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    Javim777 reacted to Andy_79 in Next big drop coming?   
    Hard to forecast but my gut feeling tells me that we haven‘t seen the bottom yet.
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    Javim777 reacted to FreedomGundam in XRP back to 37c   
    I'm back.. Lol
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    Javim777 reacted to xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life in Bulls?   
    Bulls out of hell 👹 6.66%
    There we go. "we won't see prices this low ever again" 😂
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    Javim777 reacted to Viggo in The big problem with XRP, and why you'll be waiting (a very long time)   
    OP you need to read @Chewiecoin post that XRP will reach $100 shortly. Very few has been more correct about XRP than @Chewiecoin
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    Javim777 reacted to crypto_deus in ODL and XRP Relationship   
    Relationship status: it's complicated...
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    Javim777 reacted to Kiwi in ODL and XRP Relationship   
    massive increase? lol
    why do you think 4m in wash trading would effect the price? Wait until we see hundreds of millions going through xrapid..
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    Javim777 reacted to LetHerRip in ODL and XRP Relationship   
    The answer is easy, ODL is practically non existent. A little over 10 million XRP is being used via ODL today. 10 million out of 100 Billion. That's 0.01% of XRP supply. Nothing.
    Supply is too much, ODL isn't going to put a pressure on supply or price any time soon.
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    Javim777 got a reaction from LetHerRip in IPO arguments   
    The positive thing about the IPO is that the steering comity can fire Garlinghouse.
    Imo is good thing. Ripple need new ideas and perspective and not the same speech for 5 years now. 
    And this IPO maybe can be the trigger to the next bull run. It can be used by the whales to pump and dump the price. SO sell everything in 2021.
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    Javim777 reacted to Jotaro in IPO arguments   
    I still remember last year everyone is saying ripple would never want to do an IPO, because it will be bad that they will have external parties start intervening in their mission of Internet of Value. Ripple can just keep selling XRP whenever fund is needed, their supply will last for a significant amount of time. 
    Now that ripple hinted for IPO, everyone be like changing tune and saying how good it is for ripple xrp. Suddenly I felt like ripple supporters can view everything in optimism no matter the circumstances, which somehow worries me, as if the supporters are blindly supporting and sees everything in positive light and feed those info to folks out there via YouTube etc. 
    After listening to both sides of story, my assumption is that if they don't go for IPO, they'd be holding too much power as a private company if they were to succeed in the mission. Government is not going to give up control and let ripple to become a more powerful entity than gov itself, thus an IPO is needed. 
    And a large part of the external parties that participate in the IPO will likely to be those want to maintain control such as gov itself or people relating to it, so the success of ripple and gov is linked, the mission is now likely to succeed with gov blessing, despite diluting company control via IPO, that's how i would view it in positive light. 
    On the other hand, ripple don't really have to do IPO, the xrp they have for sale is more than enough to raise funds, but will be criticised by public for selling xrp to suppress price yada yada. 
    Let's discuss. Positive or negative? Agree with my view? 
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    Javim777 reacted to facts_dispenser in The big problem with XRP, and why you'll be waiting (a very long time)   
    You will be waiting 10+ years for XRP to hit 30 USD. Why? Because of a specific buzzword you are sure to hear going around...
    Let's look at this word. It comprises of two parts: Fin - finance, and tech - technology. There is already a problem here. Finance moves incredibly slowly and is anti-innovation, technology moves very fast and is pro-innovation. Bang. And therein lies the fundamental problem when it comes to XRP: the clash of industries.
    Let's look at cloud adoption as an analogy. Cloud really took off late 2000's, and are large corporations hosting critical processes in the cloud? Nope. Why? Because they're big and they move slowly. They may host non-critical workloads in the cloud, but on-premise private cloud is still a thing and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.
    Now with XRP. Banks, especially T1 Banks, are some of the slowest and most clunky of the large corporations, whereas XRP is some of the trendiest and most cutting-edge of technologies. What do you think will happen when these two contrasting worlds collide? I mean, good heavens, Banks have stuck with Swift for almost 50 years for a reason - they really do not like change. What makes you think they'll migrate their critical workloads over to the XRP ledger in 1, 2 or 3 years? Stop being silly.
