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  1. Time to apply my finance degree that is otherwise collecting dust! ? I'm sorry to say, with no disprespect meant towards you, that NPV is a flawed valuation model in this case. Like all tools, they have their situation where it makes sense for them to be used. I think you know this, since you said "I know discounting of Ripple is foolish attempt due to ... large amounts of variables that one must address.", so I thought I'd share my insight. The important distinction to be made here is between growth equities and income equities. Income equities are like your standard shares of big
  2. I really enjoyed this read - it really got my gears turning. I have a feeling that this is future-FUD. This isn't a jab at you, rather I think that further down the line when "banks aren't going to use XRP" or "XRP is a security" have been buried, we'll be seeing the rise of fractional reserve XRP as a main point of discussion. I love "FUD" because it helps me solidify my own understanding and gets me thinking. Here are my thoughts: XRP's use case is instant, counter party risk free settlement. How is this achieved today? Shipping of physical gold and/or crates of USD for high
  3. Do you have a source on them being SBI backed? I had a good session on google and couldn't find anything.
  4. Concerning to see such a negative article coming from Bloomberg. However, this article felt quite selective in the points it brings up (only negatives), and those negatives I feel can be countered. It's concerning that execs say "scant chance they would ever entrust their corporate clients’ payments to a cryptocurrency". I'd say to that: A few don't represent the whole. It's revolutionary tech, I wouldn't expect incumbents to 'get it' straight away. This is bad for all crypto though. I'm betting with ripple's pro-establishment focus, they will be the most likely to be seen fa
  5. Mutual benefit and aligned incentives are beautiful things.
  6. Yep. If banks are given some XRP, it'll be on their balance sheet. At some point, I can see banks doing Ripple's job for them. Banks that got in early and are holding a large stack of XRP will suddenly have the motivation to try to get other banks on RippleNet too. Not just because of the network effects of xCurrent and xRapid, but because it'll drive XRP's price up and literally make them a lot of money. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised if, in private conversations, Ripple was telling banks this.
  7. The way XRP is currently designed makes it a brilliant store of value anyway. The main incentive for holding XRP is the ability to earn profit by creating markets for other assets. If you own a large amount of XRP, you would put it to work by market making (i.e. getting compensated for the risk of holding it for other parties who are more risk averse, e.g. banks). Since there's already a fixed supply, getting rewarded "drops" for owning XRP would simply be priced into XRP (making the price of an XRP lower to compensate).
  8. As far as I know that's just Alibaba's cloud computing service. That would be like someone claiming that Amazon is running a validator if someone just ran it on an AWS service.
  9. I'd be scared of getting my car keyed by wild bitcoin maximalists while I'm out buying groceries...
  10. Or like that time Takeru Kobayashi ate 50 hotdogs in 12 minutes, smashing the previous record of 25. "If email captures just 10% of the share of postal mail" ... How dumb does this statement sound now? People anchor on to values thinking that they are hard upper limits. I think we're seeing the same thing now with XRP and the $5 trillion dollars that is sent every day internationally. People talk about the possibility of getting 1% of that, and how it will make the price jump to double digits. What people aren't considering is that the $5 trillion that is handled by SWIFT is limited
  11. Hey, overall I liked this article . It's important to bring attention to scaling as its not the first thing on everyone's mind when they invest in projects. But if the goal of a project is to reach mainstream adoption, then it has to be able to scale to handle much, much more than anything we see in the crypto space today. And nothing scales better than XRP, as far as I know, when it comes to speed, fees, throughput and storage requirements. In the discussion of block size you brought up the point "A validator node doesn’t have to have a history of all transactions". I'm disappointed
  12. Gotta ask the Ripple subreddit mods why your posts keep getting filtered out
  13. Hey Hodor! I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Appreciate all the time you put into making it . The thing that I wish people would talk about more is how well XRP scales compared to traditional blockchains. And I'm not just talking speed, throughput and fees (although those are hugely important and XRP wins here), but the under appreciated metric - blockchain size. This is something that people don't think about enough, and ultimately why I think XRP has the best chance in the long run. As more people use traditional blockchains, the size of the blockchain increases. There is alwa
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