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  1. I’m not focusing on the price as much this time. If we go on a run again (which won’t be for a while IMO), I’ll being looking at the weekly RSI at cash out probably 25%-50% when it tops out and reinvest when it dips. I’m trying to load up more right now, but my bank account won’t let me.
  2. LOL, I got suspended in high school for a couple of days because I wore that shirt.
  3. Don’t worry you’ll have another chance. They shook out as much as they could for last couple days. They know people are waiting to buy at .18-.25 or less. They will pump the market up a little bit in hopes of having people Fomo and spend there funds at a higher price then they will dump, and lock those people out at a higher price causing those people to stay in those positions or cause them to sell at a loss. Just wait, there is more blood to shed unfortunately people are still too hopeful and still are willing to buy the dips. Buying the dips gives the whales liquidity for when they dump. Once the market stops buying the whales wont have anyone to buy their dumps causing them to lose money.
  4. I’m pretty sure that you can only claim $3000 in loses per year, at least in the US which is peanuts. However, if you made a lot trading. It is a good way to lower your capital gains. I don’t believe there are any wash sale laws in place with Crypto (Yet).
  5. I’m pretty sure capitulation never can be predicted. I hate to say it, but I think we are going lower. People are still hopeful and they are still buying the big dips which provides whales with liquidity when they dump. Hell I don’t know, just wake me up when this thing comes off the ground.
  6. Anything looking like Ripple pushing XRP would be a really bad idea right now with all of this Security BS. They need to keep doing what they are doing. This isn’t a race. XRP will be #1 one day.
  7. A part of me thinks that WU CEO was downplaying XRapid as a negotiating tool. I’m sure implementing Ripple products isn’t cheap to start. WU is a dinosaur and I’m sure they are stuck in there ways just like the rest of the financial system today. Sooner or later they will have to give in and bite the bullet or they will end up like blockbuster. I’m sure there were some serious discussions between Ripple and WU after his little comments.
  8. Things are looking pretty good guys. However, we must be patient !!! There is lots of cleaning up to do in this space. Right now lots of toxic fake news and manipulation hurting things. Regulations need to be in place. The big boys don’t like losing and won’t play until they feel that their money is safe. They could give a crap less about us. They are worried about themselves. Nothing new. Just hold on gents we are looking much better than last year at this time.
  9. He's probably got a short open on Bitmex at 100x leverage and worried about getting liquidated.
  10. $589 would definitely take some time and a ton of $$$$$$.there will be a $hit ton of resistance at many levels. $5,10,20,50,100 ect. Each of those would more than likely have 50%-75% retracement . Unless it happens stupid fast which that would mean some serious money got dropped in at once. I can't even begin to try and figure out how much $ would be needed to reach $589. It would be damn cool if it did.
  11. I have thought that as well, either that or he knows his ship is sinking. If he is a pro trader then wouldn't care what the investment was as long as it made him money. He seems way to emotionally attached.
  12. I think it was orchestrated. I think not enough people were selling for them to reach their target. I think this last little pump was to shake some weak hands loose and take profits. Also cause people to FOMO back in. I expect maybe another pump fbefore Swell and then a dump leaving everyone that FOMO'd in holding bags. Of course who knows this thing won't move until the whales are ready at this point. However, it was nice to see it blast off again, brings back some good memories.
  13. I wouldn't get too excited yet. Still alot of game playing going on. This is almost exactly what happened last year. Fingers Crossed.
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