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  1. A new exchange is good for XRP liquidity but! A new exchange means the market makers (Huobi pro) get a lot of XRP at good price to make the market. If the price sky rockets the first hour its good opportunity for them to sell high and later buy back low. Plus I dont think that they will allow $0.3 xrp in Huobi pro while in Bitstamp there is no such huge demand to follow up this rise. I think that they need to offer a similar (Not exact) price tag with tightest spread in all exchanges. However, XRP ecosystem is growing and paving the way for XRP goal as bridge currency.
  2. Huobi XRP Announcement for Nov 23rd

    XRP is the most suitable bridge currency for the Chinese government. They have restrictions when it comes to Yuan capital control. You do not need to fund multiple Nostro Conto with Yuan to do your business, instead you can exchange it directly XRP/CNY, and send Ripple. Thus, the Yuan will stay at home. I am very optimistic in long term when it comes to China.
  3. Man you should be more original hhhh The community is used to this kind of posts
  4. Total distributed includes futures deals aswell. Sometimes if the deal breaks they usually withdraw it from the circulating supply.
  5. Ripple CEO and Coinbase CEO with others had already met in one conference last months. I do not remember the conference name. In my opinion Garlinghouse will not miss the opportunity to talk to Coinbase CEO.
  6. Market makers. In their pursuit to offer tight spread and better price for transfers. Spikes usually higher the spread, if are not followed by a huge amount of placed buy orders in the order book. In my opinion, the price will increase slowly upon the time. All the sudden spikes will be followed by a huge dump. The positive thing is that after every spike/dump we have a new higher low. Please correct me if I´m wrong.
  7. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    We are two
  8. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Guys this is just the beginning, wait until the news spreads proprely. The Koreans will get crazy
  9. Thanks, it seems like Australia will begin with Cross-Boarder payments and join Mexico (Cuallix) the 1 of December
  10. https://instantglobalpayments.com/ I found this link in XRP validators. Maybe you have already discuss it. Thoughts?
  11. I totally agree with you. The same attitude at Credit Suisse presentation. He is the one responsible for XRP liquidity...
  12. Lock up equals more bank adoption of XRP

    When it comes to XRapid, Ripple Company has already announced that they will announce XRapid partnership or whatever they call it this quarter Q4. I agree with you that the lock up is just a formality. But of course, is great step forward. Can you please give the source to this information? Thanks in advance.
  13. Imo if BTC correction occure, traders/bitcoin (Sellers) shall save their money somewhere. In Fiat? In Altcoins?