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  1. I am not sure about that actually...
  2. I think Brad stated that the begining will be in Asia, where regulatores has done their homework.
  3. Javim777

    Binance announce XRP - USDC trading Pair

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/lawrencewintermeyer/2018/09/14/crypto-bear-market-could-be-years-or-months/#4f9003d22709 "Q. You tweeted recently that "Global finance is becoming further integrated with crypto finance", what did you mean? A. Stablecoins are really helpful as a bridge between traditional finance and crypto finance. They help with liquidity in the market, but also get “normal” people used to sending, receiving, storing crypto assets. For those who want to use crypto assets but not be exposed to the volatility, stablecoins are very helpful. Gemini and Paxos both released a stablecoin on the same day, amazingly, so I’m looking forward to the competition between these two." I just came across this article and it highlights stablecoins roadmap.
  4. Javim777

    Binance announce XRP - USDC trading Pair

    In my humble opinion, actually it's not good news, USDC (Circle company backed by Goldman sachs) is trying to copy past Ripple labs strategy. The good news should have been Binance listing XRP as base currency instead of USDC. Binance has a huge liquidity and listing XRP as a base currency or against FIAT is the good news.
  5. Two Escrow rounds At least 10 years.
  6. President Trump has ordered the FED tu stop hiking rates and use XRP from now on.
  7. If you are reading this quote, I am making you losing another 6 seconds ?
  8. Coinbase has a long time ago lost their battle. They are no longer important exchange. They added Ethereum classic and its down a lot. SBI is more important, 2020 they will have everything in place (Hopefully ?);
  9. It makes sense, Imho the news is XRapid in production.
  10. Last years Swell was very different. The countdown, Brad garlighouse who said that he has a cat in the bag... This year, nobody is awaiting any anounecement... my guess is the XRapid annoucement later in october or november will end this bull run.
  11. Javim777

    Tweet from SBIVC fuels speculation?!

    weird twitt hahahaha
  12. Javim777

    Possible XRAPID launch time frame discovered?

    I agree. The FI will not trasfer billions on the first phase... Lets take Cualix (Most likely to go live), the transfer small amounts of money, the necessary liquidity is already good at those prices. Check Bitstamp order book, you can buy 1000USD without affecting the price.
  13. I started reading Globalcoinreport website and after few weeks I realised that is not worth it. They are the ones who wants you to keep dreaming. Don't waste your time guys.
  14. They should enter the Guiness book for the longest blink of an eye in human history.