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  1. Got it, thanks. I hope they lose
  2. “Stonewalling” - delay or block a request I hope R3 will lose
  3. Expect news from Google soon

    Lol, google is a long time investors of ripple since 2013, specifically google ventures. 😀
  4. Not a fan of coindesk and the worst cointelegraph
  5. Information war on Reddit

    I dont have idea whats their plan. But im sure theres something going on behind.
  6. Information war on Reddit

    I can make a decentralized reddit if u want
  7. Swell Part 2

  8. Swell Part 2

    The venue still unclear
  9. Banks adopting Ripple and Ethereum

    One of the world’s largest financial transaction facilitators, American Express, adopting Ripple portends future demand from it and other banking institutions. On that basis one might see the current price as still very much in its formative stage. https://www.ainsliebullion.com.au/gold-silver-bullion-news/banks-adopting-ripple-and-ethereum/tabid/88/a/1668/default.aspx
  10. Ripple will be on Goldmoney

    They pivoted perhaps
  11. Ripple- Is it the next Bitcoin?

    Yeah full of mistakes but RT by Patrick Griffin, SVP of Business Development for Ripple 😂
  12. Ripple (xrp) will soon on Goldmoney for real time audit growth of cryptocurrency
  13. Ripple- Is it the next Bitcoin?

    Its like the yin and the yang, compliment to each other.
  14. Is Ripple a Bitcoin rival? Ripple positions itself as a complement to, rather than a competitor to Bitcoin. Ripple is a payment system, international remittance network, and currency exchange system.... http://www.marketexpress.in/2017/11/ripple-is-it-the-next-bitcoin.html