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  1. Javim777

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    I think that Bittrex & Ripple will first begin the test phase August 20. It will take some time to complete and go to production.
  2. Javim777

    xRapid Brings on Three New Exchange Partners

    The pieces are coming together😀 Bitso and coinph were expected. But Bittrex!!!! Officially!!! I dont know guys but I am more happy that we slapped Coinbase on the face😂🤣😂🤣 Brad is drinking champagne on front of Coinbase headquarters tonight🚤
  3. Technically XRP has no use case now, so we are going to fall hard. Until XRapid begins running XRP are not used.
  4. Javim777

    XRP Free Fall

    Can you please refer to the articles link? Much appreciated.
  5. Sincerally, somebody has changed my original titel. It was not me. I copied and pasted the articles title when I started this topic. Weird...
  6. ambcrypto.com/lawsuit-against-ripple-denied-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel/amp/?__twitter_impression=true “Ripple wanted this in federal court and the plaintiff wanted it to stay in California. Ripples attorneys know what they are doing. If Ripple wins in federal court than this becomes federal law. This is a big advantage for Ripples side.”
  7. Before December bull run, XRP went down to the fifth position. I don't think that is relevant.
  8. It's seems like the exchange Zb has it's own coin. Like binance one BNB.
  9. While the buying volume is low there is nothing that can stop further decline. At which price? Who knows... I see a support at $0.32 in bitstamp. Let's follow the developments of the events.
  10. Javim777

    Bear Market

    What do you mean? Shall I sell?😁
  11. Deja vu. Same scenario before December bull run. Once they are done with bitcoin bull run they will switch their gains to pump xrp. Whatever, just speculation, who knows... One thing is sure we still depend on BTC.
  12. Strategies are different from one person to another. The goal is making money. If you are doing your due diligence, and are good at trading so why not? Not everybody has the capability and right psycholgy to trade. Personally, I preffer to sit back and wait. Have no time or energy to invest. Moreover, we shall pay tax even when switching from a crypto to another. If you earn in one and loose in others then you are screwed. You shall then put the difference from your pocket. Anyway, good luck and hope that you will do well.
  13. I think that SBI is doing it very well. They are taking it step by step. Security, custody, scalability , capacity of the exchange. They want to make sure that everything is working well.