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  1. These cats still have a long freaking way to go. The Network is still just small trials. However, it could cause a problem to ALL Cryptocurrencies as a whole, not just XRP if (Big if) they are successful. They are using all of the same advertising and points as Ripple has used in the past. Why, because it works. It works specifically well against Bitcoin. This could another jab at the Winkolvoss Twins for all we know. Overall, I think only the strong Crypto’s will survive as this space gets bigger as we all said in the past. Don’t let this worry you. This isn’t our first taste of competition that causes panic in the XRP Community. This same thing happened in 2017 with an abundance of articles coming out about SWIFT starting it’s Blockchain Project(about 6 months before the bull run). Well, we all know how that worked out for them. Do you find it a coincidence that all of these articles and news reports are coming out right when XRP is starting to show some strength? I don’t, I think this is just a big a** advertising compaign to try and do another shakeout. This also could be the trigger to set up BTC’s big correction that everyone has been waiting for. We won’t know until we see it in the charts. The articles and news obviously make XRP the target because of how big our community is and how much it’s grown. It won’t be that easy for FB to pull this off in the magnitude people are presenting it as. Wait until the BTC maximalists start to feel threatened. We all know how they can be LOL. At least we won’t be Black Sheep of Cryptos anymore. We actually might see some gains out of this since we might be able to fly under radar a little bit. Just my opinions guys.
  2. It’s about time. It will be interesting how this plays out. This could be great for XRP and CB!!!!!!!
  3. This Feels all too familiar, It feels like right after swell in 2017. BTC and all other Alts were booming while we dropped and stayed flat. Mad frustration and lots of people got inpatient and jumped into NEO, BTC among others that were really big at the time. I’m sure all of us questioned our investment at some point back then. It was absolute hell and we were catching Sh&^ from everywhere. Then 4 months later BOOM we left them all in the dust and nobody knew what hit em. Including the XRP community. XRP seems to consolidate for a very long time and let the pressure build until it freaking explodes. I feel like this one is going to be a much bigger powerful move. Our community has grown tremendously since that time. Patience is key with XRP!!!!!!!
  4. If Quantum Computers become an issue. We would have way bigger problems on our hands. If they were able to be used to hack a block chain or distributed ledger that would mean IT security for every bank, every system in this world would be screwed. Quantum Hacking would be the enemy to everything besides using a pen and paper. It wouldn’t be limited to just Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, EVERYTHING would be Fu#$%^ if in the wrong hands. I’m going to trust JK on that things are not there yet, and if that issue ever became a possibility I’m sure that he and every other genius would find a way to protect everything.
  5. Ripple has always been generous with donations and grants to expand the XRP ecosystem, but I think this is actually the first time that they have used XRP to my knowledge. Am I wrong on this? That is 322,580,645 XRP (@ .31) that could be potentially dumped on the market. There has to be stipulations in place.
  6. I wonder when these funds will be distributed and if there are stipulations on how much they can sell at a time. 100 million dollars in XRP is a sh!t load. I’m sure Ripple has something in place, or at least I hope so!!!!!!
  7. In case you didn’t notice before Stellar has been getting crushed the past couple months and is usually 50% of what XRP is. It’s just correcting and going on a long overdue run. XRP is not a coin for crazy excitement. It stays flat for the most part with little swings here and there. However, when this thing runs in runs in a BIG WAY. Look at the chart history. A lot of people bail out of XRP because of this and usually bail because others move up while it stays flat. They usually kick themselves in the a** later.
  8. Makes me even more confident now!!!!!!! Just goes to show how disruptive Ripple and XRP really is. I would love to know who is paying for all these FUD campaigns.
  9. Stop looking at the charts man. Especially the short time frames. Stick to the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. You will drive yourself crazy. You have held on this long you might as well stick it out. The true battle between Bears and Bulls has just begun. Everyone is afraid of jumping back in ATM. Bears are afraid to short this low (for the most part). Bulls are afraid to buy in before the bottom is in. The truth is most people are going to get caught with their pants down waiting to buy the bottom. FOMO never happens when the price is going down or when it is flat. Look how long we were flat before the last Bull Run. It was a miserable time to be an XRP holder. We were flat and everything else around us was blowing up which was worse IMO. At least all cryptos are down and suffering ATM. The real inpatient people will actually give up and sell during the last 6 months of this nightmare when things get really boring. People won’t start to FOMO once we break .45, .50, and IMHO will really panic buy after $1 gets broken again. Hang in there you are still at the right place. These MOFOS are really good at making you so damn frustrated that you want cry yourself to sleep. Just accumulate and maybe buy some other cryptos that show potential. The interest in this space is here!!!!! There is too much money coming into this space and big changes with business infrastructure for this thing to flop at this point. Remember the whales need people to play the game to win. If they scare everyone off then they will be left holding the bags.
  10. Games, games, games. Big FUD articles coming out to try and break .29 cent support. They are trying like hell to break it right now.
  11. I’m not focusing on the price as much this time. If we go on a run again (which won’t be for a while IMO), I’ll being looking at the weekly RSI at cash out probably 25%-50% when it tops out and reinvest when it dips. I’m trying to load up more right now, but my bank account won’t let me.
  12. LOL, I got suspended in high school for a couple of days because I wore that shirt.
  13. Don’t worry you’ll have another chance. They shook out as much as they could for last couple days. They know people are waiting to buy at .18-.25 or less. They will pump the market up a little bit in hopes of having people Fomo and spend there funds at a higher price then they will dump, and lock those people out at a higher price causing those people to stay in those positions or cause them to sell at a loss. Just wait, there is more blood to shed unfortunately people are still too hopeful and still are willing to buy the dips. Buying the dips gives the whales liquidity for when they dump. Once the market stops buying the whales wont have anyone to buy their dumps causing them to lose money.
  14. I’m pretty sure that you can only claim $3000 in loses per year, at least in the US which is peanuts. However, if you made a lot trading. It is a good way to lower your capital gains. I don’t believe there are any wash sale laws in place with Crypto (Yet).
  15. I’m pretty sure capitulation never can be predicted. I hate to say it, but I think we are going lower. People are still hopeful and they are still buying the big dips which provides whales with liquidity when they dump. Hell I don’t know, just wake me up when this thing comes off the ground.
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