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  1. The positive thing about the IPO is that the steering comity can fire Garlinghouse. Imo is good thing. Ripple need new ideas and perspective and not the same speech for 5 years now. And this IPO maybe can be the trigger to the next bull run. It can be used by the whales to pump and dump the price. SO sell everything in 2021.
  2. I am waiting now. I have my first buy order around $0.03. Next one at $0.01 and then buy weekly around $0.0065.
  3. We are going back to under 0.03 cents guys... All the 2017 gains will be wiped out. The reason is simple, huge supply and the demand is very very low. The reason for the rally in 2017 was that Ripple announced that they will put XRP en Escrow, they did. It did not work out as expected, they don't sell enough to reduce the supply significantly. So yes, we will be back where everything started in 2017.
  4. Yes, you are right... I hope that the Bitcoin halvening will bring some hype and fomo back to the space.
  5. Lost faith on them for a long time ago : - They used Coinmarketcap to dump maximum of XRP. Coinmarketcap is the most inaccurate and manipulated volume in Crypto space. - They paid 50 million dollars to help Moneygram. Why Moneygram did not take XRP to dump? They want real money. - They said dozens of banks will use it by now.... - They gave 1 billion to Coil, it means that they don't know what to do with huge supply. - Plus they are saying that they don't owe nothing to people, but they were very active in social media and XRP chat as well telling people how they will solve the problem and the price will appreciate. - Many dumped their XRP in the last bull run. Why will you sell at 1 or 2 dollars if you know that this is a very valuable asset that will appreciate a lot in the future and you are working inside the company. My plan: Wait until next Crypto bull run, and sell all. Does not matter what arguments will come next time but I give **** about i them.
  6. Wait until the next Crypto bull run and sell everything, I mean everything. The escrow will be there for a centuries. The supply is huge.
  7. If they were so convinced about the idea, and can convince investors about the success of the idea , they could go to the traditional funding system, take a credit, risk adventure... A way bunch a possibilities to get funding. But no, they reached to the zero dollars, zero risk option, get a billion from Ripple labs. This is around $200 millions, 200$ millions... Moneygram got 50$ millions and whole wall street talking about a hugeeeeeee deal. (Again from the free money that ripple labs get selling XRP). Sound nice, maybe I am missing something, but why will they take XRP instead of real dollars, they are already in those big platforms(Netflix...)?
  8. They can partner with the whole world but if people don't take their credit card and pay 5$ fee nothing will happen. Why they came back to Ripple labs and got a billion XRP? When they left Ripple labs ago They were very sure. Now coil is just adding more selling pressure. Will the idea succed? Maybe... Until we know for sure a lot of XRP Will be dumped to the market throught coil.
  9. With 1 billion XRP donation from Ripple labs he can begin giving free XRP to web publishing guys to get used to the concept. Long term good thing, short term more selling pressure on XRP (If the publishing guys do not decide to hold).
  10. The supply is huge while the demand is very low. When they announced Escrow back then, it was unclear how much will be sold every month/quarter. Now we know that the demand is very low, the markets will price in this information and we will see more drop in price. Because For ODL we can just fill the books with more XRP, Bitstamp has more than a billion XRP. It will take a long long time before we can see some utility effect, until then lets hope for Crypto hype and bitcoin halving to stop this bloodbath.
  11. Don't lose hope mate, Bictoin wales will come and help us. Why? Because they want to get more Bitcoin They buy (Pump) altcoins cheap paying in bitcoin and seeling (dump) back getting more bitcoin. Bitcoin havling is very close 05/2020, thus rally next year lets say end 2020/2021 is very possible. The crypto market as whole will pump then, we will see the same arguments for why this crypto is best or the other one is better. The media will begin covering the crypto market more and more bla bla bla. The trick is to stay focused and don't think that this time is different. It will take a lot of time for XRP to get higher value based on utility.....
  12. Yes, this is what I understood. They sell XRP cheaper to financial institutions to dump it on the market step by step. The retail investor is their wh*re. Get f**cked from all sides.
  13. Brad: Take your time, we have 3 to 5 years.
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