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  1. President Trump has ordered the FED tu stop hiking rates and use XRP from now on.
  2. If you are reading this quote, I am making you losing another 6 seconds ?
  3. Coinbase has a long time ago lost their battle. They are no longer important exchange. They added Ethereum classic and its down a lot. SBI is more important, 2020 they will have everything in place (Hopefully ?);
  4. It makes sense, Imho the news is XRapid in production.
  5. Last years Swell was very different. The countdown, Brad garlighouse who said that he has a cat in the bag... This year, nobody is awaiting any anounecement... my guess is the XRapid annoucement later in october or november will end this bull run.
  6. Javim777

    Tweet from SBIVC fuels speculation?!

    weird twitt hahahaha
  7. Javim777

    Possible XRAPID launch time frame discovered?

    I agree. The FI will not trasfer billions on the first phase... Lets take Cualix (Most likely to go live), the transfer small amounts of money, the necessary liquidity is already good at those prices. Check Bitstamp order book, you can buy 1000USD without affecting the price.
  8. I started reading Globalcoinreport website and after few weeks I realised that is not worth it. They are the ones who wants you to keep dreaming. Don't waste your time guys.
  9. They should enter the Guiness book for the longest blink of an eye in human history.
  10. Check Bittrex exchange. Is available in 11 states, hope that is available in yours. You can buy xrp with USD directly. https://bittrex.com/
  11. Javim777

    Status on SBI VC?

    They are lowering the registration age now. So now its Open for babies between 1 and 24 months. Literally this is huge so every new born can be registered and can use FX 580 billion liquidity to buy drypers.
  12. Sincerally the whole thing is about bitcoin whales. Keep an eye on 1000 to 2000 satochis for one XRP. I think we will bounce once we get there. Mark my words.
  13. Javim777


    Crypto & Bitcoin as usual nothing new or to complain about.
  14. Javim777

    Is this possible?

    Libertarian point of view What do you expect?