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  1. Follow up with shapeshift support.. They always have issues with xrp..
  2. Many people here think GCB is a scam. You can find plenty of threads here that will address this, so just google it or do a quick search on here.
  3. The only person show has blocked me on twitter is Emin..
  4. I don't know any of the legal limitations, but they don't have the manpower after all they are a software company. I have a feeling SBI crypto will attract professional liquidity providers since they can just leverage some of their current MM like Virtu that recently invested in SBI.
  5. How is this not true? Even in the Miguel video he mentioned it was live on bitstamp? Maybe not as big as we were hoping yet, but it's live and real.
  6. People always get hung up on wanting to know every step or misstep Ripple makes. IF they announce something for SOON, and it doesn't come to fruition it probably was not a good fit after some testing or trials. Many times it's just too early as we saw with Codius, and before anyone complains about that keep in mind ILP and other internal products like RC Cloud probably evolved from it. They are not going to consult us, the competition, or the rest of the industry on what works and what doesn't. If you want to know what really happened please pony up and invest as a VC. EVERYTHING they are doing is completely new and innovative. They are trying to integrate this new technology into an old world system, so everything is a first. Not only is it a first, but this movement has so many moving parts it's mind boggling. Think Visa(10x) Not in any order and I'm sure I'm missing a few but how many other products involve: Regulations/Laws (Local, Regional, and Global Laws and Politics) Technology (Continually Evolving and Innovating to keep ahead of the competition) Markets (fx, crypto, too many to list worldwide) Economics (micro/macro) Finance (local, regional, and global scale) Governments Central Banks Multinational Corporations Banks (regional, and global) Crazy groupies (agreeing with @Max Entropy) I'm not saying we shouldn't ask, but keep in mind that it isn't as easy as just writing an App, uploading it to itunes or google play, and start marketing it.
  7. Great interview @miguel. I am looking forward to more. Lots of small hints if you know what to listen for.
  8. I feel some people are not here to help the community and are here to help themselves by promoting BTC or is it BTU? If you already dumped your brussel sprouts in the trash, why are you still bashing them? I understand people are frustrated especially those on the xrp train trying to make a bundle overnight. It hasn't happened and maybe never will. I am not an economist, programmer, or a futurist.. I'm just simply a realist that understands I missed the get rich quick boat not jumping on every hyped coin. I still see an opportunity for a coin that "eliminates counterparty risk and intermediary trust requirement on international movement of money" ^(R8102V1D2D) and works with established governmental bodies. I am not saying I totally agree with working with the establishment, but I think the whole movement of trying to circumvent has gone by the wayside and it has become a movement of greed. I'm not sure if the amateur darkcoins of the world can compete when it comes to the professionals of greed with thousands of years of banking and government under their belt.
  9. How is Ripple's marketing terrible? They reach their intended target audience and I would say they are very successful. How else would they be engaged with: Central Banks (ECB, FED, MAS, RBA etc) IMF BIS Large Multinational Corporations Major Nonprofits Serving Underdeveloped Countries Bank software developers (CGI, D+H, Volante, Temenos, Infosys, etc)
  10. @tomxcs can someone take a look at this wallet so we can add to to our links page
  11. This is great news I am happy to hear the PoC is being publicly announced. Regardless what Vinnie is complaining about.. A big Congrats!! Is deserved to the entire Ripple crew!! #xrpthestandard
  12. That didn't take long, Japan is now part of the MAS (Monetary Authority Singapore) sandbox.
  13. Another sandbox connection thanks to @papa adding a UK and Japan. Japan and the UK Ink Fintech Co-operation Agreement
  14. Shapeshift has never worked for me. It takes them a day to return your funds. I did a trial to see if it had improved a couple of weeks ago and they claimed after I bugged them on twitter and email that the system had an "intermittent error". You might want to try an alternative option or try again later. Make sure you email shapeshift about your transaction.