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  1. This is painful to read... But hey, they at least didn't have to deal with pesky naysayers like me who would have told them to either release their backend code as OpenSource or pay me or someone else qualified for an audit. But hey, according to their webpage "Beaxy has partnered with a renowned cyber-security firm to fully audit our exchange.". Let's hope that audit gets actually released or at least followed. I wonder if a "cyber security firm" knows about intricacies of XRPL, but maybe they do, if they are "renowned"...?
  2. It is in the code base for years now... the module about internal metrics.
  3. Market depth would be even easier to fake for exchanges than volume...
  4. At the last redesign the same thing happened, after a while @BobWay managed to reach someone apparently. He seems to be gone offline again though, so unless some of the other Ripple employees manage to reach the respective responsible/webmaster I'm afraid it is gone for good now.
  5. Also: Why only "GALAXYVOID[random stuff]" instead of "GALAXYVOID12345678901234567890...[checksum]"?
  6. Depending on what you want to do, yes you can use that API. I can't tell without a more detailed description and/or code.
  7. Which API are you trying to use? Where is your code?
  8. Really weird way of doing this, couldn't they just spend them on fees to actually "burn" them?
  9. There is nothing "XRP" about a seed or secret, "XRP" is a currency code.
  10. https://opensource.org/osd - you now made it MIT, thanks for that. All in all you need a few dozen lines of code to do the things your files are named after (I didn't look into their contents) in Python, so I'm fairly certain doing a few RPC calls and some encoding/decoding should also not be too complex to do in JavaScript. A better way would not to use a browser in the first place. Your 3 functionalities are: Generate and encode a random number and derive a private key from it. ("Generate new account") Do only the second step of 1, no number generation. ("Validate XRP secret key" - quite a weird naming too) Do an RPC call to a (hardcoded, 3rd party) rippled instance and display some of the results. ("Check XRP balance") You only need to be online for the latter one and you can also do that on various block explorers. Mixing this in with functionality that should NEVER be done on an internet connected device is an usability issue to begin with.
  11. Not Open Source software and needlessly vendoring minified libraries...
  12. I am not convinced by the advantages you are listing and I am missing a more concrete implementation plan.
  13. Yes, I prefer things to be explicit, not "up to...". A method to add fees to existing transactions (maybe even ones with 0 fees, so I can pay for transactions signed by my customers or get my transactions unstuck in high-fee times) might be a good middle ground.
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