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  1. @MoltenThank You for starting this thread and taking the time to show us your thoughts. Please keep them coming!!!! It’s always good to hear opinions of others with this crazy market. I am trying to learn to be better at TA and love the knowledge that you are providing us and I 100% agree with everything you have shown us so far. Thank You!!!!
  2. Are people freaking this inpatient and blind? These idiots need to quit looking at the 5min charts. XRP is doing what it always does. Huge Bull Run followed by a long period of consolidation and accumulation with 3 minor pumps before the big one. IMO it looks like we could be setting up for the mother of all mother Cup and Handles. Or unfortunately, it could be the Mother of all Mothers descending triangles that will break us into a million peices. These losers will sell on the next mini pump and will be crying to mommy when the explosion happens in the next couple of months. This happens everytime!!!!!!! If we break down, Oh well, I will better my position or just move on. I’ve excepted the risk and I am going to ride this thing out until the end. Regardless this thing is setting up for a massive move. Everything else is just a distraction. I agree that this petition probably has been started by BTC Maxis’ to fire up the frustrated moon boys living in their parents basement. The big $$$$ decides when it moves not a stupid petition, LOL. Weak!!!!
  3. Nothing new guys. It has to happen and it might as well go towards things that will expand the ecosystem. Yes it sucks and it prevents any new gains from XRP ATM, but in the long hall it will be worth it IMO. We won’t see XRPs true potential until the majority or all of the coins are in circulation. Unfortunately we still have a ways to go, but all it takes is a couple of good projects that come to life a we will see some outrageous gains. We are early in this game. XRP is a long term investment. If you are going for short term gains, there are plenty of opportunities right now to get in at a great price. We have to wait and see!!!!
  4. That makes sense. I’m sure music artists would appreciate it. The internet has taken a great deal of their profits from record sales. Torrent sites are pretty hard to beat though. I wish them luck and hope they succeed!!!!!!!!
  5. Seems legit, The business/project is called “Raised in Space.” Does anyone know any info on what exactly they are doing? The only thing I can really find is that they are focusing on ways to raise the value of music. Sounds interesting, but I have no clue on how they plan on doing this. Anybody else know any other details?
  6. @BeSeriousXRP Good luck, I can’t say that I blame. I’m sure all of us have questions our investment in XRP at some point. I myself can’t bring myself to selling anything at this point. I’m riding this MOFO out until it kills me. I just pretty much started buying other cryptos to balance out the pain. Hopefully.
  7. Great post OP. I have been trying to think how this was all going to work once Xrapid becomes more popular and is used on a regular basis. The use of Market Makers does seem to one of the only ways that this will work at the high volumes that Xrapid hopefully be pushing. The only other way I can see this working is if Xrapid clients, financial institution, payment providers etc. are loading up (or plan to)load up and fill there bags with Sh*t load of XRP at these low prices. They could easily buy enough to be equal value to the current amount that are currently in NOSTRO/VOSTRO Accounts for pretty much nothing. So, they would still free up all of there current capital lying dormant, but still have a huge amount of XRP to conduct transactions for next to nothing. I’m sure they have been working on this from the beginning, but I can see your Theory could be possibly how it is going to be done.
  8. These cats still have a long freaking way to go. The Network is still just small trials. However, it could cause a problem to ALL Cryptocurrencies as a whole, not just XRP if (Big if) they are successful. They are using all of the same advertising and points as Ripple has used in the past. Why, because it works. It works specifically well against Bitcoin. This could another jab at the Winkolvoss Twins for all we know. Overall, I think only the strong Crypto’s will survive as this space gets bigger as we all said in the past. Don’t let this worry you. This isn’t our first taste of competition that causes panic in the XRP Community. This same thing happened in 2017 with an abundance of articles coming out about SWIFT starting it’s Blockchain Project(about 6 months before the bull run). Well, we all know how that worked out for them. Do you find it a coincidence that all of these articles and news reports are coming out right when XRP is starting to show some strength? I don’t, I think this is just a big a** advertising compaign to try and do another shakeout. This also could be the trigger to set up BTC’s big correction that everyone has been waiting for. We won’t know until we see it in the charts. The articles and news obviously make XRP the target because of how big our community is and how much it’s grown. It won’t be that easy for FB to pull this off in the magnitude people are presenting it as. Wait until the BTC maximalists start to feel threatened. We all know how they can be LOL. At least we won’t be Black Sheep of Cryptos anymore. We actually might see some gains out of this since we might be able to fly under radar a little bit. Just my opinions guys.
  9. It’s about time. It will be interesting how this plays out. This could be great for XRP and CB!!!!!!!
  10. This Feels all too familiar, It feels like right after swell in 2017. BTC and all other Alts were booming while we dropped and stayed flat. Mad frustration and lots of people got inpatient and jumped into NEO, BTC among others that were really big at the time. I’m sure all of us questioned our investment at some point back then. It was absolute hell and we were catching Sh&^ from everywhere. Then 4 months later BOOM we left them all in the dust and nobody knew what hit em. Including the XRP community. XRP seems to consolidate for a very long time and let the pressure build until it freaking explodes. I feel like this one is going to be a much bigger powerful move. Our community has grown tremendously since that time. Patience is key with XRP!!!!!!!
  11. If Quantum Computers become an issue. We would have way bigger problems on our hands. If they were able to be used to hack a block chain or distributed ledger that would mean IT security for every bank, every system in this world would be screwed. Quantum Hacking would be the enemy to everything besides using a pen and paper. It wouldn’t be limited to just Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, EVERYTHING would be Fu#$%^ if in the wrong hands. I’m going to trust JK on that things are not there yet, and if that issue ever became a possibility I’m sure that he and every other genius would find a way to protect everything.
  12. Ripple has always been generous with donations and grants to expand the XRP ecosystem, but I think this is actually the first time that they have used XRP to my knowledge. Am I wrong on this? That is 322,580,645 XRP (@ .31) that could be potentially dumped on the market. There has to be stipulations in place.
  13. I wonder when these funds will be distributed and if there are stipulations on how much they can sell at a time. 100 million dollars in XRP is a sh!t load. I’m sure Ripple has something in place, or at least I hope so!!!!!!
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