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  1. Imho the market manipulation has nothing to do with the price of XRP now. The manipulation is done via BTC, bull traps, dumps... XRP is just hanging there with BTC moves. The price of XRP now has more to do with the huge supply & Crypto winter. The markets sees no reason for the price to appreciate, while there is billions sitting on side to be sold. If the Crypto maket continues like that and bitcoin halving has no effect just be prepared for the worst... under 10 cents is sure thing.
  2. The supply is huge while the demand is very low. When they announced Escrow back then, it was unclear how much will be sold every month/quarter. Now we know that the demand is very low, the markets will price in this information and we will see more drop in price. Because For ODL we can just fill the books with more XRP, Bitstamp has more than a billion XRP. It will take a long long time before we can see some utility effect, until then lets hope for Crypto hype and bitcoin halving to stop this bloodbath.
  3. Easy money, easy money... Wait for the next Crypto bubble and sell...
  4. Coil guys worked at Ripple labs. Coil guys had a great idea. Coil guys quit Ripple labs. They are exited! We gone make it! After a while they realized how hard is it to make money! Coil guys think: if we just have XRP to sell, we will have all the money in the world. Coil guys goes back to Ripple labs talk a little bit about The internet of value and got 1billion xrp!!! Coil guys are happy. They grant 100 million dollars??!!! They grant??!! They have no money. Ripple lab are granting, distributing... Ok after the crypto winter the sight is more clear.
  5. Don't lose hope mate, Bictoin wales will come and help us. Why? Because they want to get more Bitcoin They buy (Pump) altcoins cheap paying in bitcoin and seeling (dump) back getting more bitcoin. Bitcoin havling is very close 05/2020, thus rally next year lets say end 2020/2021 is very possible. The crypto market as whole will pump then, we will see the same arguments for why this crypto is best or the other one is better. The media will begin covering the crypto market more and more bla bla bla. The trick is to stay focused and don't think that this time is different. It will take a lot of time for XRP to get higher value based on utility.....
  6. Yes, this is what I understood. They sell XRP cheaper to financial institutions to dump it on the market step by step. The retail investor is their wh*re. Get f**cked from all sides.
  7. Brad: Take your time, we have 3 to 5 years.
  8. Spoilers, If you will watch the interview don't continue reading: - Napster, 3-5 years, solving the trillion dollar problem, crawl walk run, 200 FI's using ripple, regulatory clarity, xrp not a security, level playing field, I'm long bitcoin, suitcase in a plane. Please feel free to add more
  9. Everything is possible. He is experienced trader, he can be wrong but his opinion matters. Hopa that he is wrong and Ripple are capable to manipulate up the price.
  10. You can add a lot of charity organisations that sells systematically as well. Saving the shimpanzis in Africa, Ellen Degeneres organization. R3 that had an option deal with Ripple for 5 billion XRP at 0.0085 any time untill 2019, the settlement after the lawsuit was never disclosed. Now we can officially add Coil, 1 Billion holder. I am not sure but this is what a remember now, please feel free to add more
  11. This is true is there is no more XRP in the market. But Ripple has 1 billion every month, they can fill market maker order book very fast and easy. Adoption is coming very slow, so we will not see a real impact until many many years. Money gram payments are micropayments that can be covered easily right now.
  12. Very sad budy... Here is what the taxe authority homeage states: If you are a private individual, you must declare your cryptocurrencies if you have, for example: - sold cryptocurrency - exchange a cryptocurrency with one or more other types of cryptocurrencies - exchange a cryptocurrency against a FIAT currency, ex USD - paid with cryptocurrency when buying an item (for example a pair of shoes) or a service (for example a taxi ride) - lent cryptocurrency - used cryptocurrency as a bet.
  13. Once you sell you should pay taxes. You should pay taxes when you change to USDT as well.
  14. I live in a country where capital gains are 30%. Just thinking about that, make me sick. I took the risk, went through a bear markets, stress, invested my already heavy taxed money... And they will take 30%. The problem with XRP, or crypto in general they are not stable. The pump and then dump... That it means you dont have time to change your residency to another country. By the time you are there and registred as legal resident the price has already dropped. You can not risk to quit your job, because you can geeetttt REEEEKKKKKTT. Taxation is theft.
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