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  1. Sukrim

    Ripple-lib 1.0 beta 1

    Just making a screenshot every time a team merges the currently approved PRs and adding a bit of speculation is not "fantastic research" imho. If you want to do that too, you can subscribe to the respective repositories and will get a notification by Github...
  2. It can't be automatically encoded in the ledger, but you could build a system to do this for you of course. Extremely easy to game and also not a good idea in my opinion to reward people for normal activity (and it would encourage just creating many more new accounts rather than waiting for 18 months with that structure), but that's up for you to decide. Imagine you have only 50k users - do you really think Ripple will supply you with 50 million XRP just so you can hand them out to your users?
  3. Sukrim

    Securing Validators - Nikb

    That's for RPC/WebSocket requests though, I am not sure if/how the Peer Protocol can even be loadbalanced.
  4. Sukrim

    Securing Validators - Nikb

    How do you build and/or configure a load balancer for the (undocumented) peer protocol?
  5. Just a linear relationship to the daily prices, not actually any measurement or calculations beyond that. :-/
  6. Sukrim

    Without ripple library

    https://github.com/rubblelabs/ripple/tree/master/data is also a good resource if you are more into Golang than Java, Javascript or C++.
  7. It seems like a trivial change, have you tried suggesting it via an issue or PR on Github?
  8. They seem to have focused on small pain points of existing functionality while XRPL has added larger features but slightly neglected the existing incremental changes.
  9. Sukrim

    1.0.0 proposed

    No. That's just the build type, which you would know if you were actually building rippled regularly.
  10. Sukrim

    Re-keying ripple account

    You can't successfully re-key your account if you don't have the new key. You likely just tried to re-key your old account, but didn't succeed, right? It also gave you the following popup:
  11. Sukrim

    Re-keying ripple account

    Depending on what you actually have, this is like stating "I lost the keys to my old lock, but I got new ones from eBay - but they don't work!"... On the other hand, who knows, maybe you might be able to recover your funds just fine with what you have? It's hard to tell from the outside.
  12. Sukrim

    Safari/Key Bug Update

    The gatehub wallet is closed source, go contact their support staff - there's little anyone outside their company can do to help you.
  13. Sukrim

    History Sharding & Backfill Speed

    Since it is only a debug level message, it is likely benign. Maybe a peer sent you an IP of one of its peers that you can't reach or that doesn't actually have a rippled server running any more or you got this IP from a while ago in your peer cache and it is now no longer active.
  14. Sukrim

    History Sharding & Backfill Speed

    It will fetch history from all connected nodes that serve it and backfill down to 0 (if possible). Long startup times are a limitation of your storage system (if using --load) or your peers/network (if using --net).
  15. Sukrim

    History Sharding & Backfill Speed

    server_history = full and remove the online_delete/advisory_delete stuff.