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  1. Would be interesting to see if any whales 'dumped' between the two dates and bought back after the 22nd
  2. Check out his website https://www.crypto-law.us/
  3. Thanks mate! I did the Flare claim, so all should be good.
  4. When is the exact deadline to claim SongBird?
  5. Could be something, but I don't see the actual email... Nor is it linked to
  6. So, what is it? Did you sell because you think it's going to plummet? OR didn't you and are you hoping for a bull run? If you didn't sell, why not? It's going to plummet, right?
  7. Another Dutchie here. Seems to good to be true indeed, but I see several rigs in my neighborhood, none of which within the 300m radius. I'm tempted...
  8. When they find out that cryptokitties can't slow down/halt the XRPL.
  9. Or max 10% for the founders, but they can only cash out 1% per week after 10 years. That'll force them to keep working towards success of the project for at least 12 years. No quick cash grab
  10. I really like this guy, I think he's on the money
  11. I've never been able to fully watch one of his videos, bacause his voice annoys the crap out of me, but this one got me hooked. Here's to hoping on that V shaped bounce...
  12. Sold a small part, according to my long term strategy, so not because of the drop in the last few days.
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