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  1. True DEX?

    You might want to look at interledger... XRPL is also a DEX, but it depends on how gateways are implemented if it is trustless.
  2. Validator Node Growth!!!

    Not every node is a validator... if you want to count nodes, look at https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/topology Also it is very easy to inflate that number, just fyi.
  3. Five Bells Condition

    "I want to understand how a OS kernel works" - "How about you just install Windows and be done with it?"... Anyways: What exactly is the question you need answered, @rjremien? Because the answer to your question is yes.
  4. to be Validator

    A few TB/month, yes.
  5. to be Validator

    XRP_Received = 0
  6. No. The "U" in "UNL" stands for "unique" for a reason. There might be value in making sure that even if one of your validators goes down they are still available, but at the moment rippled doesn't support something like bundling several validator keys into one "trust unit" or marking several validators as belonging to a single entity.
  7. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    Renting a server does not require any space at home, you can try an up board or a NUC. ARM boards with 8GB RAM are rather rare, so you'll likely have to look for these x86 options.
  8. Ripple Labs was the first cryptocurrency company fined by FinCen, if you google for that you might find some more clarity about what FinCen did or didn't like about XRP and what they did consider them to be.
  9. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    Building would be impossible with unity builds, (far too little RAM), maybe cross-compiling or trying to build a nounity variant might work. Running is still not possible, the ledger state is larger than the 1 GB RAM on a RPi3. IO is not a real issue if you want to validate since you wouldn't attach a node store to a validator anyways.
  10. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    If by "zerps" you mean XRP: No. Running a validator is not directly rewarded by the network in any way.
  11. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    It can't work unless you are starting a completely new ledger with far fewer accounts and other objects on the ledger.
  12. Why run a validator then that other people must be able to trust to be managed correctly? Contact QNAP support, maybe they can help with their product.
  13. Raspberry Pi 3 as validator?

    There's no difference between a validating and a non-validating node other than that the non-validating one doesn't tell others what it thinks the next ledger would look like.
  14. You need to increase the number of file descriptors or use NuDB (if you run on SSD, which you should do anyways).