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  1. Javim777

    Rep Emmer asks SEC about token utility

    Yes That's it! Ripple as @Hodor said in his last blog "They make it look simple, but no, every step is calculated".
  2. Javim777

    Rep Emmer asks SEC about token utility

    As I understand it, SEC to Ripple "Do these steps/Changes and we will not Classify you as a security" . They are working together on this. XRP will not be considered as a security. Ripple labs has already begin distancing them selves from XRP. BG said in money 20/20: "We are not the only actor in the ecosystem". A hint? Now relax, and prepare my self for the World cup.
  3. 3 days until the World cup.
  4. The thing is we are very close to real use case of XRP (XRapid) and Codius is ongoing. So another dip here and there is just good opportunity to achieve your hodlings target. Maybe we will repeat the ATH maybe not, maybe we should wait for a year or two. But the good news is we will have a real use case value ( + speculation).
  5. The SEC and only the SEC can decide this. They should step up and give a clear statement. It seems like this **** is out of control now.
  6. Javim777

    The rumour mill...does it ever end?

    No it never ends buddy. Keep truck on Ripples milestones, and forget the rest.
  7. Javim777

    Q for Belgian owners of XRP

    Maybe 100 , 200 thousands or more... Why did you assume that is few thousands? Normally people do not disclose their holdings
  8. Javim777

    Q for Belgian owners of XRP

    Maybe change residence to Malta for few months?
  9. They shall admit publicly that they rely on Ripple to save them.
  10. Javim777

    The Final countdown.

    After hearing Brads interview today, The fundamentals have never been so strong. I want to share this song with you guys. Things will never be the same again. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN ZERPS HODLERS!
  11. 20000 or 4 million costumers, speculation is still speculation. We are still following BTC, this Crypto space is insane. Lets wait for the real use of XRP, when XRapid pilots begin production. SBI vc will pave the way for the 61 banks consortium.
  12. A lot of people who get burned after the bull run, blamed XRP chat posts/posters who were encouraging to buy during ATH. Imo its better to avoid those kinds of posts.
  13. Thanks for this perspective. Much appreciated.
  14. Anyway, I am investor like you, hope for price apprciation. I try to keep my expectation Low, correlation with bitcoin still here. Until we break free there is no logic behind price movements.
  15. I do not think that people was waiting for Sbi vc to buy XRP. There is more than one exchange that offers the paid XRP/ JPY. It' s just another player. The real effect will come when the bank in the consortium 61 banks, begin using sbi vc to source liquidity for cross boarder settlemnts.