    A common criticism:
    People like to bring up Facebook and Instragram adoption rates by the end user, and like to tout this as evidence that XRP will grow in a similar fashion. WRONG, and it really pisses me off when people present this reasoning, actually. XRP focuses its utility on the backend where no user is directly involved; Facebook, Instragram and the like are focusing on the front-end user. They are completely different beasts. If you want XRP's price to go up, its backend usage needs to increase, to hell with BitPay and small transactions from the front-end users, that isn't what you should be looking for.
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    Javim777 reacted to DirectorCoulson in ECB Governing Council Press Conference - 23 January 2020 at 14:30 CET, Livestream   
    Mrs Lagarde  Brad garlington and steve mnuchin are announcing XRP today.  The official Ripple partnership. At least this is what they tell me on the Internet. They have nice graphics as proof and so on. 
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    Javim777 reacted to Andy_79 in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    We will see, either XRP will go up or drop down to 0.006 again
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    Javim777 reacted to wasniewskikamil in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    Xrp isn't a share in Ripple business. That's completely different thing, than shares. 
    Its really hard to predict future price and basically its just guessing. 
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    Javim777 reacted to moncho in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    Hello All,
    Obvious differences aside (different asset class and market maturity), I posted a blog recently where I give my opinion of how Amazon stock price over the years can teach us a few things about XRP.
    The part that caught my attention about Amazon stock was its 35 month downtrend from 2003 to 2006. Those who were patient enough were handsomely rewarded.
    Do you think XRP has the potential to follow a similar trajectory as AMZN?
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    Javim777 reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple customer revealed in Indonesia   
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    Javim777 reacted to DirectorCoulson in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Isnt ripple funding r3's development withthe contract about the 5 billion xrp? 
    Could someone answer me this. Thanks 
  17. Haha
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    Javim777 reacted to elias in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Is this the "dozens of banks" guy?
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    this time it's different thanks to bitcoin and crypto. it was made just for that. crisis is coming, the fed has no ammo left.
    I think it's starting. gold is on the move
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    Javim777 reacted to Xill in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    If tomrrow there is a financial crisis (and I think it's coming) people will buy gold silver and bitcoin.
    BTC is slow, in that case it will take i guess a week for 1 damn confirmation. also high fee's. there will be demand for a faster, low fee asset.
    XLM is a good choice. It fulfills the demand and also no one has 50b of it in escrows. In XRP case it is horrible. it will give the criminals at the IMF and FED access to do what they have been doing for years. Printing money. Inflating. The middle and poor class are the one who pay their criminal activites. If it keeps this way, We will never be able to buy a house. We will not be able to own a car. We will be slaves. because of their money printing and QE's
    if there is a financial crisis no one will ever trust the banks again. this is the purpose of crypto. XRP should burn their escrows. im not talking on the short term!
    escrows are a crime. stealing money no matter how you look at it.
    important one
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    Javim777 reacted to Ryyy20 in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    I also think something is in the works. They’ve been pretty silent for some time now (no new xpring investments in quite some time). 
    i went back and read this extremely juicy ripple insights:
    I like to think these guys “know” where this industry is heading. The part about exchanges consolidating as more traditional players enter is also very interesting. Could we see coinbase/binance being bought by someone like nasdaq or fidelity? 
    seems like the whole team is bullish on 2020
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    Javim777 reacted to SquaryBone in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Let's hope Ripple stays "neutral" instead become a product that's even more competed.
    Wouldn't a buyout by Google end the journey for XRP?
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    Javim777 reacted to baggy23 in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Big names starting to buy fintech/blockchain companies. Visa who was an early investor in Plaid, now bought the company.
    Guess who is an early investor in Ripple: Google Ventures! Possible buy-out of Ripple to come?
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    Javim777 reacted to itcdominic in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    There is not one single successful company I know that likes to lose good people.  And when people leave there are a host of reasons why....sometimes because the company no longer needs them, or wants them, or???  Sometimes the employee does not like the leadership,  or doesn't like the culture, or has a better opportunity.  
    The good companies do all they can to keep A players, develop B players.....and replace C Players.
    Based on the speculation for others on this XRPChat......they only see one potential option.....That these players are leaving on their own because the company @Ripple is a dying dead-end company.
    This is the company that just secured $200M in funding and has a valuation of $10B (With a B).
    Could Ripple crash and burn......yep....bigger companies have died.......but doing my own research.....I don't think so.
    Do your own research and form your own opinion.
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    Javim777 reacted to Caracappa in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    Apply for a job at Ripple's HR department. Then you can see everybody come and go.
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