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  1. I'm also leaving , but on a permanent vacation when xrp hits $10
  2. I don't think this is needed anymore. We should just participate because it's the right thing to do.. not only because we are compensated. If you don't find the value to invest in xrp, receiving it for free will not help you change your mind.
  3. I have a question regarding accounts like these. What kind of transactions are these? What are they testing or the purpose? 600+ transactions in 24 hours of .000001 1. rwXZe6N3YMtKuGkZDjoqeS6KE3am3U7br a. rnt8KdAo9CDUPzyJZszeCogxwFRtniomN3 b. r9BLkJQyJ22si2RgKv9HpUcuAN2g9sqh3b c. rLSQVWfU2ZzCyRTKXUa6oHKbQ225uVrwD1
  4. You might be right it could also be authorized accounts which is more likely at this point.
  5. It sounds like paychan is being used. Paychan uses xrp.
  6. This isn't the article on the thread above, but it looks like cointelegraph quotes her on a few articles.
  7. Nasdaq works really close with Chain who recently released their own smart contracts and are very friendly with ILP.
  8. This was my first thought too when I read the press release. NPP flyer
  9. So the new valuation of Bitstamp is now at almost $120 million?
  10. At the end of the day it boils down to all 50 state (+ 4--> D.C. and islands) banking supervisors wanting a piece of the licensing fees pie.
  11. It looks like Dwolla also raised some new funds this week for their new products.
  12. MIT's 'Moral Machine' taps the crowd to decide who dies in a self-driving car accident Choose who dies and who lives. Reading the instructions really helps you differentiate small details between the characters.
  13. Good speech on digital money issued by central bank using DLT Speech: ECB executive board member Yves Mersch on digital base money
  14. If anyone is interested in the 163 page submission to the Fed Faster Payments from dwolla. Not the final version but it's interesting to see their proposal.'s Faster Payments Task Force Proposal_April 2016.pdf