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  1. 3 minutes ago, XRPcalling said:

    This is referred to as a Heikin chart. Very reliable if you know how to read it and are willing to learn how to read it. Although it looks like a regular chart it is completely different. Do not interchange them; it will not work.


    One out of three isn't bad, thank you.

  2. I saw on the XRP charts that Mr. ripple seems to have a significantly higher price than bitstamp or bitthub or any of those, is there a way to do arbitrage trading between these exchanges? if there is, is it common? or reliable?

  3. Just now, CountChocula said:

    With advice like that you would never even enter the market. Can you imagine if you were contemplating buying apple when it was $100 and somebody gave you that advice? 

    right which is why I'm in the market, I got most of mine at .16, but I'm genuinely curious on peoples thoughts to my questions, it's really volatile because there is no set amount it "should" be.

  4. 2 hours ago, Just_J said:

    I'm only reporting what I see on the markets ... and I'm not a professional trader ... so take my words as just one of many voices out there to inform your decisions or beliefs ...

    This wild climb has occurred based on ZERO actual factual information.

    This wild climb has been fueled by a marketing Tweet for the company known as Ripple, not the crypto asset called Ripple but actually is .XRP

    This wild climb has been fueled by pent up demand for movement by investors who have longed for the moonshot VERY FEW cryptos have actually realized ...

    Multiple cryptos have been pumped and dumped in the last 3 weeks ... OMG, IOTA, DGB ...

    The last 24 hours has seen a massive climb, and then a massive profit taking - funneling money from Bitcoin, to XRP, to USD ...

    The last 4 hours has seen the exact same climb to almost the same levels as before ...


    So ... you think this is legit?

    You think this isn't purely manipulation by those with vastly more Bitcoin able to work the market to their leisure and simply using impatient investors with a huge FOMO and tying it to a marketing tweet?


    Like I said ... just one anonymous person's opinion ...




    Yeah that all makes sense, and with enough swaying arguments from one side one could certainly see how you got to those conclusions. However, where do you value the currency? Was .16 cents right where it should have been? or was that fueled by the news from the deals in Japan? Should it stick at .24? or should it be $1? With the news of the federal reserve I feel like that kind of kills the market cap argument along side using it for payments and bank Xfer processing. I'm just confused at how someone who has a negative view on positive performance can rebut this. Not looking to say you're wrong, these are just questions I have that I really might just be missing something on, looking for another opinion.

  5. 49 minutes ago, ksbarrett3 said:

    Market cap comments are still relevant when you're talking about speculation.


    50 minutes ago, Luschka said:

    *sigh* - Market Cap comments have tired me ......

    I think that Market caps ARE relevant, but you have to take into account the banks that are investing. I agree that it would be profound for ripple to jump up to a 200B market cap, however I believe that if you add in what the banks are going to be buying, I don't think that's absurd at all. Right now the Market Cap of the altcoins you're talking about is just that of the general public's money (mostly), when you add in what all the banks will be investing in I think that would just be a drop in the bucket.

  6. Just now, R8102V1D2D said:

    hmmm , you really asked me a tough question. thought there are many books and stuff, most of us learn by participating, reading, using it on daily basis etc. also so many of these are financial slang that has been born merely by undocumented but regular usage. 

    Investopedia has always been a gentle start and i have pointed few people there to get started (http://www.investopedia.com/university/technical/

    however, more important is to be part of the crowd and pick things over time. and once picked up, one shoudl put it to practice right away ( even if one gets a lot of wrong results in the beginning )

    Hope that helps, and welcome to the forum.

    Kindly, R8

    Will do, Thanks again!

  7. I'm very intrigued when I read your analysis, on both posts that I've read. However, I am only about 1 wk old in this world and I don't know where a lot of these terms are derived or what they actually mean in regards to all this, any place I can read up on it that can break this stuff down for me so your posts make more sense?

    Thank you again, really interesting.

  8. I know very little about cryptocurrency, trying to learn as much as I can, don't have much invested in ripple, but I still like to feel in the know. Can someone speculate their understanding on how an ICO might affect ripple, wether it be adversely or beneficial as a whole? Would this pretty much be the company buying some for you and putting your name on it? Or is this just a more publicized fundraiser like event for ripple?

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