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  1. This seems lacking a LOT of focus and I can't imagine that something like this will work well, fast or safe.
  2. All bitcoin ASICS do is get a few bytes of data, add a nonce, hash the result twice and check if there are a lot of zeroes at the start of the hash. Then increment the nonce and try again. Bitcoin isn't mined on GPUs any more since about 2013 or so.
  3. By far most computing power in the cryptocurrency space is used by Bitcoin. The hashing there is specialized enough that it is not really possible to do anything else other than mining Bitcoin with those ASICs. ETH seems to be just a few months away from PoS for a few years by now... A good use for that hardware would be to be dormant as much as possible and not running 24/7 turning into e-waste faster.
  4. Use your regular key to sign a transaction that re-enables the master key. (https://xrpl.org/accountset.html#accountset-flags - "You can disable asfDisableMaster (that is, re-enable the master key pair) using a regular key pair or multi-signature.")
  5. Windows 7 is out of support for years now. Depending on the amounts involved you should immediately cut power to that machine and remove the hard disk. Then create a 1:1 image of the disk, copy that image a second time and only pry around on that second copy. There is some tiny chance that there's still a temporary file or something somewhere on it that Excel for example stored. If you just boot the machine over and over, restart excel and wallet software and whatnot that chance gets smaller and smaller. Then on the other hand it might just not be worth the efforts and cheaper just to buy again and learn from the experience.
  6. "manipulate the price"... that would just be actually doing trades. You know, the activity of price discovery itself.
  7. There are a few people who operate full history servers. Sharing history data in a reliable way hopefully will get easier, once rippled uses deterministic shards (I think it should finally have landed in 1.8). Until then, you need to somewhat trust the person that gave you the database to import into your own node.
  8. I don't think the network was down, only the nodes from SDF? Kinda like what would happen if Ripple suddenly switched off their s1/s2 clusters and the Data API - lots of services that (ab-)use this free infrastructure would break, but the network would be largely unaffected. But try convincing people of that, if their favorite website just shows error messages when they want to query the "Ripple" network.
  9. I don't think that this is a very good use case for XRPL. Yes, it can be (ab)used in that way but it only works because nobody does this at scale. If they did, you'd likely no longer have free and open access to on ledger data and especially memos just like that because you're leeching public resources which will push back if they are used in that way.
  10. Try the person or company that sold you or supports your wallet software, whatever it is. You don't give enough information here to help you any more than that.
  11. There are no full history nodes probably, so you either need to operate one yourself or you're at the mercy of whatever people set for online_delete there.
  12. Cool, so where is the XRPL integration on that Orion Terminal?
  13. Use Payment channels if you have these high requirements. What's your use case?
  14. You're close: https://xrpl.org/subscribe.html#order-book-streams is the one you want, after getting the initial full order book via book_offers.
  15. That's expected behavior by the way(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NaN#Comparison_with_NaN), but I don't see how this is relevant for API or WebSocket access.
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