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  1. Nope, that's BankA --> BankB --> BankC as far as I undersood it. I'd assume that xCurrent 4.0 users can more easily interoperate with xRapid, not use it as a transaction step.
  2. I very much doubt this, do you have sources about that? AFAIK xCurrent is ILP in atomic mode. No interaction with XRPL required or necessary.
  3. That's only the tiny minority that uses xRapid, most of them use xCurrent, which is basically Interledger.
  4. This has been shown to be wrong: https://arxiv.org/abs/1802.07242
  5. No. Where did you read this?
  6. Sukrim

    Public XRP Node List

    Public is public.
  7. Sukrim

    XRP Validator Registry Broken

    They just display the same data and were also broken when Ripple changed the data API unannounced.
  8. "Full" or "Entire" in the sense of "everything since ledger 32570". I already was hoping to see someone has found the missing ~100 transactions since ledger 0. :-(
  9. Sukrim

    secp256k1 endomorphisms

    https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/develop/src/secp256k1/configure.ac#L117-L120 seems to indicate that this is not set by default and I haven't found a place where it would get set by cmake when building the library. You could probably set it here: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/develop/CMakeLists.txt#L630-L636
  10. Sukrim

    Public XRP Node List

    Just run a portscan on all publicly known servers and try to connect to each open port as an RPC or WS client?
  11. Anyone can make pull requests, only some Ripple employees have the rights to merge them into the official repository. There is no "XRP Github" by the way - XRP is a currency code, not a software.
  12. Sukrim

    Banned from /r/ripple on reddit

    Just read through this topic imagining you're moderating that subreddit and you'll understand why I'm not going to try to explain what my co-moderator did and why. If he wants to, he can give you an explanation, but I doubt that the tone in here encourages this... If anyone has an issue with moderation on Reddit, please write a mod-mail (send a PM to "r/Ripple") and if that gets ignored or you have an issue with a specific member of the mod team and don't want this member to read it, write to @JonHolmquist directly by sending a PM to "u/bonkill".
  13. Sukrim

    Hidden validators?

    It is a best practice to not expose your validator directly to any random node out there. It is not counter-productive at all, there's no direct way to know which node is a validator anyways.
  14. Sukrim

    Trustlines vs Etherdelta

    https://developers.ripple.com/become-an-xrp-ledger-gateway.html hast most of the information you need, the part you seem concerned about needs to be checked in your local jurisdiction, there is no global standard for this. You can limit the set of people that are able to hold/trade your IOUs with https://developers.ripple.com/authorized-trust-lines.html. This is quite limiting though for all parties involved.