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  1. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Just ask for table 10
  2. SF Bay Area meet-up

    I’m down.. just requested a reservation for 10 people at Drakes.. 4:30pm Sunday the 17th @tomxcs @Apollo @cmbartley @Kaze @CryptoJym @JonHolmquist @xrpaware @JoelKatz
  3. apparent leak regarding coinbase

    I have doubts this screenshot is real too, specially with the addition of the other two tokens.. I’m sure the irs wants to know who buys privacy coins, but who doesn’t like a juicy rumor! You never know it might be true
  4. apparent leak regarding coinbase

    I’m not trying to keep the rumor going, but 3+ months ago I was talking to a coinbase employee at a meetup in SF and she stated in person that xrp would be added.. no mention of when or any hint about the other two.. historically they have introduced one coin at a time.. so it would be interesting if they added more than one considering they can’t even keep the website up with the current coins they have now.
  5. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Ok.. I’m down with that. If anyone is in interested and has time let’s meet up next Sunday. We can plan a larger one for late January or early February during the week in SF to get ripple employees to attend.
  6. SF Bay Area meet-up

    So far we only have 3-4 people that are able to go. Does anyone want to suggest a different date maybe mid January when everyone is back from the holidays?
  7. SF Bay Area meet-up

    I’m ok with a venue change.. let me know if you have a good place @JonHolmquist
  8. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Typo.. Sun 17th thanks @tomxcs
  9. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Ok guys time for a new meetup!! The last one before the new year! fyi: this is just to catch up and talk ripple over some beers so this is very informal but bring your questions, ideas, or projects When: Sunday Dec 17 at 4pm Where: Drake’s Dealership 2325 Oakland ca 94612 @jp2017 @Apollo @rootvegetable @cmbartley @Kaze@JoelKatz @CPO376 @JonHolmquist @fatboy @GiddyUp @Francis @ripplesquad @xrpaware @tomxcs @Hodlezerper @mhayes Let’s do a headcount to make sure we plan appropriately..
  10. New Agreement Terms with Jed?

    The mess was made by the childish moves of the co-founder that refused to be a team player.. When you have an entire board (that included his personal friends) agree that a new direction was needed there was no need to be a total vindictive jerk. That same board decided to keep Chris as the CEO and not replace him with the boy wonder. At the end of the day that same co-founder pivoted his own cloned version in what seems like “lightyear’s” ago to the same model he once despised. At the end of the day he might still win, but if he was truly interested in helping humanity he has certainly created enough roadblocks to delay the inevitable transformation of how we transfer value. Maybe someone should tell him that his hatred and vindictiveness only satisfies him if he wins, but it helps all of humanity if he becomes an ally. Just saying..
  11. They love ripple.. they are just to shy to show it
  12. SF Bay Area meet-up

    @Apollo you might have to get back on it, because it looks like @mhayes might be MIA..
  13. BAT - Basic Attention Token

    I'm still not sold on this token. If interledger does what it was designed to do we shouldn't have a problem with every browser having it's own token, but unless this particular browser becomes used like its competitors (chrome, explorer).. Will we see huge demand for it? This question has nothing to do with price since things in crypto don't have to have a real use case to be worth trillions of dollars.. haha
  14. Investing in Pre-ICO

    @Malloy Did you invest in this coin? I think they thought they would get huge demand from the mayweather tweet which never materialized. They can't seem to get to their minimum raise of $5 million. I have some good news if you haven't bought.