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  1. ...up to 1 billion != 1 billion.
  2. You should look at or compare along a longer time frame. It's not that hard, vong 1 Berechnung her.
  3. If you don't know your password any more, it will be hard to decrypt this...
  4. No. The account reserve and the other type of reserve is dynamic and could theoretically change every ledger. Also it is (compared to the total amount) a negligible number anyways.
  5. You want low effort spam? Because that's how you get low effort spam... I'd like to have an unmoderated and a moderated chat box or none at all (it is a useless feature imho anyways). Probably could be easily done with an IRC plugin.
  6. To answer the actual question: shows libraries for a huge amount of different languages, if you want to use one of them for Ripple, make sure that you use the correct alphabet ("rpshnaf39wBUDNEGHJKLM4PQRST7VWXYZ2bcdeCg65jkm8oFqi1tuvAxyz") compared to what e.g. Bitcoin is using.
  7. Base-58 is an encoding, not an encryption scheme. It is already useable in that format. If you have something else (e.g. a backup in the old blobstore format), you'll need a little bit more sophistication and also need to remmeber your username + password combination from back then, but it is also doable. Depending on the amount of money locked up, it might pay off to get outside help instead of wasting several hours per day for weeks(?!).
  8. If you don't want to write your own programs, you don't need to use this.
  9. Easy: Limit to 1 request per second per IP and else return a "rate limiting" error. By far enough to learn how to work with the API, but definitely not something you want to base your own service on. Also provide more prominent links to documentation on how to run your own API + rippled server. Call the "public API" the "public API demo instance".
  10. Because some people seem not to be able to come up with good search terms. It is more helpful to link good search terms than searching yourself and only linking the results because there is nothing to learn from.
  11. Currently the wallet at (which likely is the one that will be "released tomorrow) seems to exclusively connect to to send and receive data. These servers are sometimes overloaded (e.g. gatehub ALSO used them instead of running its own servers) while the network itself works just fine. This leads to bad experiences for users and wallet providers (who will be flooded with support tickets if the public servers are slow/overloaded again). A safer option would be to operate a cluster of servers at ledgerwallet inc. or at least make it configurable, which server one is using (so it is easy to switch to a self-hosted one). Ideally there would be a whole list of servers instead of a single one that are used randomly to spread the load.
  12. The current version seems to have the Ripple Inc. servers hardcoded in there - any plans to change that before release?
  13. First hit.
  14. It would not be possible to know which XRP you send away, it is trivial to know who sent them to you. If I receive 1000 XRP from 10 people and send 1000 XRP to unused addresses (which might belong to these 10 people), there's no way to know whose coins went where.
  15. It is even easier to "tumble" since individual coins are not tracked, unlike TxOut based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. I don't know if such services exist though.