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  1. Give you Hope, I will travel to Europe in May

    @MungerMore You can not miss the most beautiful women in the world
  2. Good point @Chewiecoin. Imo I think It depends of which kind of investor you are. I would prefer steady growth, for the simple reason that I am not a trader and I am satisfied with my XRP holdings.
  3. I read about Paraguay they have good tax system and not that complicated to get citizenship. I think zero taxes if you earn money outside the country.
  4. Imho I prefer to see XRP at 1$ or less derived from real use (XRAPID) than 10$ speculation...
  5. I call the cheapest price for XRP this year 0.63USD (Bitstamp). @teddybear are you agree? (P.S. Risky prediction but lets see how long my prediction will be valid hahahaha)
  6. In my opinion they are trying to do it. They try to increase XRP liquidity and list it in exchanges against FIATS. In the other hand, the market is very speculative so we have no real use/demand for XRP yet.
  7. Garlinghouse wondering which cat he will let out of the bag. He already released few ones this year...
  8. Great perspective. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Be Brave & HODL

    hahahaha funny comments in one forum: "I hope this drop will end soon, I almost had enough money to marry my sister, now I’m starting to think my son might be born a *******". b.a.s.t.a.r.d.
  10. Its very turbulent crypto market now man But I m sure you will get it right
  11. No worries @teddybear, you called a zone with 0,64 USD as low Still valid.
  12. I agree with you here. I do not see XRP undervalued. In the other hand, If we speak in terms of Cryptos maybe yes, because Ripple is the only company with solid fundamentals. At this moment the price is mostly build on speculation. Once XRapid is running between some important corridors, in combination with speculators the price can increase dramatically. It is just matter of time.
  13. Awesome [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  14. The news is good for the fundamentals in the right way connecting the dots. The question is: "Customers who live near the Swiss border" is it efficient or inefficient corridor?