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  1. This is it! Mastercard in partnership with SBI! Whoah! http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/news/pr/2018/0420_11065.html
  2. A debit card mainly for btc but it seems they open the door to xrp to list! https://help.cryptopay.me/l/en/exchange-between-accounts/how-to-manage-wallets-in-cryptopay-account
  3. Is their any chance to create a coin with pure gold on the center ? Not just a gold plated.
  4. Soon to open on July 2018 to canadians offering precious metals, crypto and fiat currencies https://preciouswallet.io/
  5. Xrphunter

    How do you acquire XRP

    I bought today crypto to xrp
  6. Xrphunter

    How do you acquire XRP

    Bought my first xrp on poloniex then bittrex then binance and currently on bitstamp! Bitstamp is the best among the 4 i mentioned
  7. Xrphunter

    Vote On Twitter To Add XRP To Bitwage

    Ltc is heading up, dont let them win 😂
  8. Xrphunter

    LBX adds Ripple to coin array

    As long as xrp listed it will add liquidity even the volume is small.
  9. Xrphunter

    Vote On Twitter To Add XRP To Bitwage

    Heres the link Hello zerps! Lets vote for xrp on bitwage !
  10. The news is all over on twitter and yahoo.
  11. Whatever they do, i still dont like abra. Bitstamp is the best exchange for me