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  1. Because you are paying people to spam Reddit. This is not acceptable, no matter if the payment is actually worth something or not. Feel free to open a thread once you actually have/do something other than collecting private data of people, but increasing the workload for unpaid moderators and paying for spam is what I would call "mean".
  2. Post about this on the mentioned Subreddits and be perma-banned from there for brigading. Y'all have been warned.
  3. Yes and no. Yes, it is publicly available info, no, there is no user friendly interface (like a website or so) that I know of.
  4. How would a server know what its configuration was a few minutes ago? This doesn't seem implementable in practice, also I'm not even sure if that is a useful change in the first place. I'd rather see a bit more generalization in the algorithm, similar to SCP instead of focuessing that strongly on UNLs which are a crutch anyways, because you need a very high overlap of agreed participants in the network.
  5. In my opinion the biggest issue with the DEX is that there is not a single good interface to use it. Gatehub tried and was immediately thought of as an exchange, not a gateway. Ripple had to stop developing theirs AND stop supporting anyone building something like it. Others only implement XRP Payments, because that's what's being marketed as the purpose of the blockchain (now called "XRP ledger", not "Ripple Consensus Ledger" - where "Ripple" actually means "trading + routing issuances automatically"). To open a gateway one doesn't just need to deal with regulations, but also an underdeveloped "wallet"/client ecosystem plus a community that seems more interested in the daily trading price of the native asset in USD than any actual capabilities - an issue that also plagues Ethereum for example (though to a lesser degree, because at least people there are actively working on standards and interfaces for developers and customers). Also crucial features for gateways (Checks, Issuances separated from AccountRoot objects) are either not existing yet or still not enabled after over a year of testing on the TestNet. This makes it a very risky proposition to even try to support this ecosystem on top of the general risk of running a business in that space. About Interledger... Just have a look at https://interledger.org/libraries.html and tell me with a straight face that this is a production ready and widely adopted protocol.
  6. Validator nodes should not serve any API requests. You should run your own server or use the s1/s2 cluster for development.
  7. The data API service is a layer of metadata on top of ledger data and it can be wrong. I recommend writing your implementation against rippled APIs, hosting one yourself that you can query and using the public infrastructure by Ripple (s1/s2) as a backup/failover only.
  8. This is how e.g. the TestNet works. Note that there are 2 scenarios: You start on the Mainnet and just adopt a new, common UNL. Once >20% validators on that UNL disagree for whatever reason (can be just network fluctuations) with Mainnet, your bunch of nodes will stop working because they can't agree. In the rare case that >80% of these new validators agree on something else, they will create a (hard)fork in the chain, meaning that you start with a lot of state already (Ripple owns Escrow objects, a million+ Accounts exist...). Think BCH/BTC or ETH/ETC. The other scenario is to start from scratch. Create a genesis block, tell your bunch of nodes to build on top of it and start validating. This would be a full restart of the chain. Think TestNet/MainNet, Ripple/Stellar, BTC/LTC.
  9. It also allows to spam the ledger history a LOT and complicates account handling code across the ecosystem, so it probably shouldn't be too cheap. There are other transactions that release resources by the way: Offers can be taken, Trustlines closed and Escrows or Checks can be redeemed. AccountRoot was actually probably the only un-deletable object so far.
  10. Maybe ask these things in their own threads, and don't spam unrelated questions just because someone answers on topic...
  11. You'd have to write code + tests for that, suggest it to be upstreamed (most likely in a more generalized fashion, such as allowing to drain/freeze certain accounts if there's a consensus about which ones should be affected), be maybe/probably rejected and then maintain a fork/patch set. Since the functionality itself should be probably just a few "if" statements in strategic locations when processing transactions, a hardcoded amendment ID + a few related error codes, it shouldn't be too hard to do.
  12. For technical fundamentals the contents of the transactions is relatively irrelevant. Maybe you are confusing rates with fees?
  13. Rates don't make sense without a duration. In this case the duration was... 3.5 seconds.
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