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  1. 1100% year over year... I don't remember whether or not the ODL tracker even existed a year ago...
  2. That's exactly what I'm going for. Join the collective, if it's not what you're looking for you're welcome to suggest change.
  3. Unless it's value investors like Guy Spier, Mohnish Pabrai, Charlie Munger, etc. They look at the books, not at the hype
  4. I am afraid this is what I've found. Searching on Google maps/streetview for the address that Fajr has given at EUIPO leads to what seems to be a warehouse in Turku, Finland. The warehouse is of the company Euro East, a food company (www.euro-east.fi). On their website they do say their official address is at number 16c whereas Fajr has put up 16, but there seems no real connection with ABB from this data... Tomorrow I'll try to get in touch with Fajr through LinkedIn. If one of you is in a hurry, you can do so before I try. I'm off to bed now.
  5. Thanks for all your replies, concerns and input so far. I couldn't find the Zerpening Club, but have shot the mods a message (thanks! @Caracappa) Also, I made my own club, in case the Zerpening doesn't fit my views. Feel free to join if you are serious about researching topics and discussing them with minimal hopium
  6. Hi everyone, long time lurker here. Over the last year, I have seen XRP Chat fall into a downward spiral. Whether you personally care or not, the price is not where most would like it to be, so people become angry/leave/only react out of spite. The lambomoonboys are gone, thank god, but it seems that they have been replaced by trolls, Maxi's and general gloom. And that's a shame. XRP Chat is shrinking and the number of in-depth analyses and qualified speculation has dropped with it. That's what I would like to change. I would like to start an XRP Research Collective. A group, here on XRP Chat, of likeminded individuals that would rather research the shit out of topics, than to sit, wait and speculate. It's main goal is to find factual information, with some room for 'connecting the dots' for those who want to. I propose a 5 weekday period of purely sourcing and sharing data on one topic, followed by a weekend of connecting dots between the found information. All participants can vote on what topic to research next. By having a specific goal with a specific set of rules, I think we, as a collective, can find so much more information than anyone could alone. Let's work together and get XRP Chat into a positive spiral again! Topics of research could be: SBI, Coil, US regulation, EU regulation, ODL, Ripplenet partners, ... I think we should try to stay as factual as possible, so that everyone can draw his/her own conclusions. So no articles/video's from the Ripple/XRP Army, only from the source (Ripple official, partner pages, government documents). Figure out where they got their information from, and then find the actual source. Let's keep the hopium to a limit, at least until it's the weekend... Please respond if you have any suggestions for the whole set-up, or if you would like to add a topic to the research list. edit:
  7. Sam & Dave - Hold on, I'm coming
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