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  1. I'm still trying to understand what's driving Eth's price appreciation. There are two critical areas where I see Ethereum struggling to implement its smart contract platform: 1. Network Scalability 2. The legal framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). ---Network Scalability--- When Vitalik has to start a “Scalability Subsidy Initiative,” in effect, a cry out for help from the developer community at-large to assist with the ever back-log of Crypto-kitties and fur-balls clogging Ethereum’s network, “Houston, we have a problem.” Smart contracts have b
  2. I can't even stand to be on this site sometimes with all the noise: moon this, fud that, pump this, dump that. It will drive you . I've had to limit my time here lately.
  3. I kinda hope we start getting more tried-n-true investors into the space. Way too many novice and inexperienced investors who don't take time to understand the fundamentals of their investments. It's just pump-n-dump. They are like zombies, moving aimlessly from one shiny object to the next, but such is the way of crypto investing these days.
  4. When you know the truth of the situation.....it allows one to peacefully during the storm. Buying as many as I can. To be honest, I didn't expect the price to fall this low. When it hit 1.90 I thought it was a firesale. I feel like a 5yo kid at Toys-R-Us right about now.
  5. I've already told you one-time bruh....Pain lets you know that you're still alive. Now give me 100 push-ups!!!
  6. Crypto investing is not for the faint of heart. Every person who's ever asked me about investing in this space the first thing I tell them is not to invest more than what they were willing and able to lose. This is a volatile space and if folks are bitting their nails and pacing the floors all because of a correction, which is normal in this space, then that tells me 1. They were expecting some get rich quick fairy-tale that's not promise. 2. They did not do the proper due-diligence in understanding what they were investing in (highly speculative sector, new technology, inadequately regulated
  7. Sell you fools sell......so I can buy. Oh, how I love those with weak hands!!!!
  8. It's called Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs). They can't announce without approval from such said partner. I'm quite sure they would love to announce every partnership they have in the pipeline.
  9. Let's think about this logically, it's highly unlikely that they would post a collaboration related to Stellar Lumens on their website. C'mon, let's give them a little more credit than that. They're not that ******* stupid!!!!!
  10. It's more of a re-iteration of a previously announced initiative that (IMO) highlights what seems to have been a collaboration between Ripple and the Central Bank of Australia. Looks to me as if Ripple is subliminally saying without literally saying, "Hey, look at how we helped the Reserve Bank of Australia streamline the cross-border/domestic payment rails for Austrailia; we can do the same for other countries as well: Exploring Innovation in Payment System Infrastructures. I for one like the subtle genius of the message. Seems like Tom Channick, Ripple's Head of Communications (formerly Face
  11. Just the weak hands and opportunists folding.....like I said buy.
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