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  1. No, since I'm not affected by this. Or maybe I am, I didn't check my balances yet. I kinda know my way around this space - "be your own bank" has its sharp edges after all too.
  2. I'm assuming people prefer spamming forums, blogs etc. rather than getting up and actually contacting someone who is in charge.
  3. Report them to the authorities and their hosting/DNS providers.
  4. Exactly because of stuff like this you can't recover your full reserve, quite a large chunk of it gets paid as fee. It takes a few minutes to script this at most... getting the millions of XRP required for that and the million transactions on the ledger though is a different problem.
  5. Make sure you have high performance SSDs as storage layer, I'm not sure if you can get that from AWS actually... As someone running a full history server: Yeah, it is expensive. Why do you need data from 2013 though to operate an exchange in 2020?
  6. Ripple only deals with businesses, not end users. You should be a bank or payment provider to start negotiating a deal with them to use their product(s).
  7. With that code I just find HGST Ultrastar 7200 RPM spinning rust SAS drives...? These are not SSDs. You need SSDs.
  8. Well, it's not so much about if you are allowed to do this (except for copyrighted content such as logos, you probably are allowed), my question is more along the lines of why you didn't try the route initially (or now after getting established) to hand in patches to rippled, so it can run both XRPL and the CSC ledger. Instead you just took everything, squashed the history down, added some changes on top and used that as the initial commit. While you are allowed to do that, it is quite an unfriendly move - after all, there were a lot more people involved in writing code for you than the ones listed on https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoind. About contacts: You don't have a bug bounty program, right? Also you don't publish an RSA key, so you can be contacted securely (email is unencrypted and more like an "e-postcard")?
  9. You'll need better SSDs then probably. It is weird that CPU load is so high, but that might be because you're using encryption and hitting the disk also causes some load there. Do you use hardware accelerated AES? If not, make sure to change your encryption scheme to use the AES capabilities of your CPU. Did you go though https://xrpl.org/diagnosing-problems.html already?
  10. What unit is that RAM number in? You'll likely need more than 16 GB these days.
  11. I think the question is less about what you could do with these coins but rather how they would actually even work to begin with.
  12. Paper money has serial numbers. This makes it only infeasible, not impossible to trace every/most cash transactions.
  13. When will there be written content? I don't have time to watch hour long videos for the few questions I'm interested in...
  14. So why did you decide to squash down commits then? https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoind has less than 200 commits meaning that the history of who contributed what and why has largely been lost. Also you're shipping assets like https://github.com/casinocoin/casinocoind/blob/master/images/ripple.png which are copyright protected (and you're likely not allowed to do that). I get the argument that you might need to be able to do releases on your own schedule too, but a more friendly way of forking the repository (and contributions upstream to rippled) would also have been possible, right? In its current form, it is not even easy to see what you changed from rippled and how you are different. I fail to see the benefit for that, especially considering that you are likely missing out on a ton of features like sharding, fixes to several security and usability problems... You don't have any way I could find to get in touch with you to disclose security issues in your software by the way and also no formally stated process to do so. I hope you're really really good at keeping up to date with Ripple's changes and fixes and back-porting them, because you might have a few things in there that are maybe worth a bit.
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