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    Javim777 reacted to Andy_79 in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    We will see, either XRP will go up or drop down to 0.006 again
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    Javim777 reacted to wasniewskikamil in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    Xrp isn't a share in Ripple business. That's completely different thing, than shares. 
    Its really hard to predict future price and basically its just guessing. 
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    Javim777 reacted to moncho in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    Hello All,
    Obvious differences aside (different asset class and market maturity), I posted a blog recently where I give my opinion of how Amazon stock price over the years can teach us a few things about XRP.
    The part that caught my attention about Amazon stock was its 35 month downtrend from 2003 to 2006. Those who were patient enough were handsomely rewarded.
    Do you think XRP has the potential to follow a similar trajectory as AMZN?
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    Javim777 reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple customer revealed in Indonesia   
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    Javim777 reacted to DirectorCoulson in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Isnt ripple funding r3's development withthe contract about the 5 billion xrp? 
    Could someone answer me this. Thanks 
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    Javim777 reacted to Julian_Williams in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
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    Javim777 reacted to elias in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Is this the "dozens of banks" guy?
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    this time it's different thanks to bitcoin and crypto. it was made just for that. crisis is coming, the fed has no ammo left.
    I think it's starting. gold is on the move
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    If tomrrow there is a financial crisis (and I think it's coming) people will buy gold silver and bitcoin.
    BTC is slow, in that case it will take i guess a week for 1 damn confirmation. also high fee's. there will be demand for a faster, low fee asset.
    XLM is a good choice. It fulfills the demand and also no one has 50b of it in escrows. In XRP case it is horrible. it will give the criminals at the IMF and FED access to do what they have been doing for years. Printing money. Inflating. The middle and poor class are the one who pay their criminal activites. If it keeps this way, We will never be able to buy a house. We will not be able to own a car. We will be slaves. because of their money printing and QE's
    if there is a financial crisis no one will ever trust the banks again. this is the purpose of crypto. XRP should burn their escrows. im not talking on the short term!
    escrows are a crime. stealing money no matter how you look at it.
    important one
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    Javim777 reacted to Ryyy20 in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    I also think something is in the works. They’ve been pretty silent for some time now (no new xpring investments in quite some time). 
    i went back and read this extremely juicy ripple insights:
    I like to think these guys “know” where this industry is heading. The part about exchanges consolidating as more traditional players enter is also very interesting. Could we see coinbase/binance being bought by someone like nasdaq or fidelity? 
    seems like the whole team is bullish on 2020
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    Javim777 reacted to SquaryBone in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Let's hope Ripple stays "neutral" instead become a product that's even more competed.
    Wouldn't a buyout by Google end the journey for XRP?
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    Javim777 reacted to baggy23 in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Big names starting to buy fintech/blockchain companies. Visa who was an early investor in Plaid, now bought the company.
    Guess who is an early investor in Ripple: Google Ventures! Possible buy-out of Ripple to come?
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    Javim777 reacted to itcdominic in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    There is not one single successful company I know that likes to lose good people.  And when people leave there are a host of reasons why....sometimes because the company no longer needs them, or wants them, or???  Sometimes the employee does not like the leadership,  or doesn't like the culture, or has a better opportunity.  
    The good companies do all they can to keep A players, develop B players.....and replace C Players.
    Based on the speculation for others on this XRPChat......they only see one potential option.....That these players are leaving on their own because the company @Ripple is a dying dead-end company.
    This is the company that just secured $200M in funding and has a valuation of $10B (With a B).
    Could Ripple crash and burn......yep....bigger companies have died.......but doing my own research.....I don't think so.
    Do your own research and form your own opinion.
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    Javim777 reacted to Caracappa in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    Apply for a job at Ripple's HR department. Then you can see everybody come and go.
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    Javim777 reacted to DirectorCoulson in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    Somehow i get the feeling that we dont get told about everything and all the concerns floating around are making more sense when ripple executives are leaving 
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    Javim777 reacted to madToo in Anyone Buying?   
    I periodically look (every week or two) at XRP Stats and enter a wallet size of 200,000. Chosen because it is a serious enough size without being too out of reach.
    There are between 10 to 15 wallets with larger values than 200,000 being added each time I look. I don't look at percentage as there are too many dead / insignificant wallets that skew that figure.
    So yes I think there are reasonable positions being built up even in this market.
    Today's value is 6878 if you want to monitor 
    Obviously this does not differentiate between individual wallets held on exchanges.
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    Javim777 got a reaction from Z3NInvestor in Anyone Buying?   
    I am waiting now. I have my first buy order around $0.03.  Next one at $0.01 and then buy weekly around $0.0065.
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    Javim777 reacted to Sceptic in I'm back and I'm MORE bearish than ever!   
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    Javim777 reacted to Sceptic in I'm back and I'm MORE bearish than ever!   
    So I've been away a while. I've been holidaying in Latin America mainly funded by shorting crypto. Admittedly the recent upsurge in some cryptos, notably NOT xrp btw, has been a mild annoyance but I'm still MORE bearish than ever. Whilst sipping on cocktails I noticed many derisory comments on my old thread entitled:"haha where are all the hodlers now".
    When xrp was experiencing an anaemic appreciation my thread exploded with ridicule, further reinforcing my belief that most long positions are naive and over ambitious with their 589 ambition.
    I am MORE BEARISH THAN EVER! I saw from afar how most here revelled in the xrp uptick...only to decry the recent stagnation of late. 
    I came back and saw ludicrous predictions of 589 this and 500 that. 
    Question....what will it take for hodlers to realise they are flogging a dead horse now? 
    Question...how do you justify 589 when 1 dollar can't even be broken
    Question....how is it that despite the impressive (and I concede they are impressive) announcements regarding xrp and ripple entrenchment systemically, xrp is still lagging behind coins with the most irrelevant ostensible use.
    I invite intellectual debate....
    Any comments that are derisory, nonsensical and abusive will be taken for what they are....senseless and self-deceived blind hope.
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    Javim777 reacted to TheyLive in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    Beenz had 100 Million behind its revolutionarry currency and look whats it worth now.
    Seperate the product from the company. 
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    This forum is for everybuddy and everybuddys opinions should be accepted. You can answer back and discuss instead of fighting like kids
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    Dont fight. Answer my question please
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    Javim777 reacted to BruceWhale in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    With this kind of FUD, you can unfollow the site for the next 4 decades.
    Thank you.
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    Javim777 reacted to mrhat75 in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    Oh you poor thing. You didn't become a millionaire overnight on your $2,000 dollar investment. Boo hoo
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    Javim777 reacted to XRPage in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    Believe me, he won't answer, and if he does he will come with some bullshit about rails being built or lack of regulations. Banks were gonna use XRP in 2018, 2019 and now 2020. There will be always excuses and delays. He is rich by dumping XRP on retail, just like Brad or Larson. Don’t believe what anyone working at Ripple says.
    Ripple is distancing from XRP and at some point it will just vanish. All that money they are raising is for paying their lawyers.
    Btw, I haven't followed this site for the past 4 months because of toxic behaviour against critic voices. 
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