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  1. It looks like people have already asked that question so I will start here I guess.
  2. I'm interested in knowing why a tradeable token on a crypto exchange is needed for factom? I can see them selling different packages to entities that need to use or access the factom blockchain. This doesn't change the way factom is secured and operated. Since factom sets the price of ec/factoids they can adjust the price to cover costs of maintaining the network. I'm not fully versed on how they operate I just gave them a quick look so I'm sure I'm missing something. I am really just trying to understand without reading years worth of information. I understand a market can exist to sell/trade or buy tokens if the need for your agency changes, but if the price jumps really high will anyone pay the price? Will they hold agencies hostage because they have no option if they want to use their network? Most gov agencies work on a yearly budget so having considerable price swings wouldn't work for them. With all that said I'm sure FTC will probably appreciate in price before xrp ever does.. 😂 Thanks for the help everyone. Example of scheme for operating (numbers are for example purposes only)
  4. Adrian's forum post regarding interledger.
  5. I'm guessing they will probably try IBM's fabric or maybe intel's sawtooth lake blockchain
  6. Corda sounds like it's just a messaging layer like ripple connect.
  7. Who wants to help swift with DLT? I like sunny California too much to go to VA
  8. Another glowing ripple endorsement. Maybe this is a dumb question, but.. What's the counterparty risk for them? They are just a wallet and Shapeshift does the exchanging of coins. The hodlers are the ones affected by any ripple centralization issues not the wallet. Are they insuring the funds like a bank? Then again they don't like banks. I wish I had the skills to make a competing wallet that also included all the coins shapeshift offers, but they "don't like".
  9. @kanaas are you looking for something like this? This company needs to pivot, maybe it's a good time to pitch them your idea. Not sure if it meets the specs to make this a working wallet, but looks cool. I bought preorder 3+ years ago (I had my order refunded) and they have yet to ship..
  10. I will say swift is finally innovating. Now they will be able to spot fraud using 3rd party reports once a day instead of days or months. It would be nice if they had something that would spot fraud in real-time like it's possible in ripple.
  11. Enjoy the Holidays! 2017 will be an exciting time. A community thrives from a large spectrum of individuals. People make mistakes.. Don't judge people by the mistakes they made, but how they learned from them and hopefully became better because of them.
  12. This is a win-win for OpenBazaar as it increases its target audience and reduces its reliance on btc.
  13. @MortyAre they crediting you with AUD, EUR, or USD? Dumb question.. I should have read you post.. haha