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  1. Cool, so where is the XRPL integration on that Orion Terminal?
  2. Use Payment channels if you have these high requirements. What's your use case?
  3. You're close: https://xrpl.org/subscribe.html#order-book-streams is the one you want, after getting the initial full order book via book_offers.
  4. That's expected behavior by the way(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NaN#Comparison_with_NaN), but I don't see how this is relevant for API or WebSocket access.
  5. Well, make me an offer I can't refuse and be ready to pay up front...
  6. Alright, then you're just in the wrong forum section, I assumed you actually wanted some help. Good luck on your journey. If anyone reading this is actually interested in XRPL and building on it, just get in touch.
  7. Cool. What have you done/built with this access? What's missing for you to start working on your XRPL based project? A mentor? Live-chat? Examples from other people? Documentation? I'm suspicious, because for me personally over the years there has been a LOT of noise and very little actual output from people that wanted more direct access to experts. It's often easier to start building something and then asking for help than asking for a lot of resources and then... reinforce your confidence in XRP's future and make you less scared? That seems the thing that you are after, looking at your
  8. I'm not aware of a "purging" operation, maybe something broke. There's not enough info in this post to help you any further than that, sorry.
  9. Do you want to take part in discussions and do you have a project running or are you just interested in some "developer activity" metric for guessing how many USD your stack of XRP might be worth in 2 years from now?
  10. https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/3-alt-coins-and-general-fintech/ might be a better fit, since this has nothing to do with XRP.
  11. There is no hint about online_delete in the post, it is not vmware, and since 10 peers are connected it is unlikely that it is a firewall issue.
  12. There is a timestamp, however it seems that the partial validations contained the then-current timestamp and there was no real way (or benefit) to rewrite all ledger headers after validations were no longer partial. Remember that ledger header hashes are also part of the ledger itself and they in turn can influence the ordering (and thus outcome) of transactions.
  13. What about https://github.com/ripple/rippled-specs/ if we're on the topic of private information about XRPL?
  14. Not really, especially since validations and consensus related messages are ephemeral and not logged or collected anywhere. It also isn't easy to do for someone who might want to start such an archive. Some indications might be transaction volume going down (since also a lot of nodes were not really working well during that time), but in general just by looking at ledger headers there's no way someone can find out after the fact that for some time some ledgers were only partially validated. Maybe this is different in newer versions of rippled though.
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