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  1. I wonder if this workaround would be legal. (Probably not) I like the idea anyways
  2. I can confirm everything is true.. I also read it on twitter
  3. This is why we will see xrp used for crossborder payments. Banks don't want to hold funds/debts from some of these banks that are on the brink of insolvency.
  4. ACI seems to like to be in the middle of all the action.. ACI Worldwide and Alipay Enable Merchants Across Europe to Transform In-Store Experience for Chinese Shoppers
  5. This might end up as an $11,000 leather jacket before the end of the year. I don't think @lucky will complain if it reaches that price.
  6. Hola Hugo, Bienvenido a XrpChat. Xrp se ha convertido definitivamente en una moneda muy interesante estos últimos años. Por lo que veo no hay ningún competidor cerca cuando se trata de la tecnología y las asociaciones bancarias y gubernamentales. La mayoría de los nuevos usuarios utilizan GateHub. Es un plataforma donde puedes tener fondos en el intercambio o en una cartera separada donde los fondos están fuera del intercambio. O aqui hay mas opciones. Nunca he usado ninguna de esas dos plataformas. o Comprar a través de ShapeShift parece bastante fácil cuando funciona.
  7. I was away all day.. Lets set it up. @cmbartley
  8. It's in the link @papa provided.
  9. I think the lawyers should be alerted. They have a 33% or roughly $333k reason to look into this matter. Hey @Apollo shoot them a quick message.
  10. Looks like someone is taking the funds and exiting through in China
  11. I think you meant 6 transactions per second vs 1000 tps on RLC and 50,000+tps per payment channel. I might be wrong, but wasn't @rootvegetable the father of the word Zerp? Just so we can keep the Legend of the Zerp correct.
  12. Thanks for following up, but it was @rpjones7 who needed the help.
  13. No point in burning that bridge when you can blow it up.
  14. This is truly amazing if they were able to do this for a 6 branch bank. Small banks always complain about costs and technological barriers to implement new technology, and if ripple can help these little guys we are going to see some fireworks around the world.
  15. They have approximately 2.3 billion as of today. They hold all the keys to those funds. It's a little scary, but not because of a hack.. Like in any industry the biggest thefts always occur from employees, so hopefully they have multisig wallets. Does anyone know about their security practices?