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  1. @CrypToe has Veritaseum come up with a white paper or roadmap on what they will do besides sell you erc20 tokens and the cut and paste analysis?
  2. Interesting.. Its very convenient that these emails surface when the different btc factions are feuding over whats in these emails today..
  3. Ripple (XRP) Is Serious Are You?

  4. Lightining Network vs rCL/ILP

    Ripple will still be able to settle and close these channels faster and can handle many more channels closing per second than ltc, btc or eth combined.
  5. @Duke67 Is the painting still for sale? I'll take it
  6. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Next night the Dj
  7. Almost everything you read about central banks and DLT has to do with Ripple. MAS specifically has been working with ripple and R3 for a while. I have yet to see any other DLT project with the firepower to work in this capacity. Chain is trying, but they rely on Visa to settle and are a centralized DLT, so they will never be competition if they continue on this path. They are using ILP so they will be a great addition to the network.
  8. 75 Contracts at $10 million each means ripple has a nice piggy bank right now.
  9. SF Bay Area meet-up

    I will be there..
  10. SF Bay Area meet-up

    I'll chip in
  11. What's the Highest Xrp could go?

    Not a bad way of looking at this
  12. I haven't seen any new articles but did a quick google search and found this old article where they were charging 10% more for newly minted btc. The company has since been acquired by bitmain. https://cointelegraph.com/news/mint-exchange-service-for-newly-mined-coins-rebuffs-bitcoins-fungibility
  13. I think that's the main reason newly minted bitcoin goes for a higher price.
  14. DEBUNKED: FCK/YOU on April 2

    Wow! This is the dumbest article ever written. What can one expect out of steemit. The more ridiculous the more clicks and more value you earn on that platform.
  15. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Flying Burbank to Oakland on southwest is usually really cheap.. 45 minute flight