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  1. where did you find that chart? and where can I learn more about this, also what kind of solidarity does a market need to have this kind of analysis be taken into account? @XRPcalling
  2. I saw on the XRP charts that Mr. ripple seems to have a significantly higher price than bitstamp or bitthub or any of those, is there a way to do arbitrage trading between these exchanges? if there is, is it common? or reliable?
  3. right which is why I'm in the market, I got most of mine at .16, but I'm genuinely curious on peoples thoughts to my questions, it's really volatile because there is no set amount it "should" be.
  4. Yeah that all makes sense, and with enough swaying arguments from one side one could certainly see how you got to those conclusions. However, where do you value the currency? Was .16 cents right where it should have been? or was that fueled by the news from the deals in Japan? Should it stick at .24? or should it be $1? With the news of the federal reserve I feel like that kind of kills the market cap argument along side using it for payments and bank Xfer processing. I'm just confused at how someone who has a negative view on positive performance can rebut this. Not looking to say you're wrong, these are just questions I have that I really might just be missing something on, looking for another opinion.
  5. So what's happening here? is it just people playing with the market creating the .24-.26 flux?
  6. Me too man, had a stop order at .24 in and had a heart attack when it bounced back and forth
  7. I think that Market caps ARE relevant, but you have to take into account the banks that are investing. I agree that it would be profound for ripple to jump up to a 200B market cap, however I believe that if you add in what the banks are going to be buying, I don't think that's absurd at all. Right now the Market Cap of the altcoins you're talking about is just that of the general public's money (mostly), when you add in what all the banks will be investing in I think that would just be a drop in the bucket.
  8. I'm not 100% on this but just by looking at it it looks like services that they're offering and the "X" in them is just branding. I believe XRP will be required for all these "services" their company will be offering. This is 100% speculation and I can confirm that I have no idea what I'm talking about, my only information is that on their website.
  9. I'm very intrigued when I read your analysis, on both posts that I've read. However, I am only about 1 wk old in this world and I don't know where a lot of these terms are derived or what they actually mean in regards to all this, any place I can read up on it that can break this stuff down for me so your posts make more sense? Thank you again, really interesting.
  10. So I'm still having trouble understanding, can someone break it down ELI5 style?
  11. I know very little about cryptocurrency, trying to learn as much as I can, don't have much invested in ripple, but I still like to feel in the know. Can someone speculate their understanding on how an ICO might affect ripple, wether it be adversely or beneficial as a whole? Would this pretty much be the company buying some for you and putting your name on it? Or is this just a more publicized fundraiser like event for ripple?
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