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  1. Another Dutchie here. Seems to good to be true indeed, but I see several rigs in my neighborhood, none of which within the 300m radius. I'm tempted...
  2. When they find out that cryptokitties can't slow down/halt the XRPL.
  3. Or max 10% for the founders, but they can only cash out 1% per week after 10 years. That'll force them to keep working towards success of the project for at least 12 years. No quick cash grab
  4. I really like this guy, I think he's on the money
  5. I've never been able to fully watch one of his videos, bacause his voice annoys the crap out of me, but this one got me hooked. Here's to hoping on that V shaped bounce...
  6. Sold a small part, according to my long term strategy, so not because of the drop in the last few days.
  7. Only lag when BTC goes up, in sync when BTC goes down. That's how it's always been But now we are seeing something different, which is nice.
  8. Income tax in the Netherlands is 37.05% for income up to €68,507, anything above that is taxed 49.5% to finance our 'socialist' welfare state...
  9. I feel most crypto will only disconnect from BTC price action after it gets banned/halted for being energy inefficient. Trading will come to a halt, and the other big boys will steal the spotlight
  10. Even though it might become a threat over time, this is good news: first of all it confirms the usecase Ripple has been working towards for years. There's enough money to be made in remittance, and these guys want a piece of the pie now. Second, competition is great and very much welcomed by Ripple because it nurtures the system as a whole.
  11. Ah great, we've got our own bearableguy123
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