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  1. Get a free cloudflare account and pop the forum behind that. They probably even already tried that, judging by the certificate that was served a while a few days back. Alternatively communicate with the community if someone would be interested in taking this over (hosting an old php forum is not a thankful job, but the stored history and knowledge alone might be worth it). I don't know about the DoS problems (it was available for me when I looked), so I don't know what the type of these attacks was and if a read-only mode would have helped. They don't owe me anything (other than the most recent bug bounty that still isn't paid after a week), I did this as a volunteer. I just feel frustrated because I at least hoped that this is at least being appreciated somewhere by someone and not just cast aside without further notice.
  2. I don't have access to my private messages on there using the wayback machine any more, search doesn't work there either and not everything is archived. As the only active moderator on there I was given no prior notice or warning whatsoever and all I got over the years for investing hundreds of hours into making sure their forum stays clean was literally a t-shirt, a letter and a few stickers half a decade ago. Sorry, but that's not enough to make me at peace.
  3. Von welchen Artikeln sprichst du? Hast du da Links oder sonstige Quellen dazu?
  4. Maybe I'd been run over by a Tesla in SF if I went there instead, who knows. Not much point in thinking about the past and things that can't be changed any more. It's not like I'm not reachable for their recruiters or anything.
  5. I asked for an internship next to my studies a few years back, they responded a few months later that they lost my mail and now have selected interns already. These days I'm not sure if I want to live in the US and I haven't ever heard back from my inquiry if (mostly) remote work from the EU would be ok for them. I'll take another look at this transaction and transactions like it, I never really got around to implement the transaction analysis tool I wanted/started to build. Definitely a slightly weird outcome, reducing 2 open offers like that.
  6. I disagree, it was common practice to just send yourself some currency to get a different currency instead of doing a limit order. If the official forum did still exist (RIP, apparently they killed it a few days ago after silently killing the wiki) I could look up some threads. Circular payments are still not allowed, this is a "self" payment (the starting and end currency are not the same). The multiple paths come because ripple-client would look up several paths for you before sending IOUs. You might also have overlooked the date on that transaction - it happened 5 years ago.
  7. No, nothing was traded: Depends on what you want to scrape...? I mean it is a transaction after all, but it didn't do a lot. I already told you the things that occurred in the transaction (2 offers' amounts were reduced and a few drops burned for fees). A proper "scraper" of course should know that this transaction exists (it is a valid historic transaction on the main chain), it depends on what information you want to extract from the data afterwards if you think that this is relevant for your analysis. If you want to check how many XRP were burned per day that's a different story than if you were to look at how much value was transfered in total (that would be a really tough thing to define in the first place).
  8. Why measure price mainly in USD at all if you can compare it to e.g. BTC or ETH - which are at least in the same asset class? Comparing to US Dollars, bushels of wheat or grams of illegal drugs doesn't really make sense and these are arbitrary, free floating values anyways that are influenced by very different events or developments.
  9. How would one actually get in contact with them though and what do they want, proposal wise? "I propose to build a proper web interface for visualizing transactions properly for XX.XXX USD, here's my bank account!" probably won't fly I guess, on the other hand this stuff is impossible to monetize (yes, even with Coil existing). https://developers.ripple.com/transaction-formats.html - There's plenty of information... https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/49522DFAD0A35174663285BD6149437C3D4F2B6F1456E33C26129332915981D7 took out the fee from the sending account and just decreased amounts on an open offer in an order book by the same user. Looks a bit funny though, but in essence the user said "I want to convert some of my CNY to USD" while having offers for both currencies open, so it just reduced the amounts of these offers accordingly instead of having to actually trade on the market. Issuing a payment to yourself is just a way to automatically trigger pathfinding.
  10. In practice I have yet to hear from anyone running a server successfully on HDDs.
  11. That's just because the whitepaper was updated with information that the original one is wrong in some places: https://ripple.com/files/ripple_consensus_whitepaper.pdf See the red box on the first page in the top right corner. Not worth another hype video, but then again I earn my money in other ways...
  12. Not in general since this data is not stored. Ripple runs a service on their own to track this, but their track record is less than stellar (pun intended). You could write something or extend Ripple's software (it is open source) to get these metrics though.
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