets AND liabilities can go head-to-head in this space, since transferring 1 BTC/Bitstamp takes as long as transferring 12k XRP.
  15. Because it needs capacity. After all you might want to use it for a while before you require global consensus and a hardfork to create new tokens. As long as XRP are used as anti spam tokens, there's no real need to distribute them fairly. You can just sell them around the current market value since nobody needs large amounts of them anyways. I'm not sure what this sentence is supposed to mean.
  16. Yes, and this thread talks about consensus algorithms, not coins/tokens. About the use case for XRP: I still don't view them as anything other than anti-spam tokens, they are a very poor store of value (since their value correlates strongly with all other cryptocurrencies out there) and if you want to transfer value quickly, you don't need to use XRP either. The only thing that was added to make them a bit more useful as money was payment channels and escrow. Still the economics around them make them extremely unattractive to me.
  17. The recommended validator is from a different company...
  18. I would assume that they plan to operate a single validator and several non-validating nodes in the long run.
  19. And just a heads-up to anyone who thinks it would be cool to run such a "honeypot node" and secretly log the IPs of connecting clients: IP addresses are considered "personal data" according to the GDPR, so once you actually want to use that data you logged, be prepared for some severe backlash from EU country citizens.
  20. I hope not. You can run a node yourself and see how/what it logs.
  21. You can run more than one server yourself.
  22. Sukrim

    Could you run a VPN with Codius?

    The codius host could snoop on all of your internet traffic, but otherwise just use it to launch a container with OpenVPN or so installed. It would probably also be possible to turn codius hosts into TOR nodes. This is one of the reasons why I don't run codius btw. since this can cut both ways - others will think that the traffic comes from that codius host and unless you already have very good logging in place, you might get into trouble.
  23. 2 signatures with the same nonce and you have the private key in fractions of a second. The only "hard" part is going through all signatures that were made so far (the researchers in that report only tested a subset of all transactions on XRPL), which can be probably done for a few cents using the transaction dataset on Google BigData.
  24. You'd just need to re-key the accounts and disable the master keys. That costs you a few hundred drops, not a few hundred XRP.
  25. You could look for the nonce used and if it is your transaction you could check if it is the deterministic one according to RFC 6979 (since you need the private key for that) or just a random number.