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  1. New Petition on Change.org

    Why just 1$? Why just the lock up? Dream big man! Garlinghouse Chairman of the FED or even better IMF managing director.
  2. pull back in the horizon? https://cointelegraph.com/news/china-will-heavily-crack-down-on-all-bitcoin-trades
  3. Imo the correction has just begin. From technical perspective a correction is necessary and healthy for further appreciation. November is continuation of Segwit2x, thus, I am not saying that Bitcoin will not appreciate , just if it happens it will be after the Segwit.
  4. The game changer is XRP going live and the lockup... Until now SBI is the only company that gave concrete time for using XRP: autumn/winter...
  5. Imo we will see a strong correlation between XRP and BTC in the coming weeks. If Ripple has no more big announcement. Thus, BTC will recover to 4200, 4300 and XRP will follow. After that, a correction to 2200 for Bitcoin will take XRP down again. No news in the horizon, swell and Q3 report are the next events. It means the correlation will continue until then... Please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Exactly. And as you know is domino effect. The authorities has just declared war on Cryptos, which other countries will follow?
  7. This is the reason of the rebound: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-price-bounces-back-400-in-minutes-as-china-gives-huobi-okcoin-extra-month
  8. The correlation between BTC and XRP is obvious. BTC recover so XRP. If you think that BTC will go down, then XRP too and viceversa... BTC pull back from the ATH are supposed to go until 2200 (Theorically). My strategy is a following: BTC reaches 2200$ ---> Buy XRP XRP goes live -----> Buy Big partnership news regarding "XRP" ----> Depends... All the thinks that happens in between its just traders game.
  9. Why is Ripple down?

    I saw something very interesting, we are very close to the wall in POLO. The wall can be broken just if the volume is huge, traders switch from BTC to XRP . If the latter happens, I expect XRP begin an uptrend.
  10. I think that Bitcoin will go down even more... retest 2800 zone. We are not done yet. XRP/BTC, en polo we are very close to the Wall. Massive Shift from BTC to XRP Will show us if 0.17 is great support. Btw 0.17 is the long term trend support line. What do you think guys?
  11. Let's make a deal

    The war on Cryptos has just begin... China, Russia... expect more downside... Only big news from Ripple (keep an eye on tweeter) or XRP going live can revert this. So in my opinion, the downtrend will remain for a while... At the same time its unfair that XRP is treated the same way as all Cryptos... Big company, different locations, clear use case, regulated, partnership with recognized companies in the industry... ****
  12. For the moment, we still dependent on Crypto Traders, speculator and BTC... WE WANT OUR INDEPENDENCE FROM CRYPTOS! RIPPLE IS NOT BITCOIN. (Copied from: Catalunya is not Spain)
  13. Just my thoughts: Actually the actual upside/downtrend break (August) was triggered buy speculation on Swell by Ripple, the countdown. We have not seen yet XRP going live. The downside will continue... Maybe some ups and downs due to correlation with Bitcoin. The whole picture is negative for all Cryptos. China ban has mined the confidence of traders/Holders and the market sentiment has changed. It takes a long period of time before different players regain confidence. BTC China exchange will stop all trading from the 30/9. More Chinese exchanges will probably follow up. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-bitcoin-btcc/bitcoin-exchange-btcchina-to-stop-trading-cites-regulators-concerns-idUSKCN1BP1J8 If no big news from Ripple, the bearish momentum will remain. Please fell free to correct me.
  14. Imo we will see more downside movement.