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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citro├źn logo with one of the parts flipped.
  2. Who is "we" by the way? Coil?
  3. They probably do have some rules, which are to be revealed later (either after they "get to the destination" or at least once a blog post has been written about them). The criteria outlined so far clearly are not the ones Ripple uses as requirement - maybe only as an indication?
  4. Sukrim

    XRPCHAT as a private forum

    Not with the current tiny instances imho.
  5. With something like Escrow for issued currencies/IOUs it should be possible to implement simple forms of atomic swaps though, but this is not implemented at the moment - both Escrow and PayChan are XRP exclusive.
  6. I would also add the question if they actually care about the XRPL and its users. Will the amendment-block everything because they run only whatever the standard config says? Will they participate in discussions about reserve amounts? What's their opinion on increasing/lowering them for example? How have they voted on amendments so far? [Edit: is there even some indication that they have actively voted at all, meaning they are aware of this feature and competent to use it?]
  7. Sukrim

    Is my node gone?

    Is that the validation pubkey or the one of your node? Please post the output of the server_info RPC call and the config file you're using if you want help, your post doesn't have enough information to debug this further.
  8. Old news, buying bitcoin nearly everywhere (in every tobacco store and most gas stations) is possible since 2015, Bitpanda launched a bit later but with more currencies.
  9. You sound confused and I'm not sure I understand you. I'm talking about https://developers.ripple.com/issued-currencies.html - this has nothing to do with ERC20. Please describe what problem you actually want to solve (maybe with an example, like "Alice has 100 BRL physically as cash in her hand and wants to trade them for USD/Bitstamp on XRPL") and please consider that I'm not native in English so please be a bit more verbose. :-)
  10. On-ledger yes, for example against BTC/Bitstamp. Against native BTC you'd probably need to lobby for the inclusion of the Checks amendment or (better) for enabling IOU-Escrows.
  11. That's what trading is, yes. You can even chain these swaps which is the "path" component of a transaction.
  12. Sukrim

    Nano S Recovery Phase

    Pencil or proper ink doesn't fade, make sure you use acid free paper and at least one other medium (e.g. wood, metal...) as well as 2-3 different physical locations. Natural disasters are a thing, as are house fires.
  13. Still an exit scam would even be covered by your ToS... You are offering more like a notray/insurance service, not a blog hosting service or a place to share cat pictures.
  14. Sukrim

    Set a node on topology map

    If your node's public key is visible on https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/topology that's all you can do. The code is open sourced, so if the IP geolocation database is bad, you can maybe fix it.
  15. The manifest doesn't contain any info that you hope it would in 2+3. I haven't found ANY public proof for the things that Ripple wants to see for calling a validator "verified". This is just done via a private google spreadsheet by some anonymous Ripple employee(s).