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  1. Income tax in the Netherlands is 37.05% for income up to €68,507, anything above that is taxed 49.5% to finance our 'socialist' welfare state...
  2. I feel most crypto will only disconnect from BTC price action after it gets banned/halted for being energy inefficient. Trading will come to a halt, and the other big boys will steal the spotlight
  3. Even though it might become a threat over time, this is good news: first of all it confirms the usecase Ripple has been working towards for years. There's enough money to be made in remittance, and these guys want a piece of the pie now. Second, competition is great and very much welcomed by Ripple because it nurtures the system as a whole.
  4. Ah great, we've got our own bearableguy123
  5. Isn't it the selected timeframe? If a candle represents 5 minutes, so does the volume bar underneath
  6. Hi everyone, ever since the xrpl-py demo on Twitch last week, I've been trying to get it to work in a jupyter notebook, but to no avail. I've tried following along with Mayukha Vadari, who did the demo, and have also tried the 'get started using Python' guide on xrpl.org Unfortunately, the issue comes right after succesfully using pip to install the xrpl-py library, when trying to use the xrpl module: gives me I cannot find any documentation on this specific issue on readthedocs.io ... Anyone here who might help me get started? Edit: Nevermind, finally got it
  7. Sure hope you're right, but we will see. I thought the same thing during the last bull run: "It'll never be under a dollar anymore!" And since then, we've had several sub $0.20 dips...
  8. This is why, for every sell+withdrawal that I do, I keep 20% of that amount in my wallet, to buy back the same amount of XRP when it drops 80% or more E.g.: Sell 100 XRP @ $2.00 = $200. Withdraw $160 from account, from the remaining $40 I buy back 100XRP @ $0.40.
  9. This is why it's important to take profits every once in a while
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