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  1. I think the incomng swell is more interesting bc of some changes like xPring, Coil, Codius and Cobalt
  2. This time they will invite some of the people on silicon valley like mark zuck
  3. Its good to be back! So does Swell.ripple.com
  4. Japan really loves Ripple and XRP.....the file below straight from the japanese regulator itself https://www.fsa.go.jp/news/30/singi/20180615-3.pdf
  5. Cast your vote on facebook, make sure its xrp! https://poll.fbapp.io/which-coins-would-you-like-to-see-on-dx-exchange/WQDcMDyj?from=user_wall&v=254 https://poll.fbapp.io/polls/which-coins-would-you-like-to-see-on-dx-exchange/forms/84658303/thankyou
  6. Anothe waste of time, no need to go to court
  7. First of the ‘big five’ banks to move from Visa as Mastercard seeks to grow in the UK Santander will become the first of the UK’s ‘big five’ high street banks to issue debit cards through Mastercard from next year, marking a major step in the payments group’s efforts to fight Visa’s dominance in the sector. Santander UK, which has more than 9m debit cards in issue — almost 10 per cent of the UK total — will begin moving customers to Mastercard as their existing cards expire from the first quarter of 2019. Mark Barnett, Mastercard divisional president for the UK, said the deal would give it “real scale in the UK debit card market”, and was “proof that Mastercard’s debit card solutions offer all the flexibility, security and convenience banks and their cardholders require in today’s digital age”. More than 95 per cent of debit cards in the UK run on Visa’s network, but Mastercard has signed up several smaller banks since Visa’s European arm was bought out by Visa Inc in 2016. This was previously owned by a co-operative of European banks, with the value of each bank’s stake dependent on the volume of transactions they handled. Analysts warned at the time of the €21bn deal that it could allow Mastercard to win back some of the business that had previously been tied to its rival. TSB — which has around 4.5 per cent of the debit card market — is due to move its debit card portfolio to Mastercard later in the year which, with the Santander agreement, is expected to bring Mastercard’s market share close to 20 per cent. Matt Hall, Santander UK director of banking and unsecured credit, said the partnership “will enable us to give better payment solutions to our customers and look forward to rolling out the new cards from next year”. Mastercard’s push into the UK follows last year’s £700m acquisition of Vocalink, which builds real-time payments infrastructure, from a consortium of British banks. Vocalink is aiming to launch a separate service this year allowing customers to pay for online purchases directly from their current accounts, cutting out the need to use a debit card. The company has signed up several banks that issue cards through Visa — including Barclays and HSBC — to join the programme. https://www.ft.com/content/7d6f5e48-4d53-11e8-8a8e-22951a2d8493?segmentid=acee4131-99c2-09d3-a635-873e61754ec6
  8. UpayCard, authorised and regulated by FCA from UK added xrp! https://www.upaycard.com/en/ https://latestcasinobonuses.com/news/upaycard-now-supports-ripple
  9. This is it! Mastercard in partnership with SBI! Whoah! http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/pr/2018/0420_11065.html
  10. A debit card mainly for btc but it seems they open the door to xrp to list! https://help.cryptopay.me/l/en/exchange-between-accounts/how-to-manage-wallets-in-cryptopay-account
  11. Is their any chance to create a coin with pure gold on the center ? Not just a gold plated.
  12. Soon to open on July 2018 to canadians offering precious metals, crypto and fiat currencies https://preciouswallet.io/
  13. Bought my first xrp on poloniex then bittrex then binance and currently on bitstamp! Bitstamp is the best among the 4 i mentioned
  14. As long as xrp listed it will add liquidity even the volume is small.
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